How To Prepare Your Raised Garden Beds For Winter

Having raised garden beds is a great idea for people who love to grow their own vegetables. They are easy to maintain, large enough to grow a good amount of veg, and they look really nice too. Putting a garden to bed is one thing, but how to prepare your raised garden beds for winter? 8 Essential Steps 1. Clean […]

How To Set Up A Composting Bin Or Pile

We are moving into a world where environmental sustainability is tough to achieve. Things get even worse when we exploit the soil for growing crops to feed the entire globe. Large scale production requirements due to the massive population have forced agribusinesses to use chemicals. Also, we are no stranger to the long term impact of the same. Amidst all […]

Best Landscaping Styles to Consider for your Landscape Renovation – Projects

Exploring different landscape styles is an exciting and challenging task for a property owner. Although there are various landscape styles you are free to choose from, changes happen every year, in which you need to deal with. Like fashion, the landscape has its own trend of styles that landscape lovers are dying to try. Since the new year is fast […]

Simple Garden Plan for a Corner Garden

Simple Garden Plan for a Corner Garden Every landscape has a corner which can be turned into a beautiful perennial display with the colorful plants selected for this Versatile Corner Garden. While the diagram is designed to fit in an 8′ x 8′ area, the 14 plants can be arranged on a corner or a home or in dozens of […]

Six Beneficial Garden Insects

While many insects are considered pests, particularly if they venture inside, there are other insects that are beneficial to gardeners and homeowners. These insects and invertebrates should be encouraged. Their presence will improve garden health and reduce pests. There are three types of beneficial insects that will be talked about: pollinators like bees, predators like spiders, and decomposers like worms. […]

Controlling Aphids in the garden

Aphids are the irritating insects commonly buzzing in our ears at night or getting in our mouths as we talk. These small sap-sucking insects are very common and very troublesome. There are over 4,000 different species of aphid, 250 which are pests. They originated around 280 million years ago, and scientists have yet to pinpoint their country of origin. Aphids […]

10 Air-Purifying Indoor Plants and How To Care For Them

Bringing plants into the home or the office can offer an enormous range of benefits and within this, there are certain plants which offer something a little different. Plants are not just a nice adornment for the room, they do of course add a real sense of style and they often are used to bring some level of freshness into […]

Gardening tasks to Do in December

The truth is that a gardener thinks of very material things in December. He is thinking of what he wants to give some good gardener for Christmas or else what he wishes he had himself. But when anyone asks him, “What do you want for Christmas?” he blinks his eyes and says, “Well, I don’t want a thing, just a […]

Gardening tasks to Do in November

These are the days when the gardens are ready for a nap when the air is brisk when we are pleased with our homes. The gardener has faith in the rhythm of the seasons, in the succes­sion of seedtime and harvest. The North More shade trees are severely in­jured and killed by sunscald than any other one factor and yet […]

Gardening tasks to Do in October

Autumn is in the air. Clouds suc­ceed each ray of sunshine. This is the season of fulfillment. Seeds and fruits are ripening. Buds are being covered by fur coats. The wild beasts are storing food. Man is changing his summer hab­its. It is time for contemplation. It is not on New Year’s day that the gardener makes his resolutions, but […]