Pond Designs, How to Build

ON GOLDEN POND Adding a pond to a garden not only allows you to plant a fascinating range of beautiful aquatic plants, it also attracts a huge range of wildlife. You will be amazed by the influx of birds, dragonflies, and other interesting pond life. The Challenge The site was just a field when I arrived. My brief was to […]

Peat in a Bag or Peat in a Bog?

Peat bogs are areas of great natural beauty, as well as being rich in wild plants, insects and animals. Yet we are still using peat in our gardens and putting these irreplaceable habitats under threat. Michaela Strachan wants to know why. Did you know that 30th July is International Bog Day? Well, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t, but it […]

Heirloom Vegetables – Try something different

Heirloom, Off Beat Vegetablesby M. Carlton The women who says she doesn’t care for vegetable gardening ought to try some off beat crops that are fun to grow. There isn’t much that is stimulating about cabbage for winter storage, or potatoes no better than the ones you can buy at the corner grocery. Yet even cabbages and potatoes are fun […]

Fun Facts about Poinsettias

  Are you a trivia buff? If so, perhaps you’d be interested in knowing a little bit more about the poinsettia plant you buy every Christmas. For example, did you know that the poinsettia’s main attraction is not its flowers, but its leaves? The flowers of the plant are the yellow clustered buds in the center. The colored leafy parts […]

Growing Poinsettias in the Greenhouse

This is the time to set Poinsettias under way. If last year’s plants were kept for growing on for another season they should now be brought from their resting quarters and given a location in which the maximum of light is available. Light is a vital need if Poinsettias are to form worthwhile bracts. Lack of light may show healthy […]

Grow Poinsettias for next Christmas

The real gardener derives his satisfaction from his ability to nurse plants along every step of their growth to their ultimate flowering glory. However, the greatest thrill is enjoyed by those who have succeeded in coaxing bloom from one of the plants considered difficult for the average gardener. Such a plant is the poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima). Actually it really isn’t […]

The More Things Change

At this time of year, with the earth frozen, or at least semi-frozen, catalog madness strikes many gardeners with a considerable wallop. Sometimes when you are in the throes of this particular seasonal disorder, it is helpful to take time out to regain perspective. I usually do it by walking around my garden and reminding myself that gardening is more […]

Growing Sprouts

Sprouts are an excellent source of digestible protein, fiber, and Vitamin C, and are full of antioxidants. A 1997 study at John Hopkins University found that broccoli sprouts contain higher levels of cancer-fighting compounds than fresh broccoli itself. Sprouting is so low-tech that it doesn’t even require a green thumb. Some simple equipment and just a few steps will ensure […]

PERILLA, The Beefsteak Plant

‘Every year it seems as if some arbiter of taste and fashion anoints a member of the vast mint family as “mint of the moment.” Several years ago it was thyme–not just ordinary thyme but lemon thyme, golden thyme, and wooly thyme, not to mention mother-of-thyme. Big name gardeners like Martha Stewart cultivated as many varieties as they could get […]

How to Protect Your Garden During the Winter

Owning a garden is a beautiful thing because it comes with a lot of rewards. It also comes with a lot of responsibilities and, the same way that you have to get informed and get recommendations when you buy food for your dog, you have to get informed when it comes to taking care of your plants. If you look […]