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Tradescant (Ausdir)
Patent No. 9009

Category English Roses
  (English Rose Collection)
Bred By David Austin
Color Rich Wine Crimson
Flower Type Double/Full Bloom
Size Medium Shrub
Short Climber
Hardiness Average
Fragrance Old Rose
Repeating Good
Special Characteristics Arching growth.

A most attractive rose, with flowers of the richest crimson borne on graceful arching growth, providing a most beautiful effect. In a warm climate it will grow vigorously and if desired, will grow into a climber. In cool climates we expect it to be shorter. The shallow-cupped flowers are packed with petals, perfectly arranged in a rosette formation. It does not burn readily in the sun.

It has the delicious deep rich Old Rose fragrance which we expect from crimson roses, but do not always get.

'Tradescant' was a famous botanist of the 17th century.

4 ft. X 5 ft.

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Price: $19.95 each

or 3 for $49.95


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