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Klubskalnickaru Praha,
Ceska republika (KSP)

or also know as
The Rock Garden Club Prague,
Czech Republic (RGCP)
Rock Garden !
gardeningInvites rock gardeners and alpine plant lovers from abroad to join the Club. It has grown steadily and now has around 800 local and 60 foreign members. Many of them keep professional contacts with Rock Garden Societies, Clubs, Chapters in U.S.A., U.K., Germany, France, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands and other parts of the world, as well as with many botanical gardens. A lot of our members are experienced growers of alpine plants and skilled seed collectors. Our activities concentrate on:

Publishing of the bulletin "Skalnicky" (i.e. Alpine Plants) with four issues per year, each of about 40 pages with drawings and colour photographs.
Annual Seed Exchange. In 1999/2000 our Index Seminum (seed list) offered over 1.800 items from local and foreign donors.
Three shows of alpine plants including plant sale in the traditional show church garden in Prague.

  • The Early Spring in March/April - one week, specialized on plants like Saxifragas, bulbs
  • The Main Spring Show in May - lasting three weeks, exhibition of more than 1.000 plants
  • The Autumn Show in August/September, one or two weeks, for dwarf conifers, late alpines and other garden plants, Fuchsias, etc.
We also organize short trips and visits to our best rock gardeners in the country as well as longer holiday expeditions to the mountains of Europe and Asia.


Membership dues are 25 EUR including the seed exchange. Most of this amount is used to cover the Index Seminum and the bulletin, including translation of abstracts, the rest to pays for postage. Please, transfer the amount to our bank account at:

Convolvulus compactus

Ceská sporitelna,
Krenova 7,
162 00 Prague 6 Petriny,

account number:

swift: GIBACZPX. 
Payable to: Klub skalničkářů Praha


The name plus a shortened address, i.e. city and country (necessary to identify the sender). Bank cheques, personal cheques, International Money Orders or Draft Notes are accepted and should be sent to theClub address. Cash is welcome, in a registered letter, but at your risk. Please, make your name and address readable. We always have unidentified cheques with missing address! If you do not receive bulletins, let us know also time and way of your last payment. Skalnicky no. 2 and later is sent only to members in good standing.


Note: please do not divide the payments. The commission for each cheque is 3.30 USD!

A membership directory is available on request for new members.

All inquieries should be directed to:

Klub skalnickaru Praha,
Marikova 5,
162 00 Praha 2,
Czech Republic.

or e-mail address of RGCP officers

We shall be very pleased to welcome you in our Rock Garden Club.

With best wishes
JUDr.Ing. Josef Adamec
President of RGC Prague

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Flowers of the Caucasus

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Contributions to the Bulletin (English) are very welcome. Please send a manuscript printed on paper and on a diskette as a text file preferably in Word and AmiPro. Articles will be translated in Czech. English summary is welcome.

Advertisements:one full page is for 3.000 Kc It is possible to request 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/8 of a page.

Species and Author Cumulative Index to Bulletin Skalnieky, volumes 1986-2001 are available on request for postage and printing costs (6 USD/EUR)

{short description of image}
Acantholimon ulicinum

Seed exchange is open to all members in good stan ding. Seeds from donors are accepted up to 30 of October. Your seeds for exchange should be sent to Mrs. Anna Benesova:

The seed list is distributed together with the Bulletin vol. 4. Instructions are enclosed there. Orders are accepted by

Mrs. Anna Benesova,
Molakova 580/26,
186 00 Praha 8,
Czech Republic

{short description of image}
Centaurea drabifolia ssp. austrooccidentalis

Annual meeting:

  • Saturday, 4 March, 2006, 8:45 to 15:00 o´clock.
    Lecture:  Jaroslav Baláž – Visit to the Turkish mountains

Museum of Police, Na Karlově, Prague 2.

Reports on Club activites, awards of growers for their exhibited plants. Slide shows.


Including plant sale in the traditional show church garden on Karlovonamesti - Moran, Prague 1, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (dates are also shown on the RGC Calendar under "Vystavy")

  • Early Spring Show:  27 March – 1 April, 2006  (Karel Lang and Jiří Novák)
  • Main Spring Show:  3 - 20 May, 2006 (Vojtech Holubec, Martin Hajman)
  • Autumn Show: 11 - 23 September, 2006

Lectures: (17:00, Na Novotneho lávce, Prague 1)

  • 15 March.2006 - Jiří Šlégl -  Middle Africa and New Guinea
  • 12 April 2006 - Vojtech Holubec – Kamchatka.

Asyneuma compactum

Commitee Club structure:

  • President -  Vojtech Holubec
  • Vice President - Otto Benes
  • Treasurer - Ivana Novakova
  • Secretary - Eva Karasova
  • Comissions (having 1 to 10 volunteers)
    • Editorial Board - Marie Lhotska
    • Exhibiting Comission -  Ota Vlasak
    • Webmaster - Karel Tybl
    • Lectures, meetings, study weekends - Petr Antonín
    • Trips and visits -  Dana Caltova - domestic,  Eva Karasova  - foreign,  
    • Sales - Zdenek Obrdlik
    • Seed Exchange - Anna Benesova
    • Show Garden keeper ( and accepting visitors) - Martin Brejnik
    • International Correspondence, translations -
    • Specialized Groups:
      • Saxifraga
      • Conifers and Wiches Brooms
      • Bulbs



Five domestic 1 or 2 day bus trips to Czech and Moravian rock gardens, application to Dana Caltová, U staré školy, 250 02 Stará Boleslav (tel. 326 911 116)

{short description of image}
Lamium eriocephallum

Species and Author Cumulative Index to the Bulletin Skalnicky, volumes 1986-1996 is available on request for postage and printing costs (6 USD/EUR ) in the new clubroom, open regularly before lectures or contact librarian
Marcela Adamcová,
Marikova 5,
162 00 Praha 6,
(420) 318 611 106 or
(420) 603 733 408

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