How to plant and grow a potato

The principal requirements of the potato plant are adequate available food, sufficient water, good drainage and the type of soil in which tubers may swell easily. An open, unshaded site is very necessary. Light soils are considered very suitable, provided they have been dressed with large quantities of moisture-retaining organic matter. A heavy soil may also be improved structurally by […]

Gypsophila – Perennial Plant, How to grow

From the Greek gypsos, chalk, phileo, to love; the plants prefer chalky soils (Caryophyllaceae). Hardy annuals and perennials of great value in both the border and rock garden; the dwarf kinds also look well in pans in the alpine house. They are mainly natives of the eastern Mediterranean region. Perennial species cultivated G. aretioides, 1 inch, a cushion plant for […]


It used to be so easy in my father’s day. In mid winter gardeners received mail order catalogs from all kinds of far-flung nurseries and plant purveyors. Mailboxes groaned under the weight of all the catalogs, but no one minded because there is nothing like looking at pages and pages of perfect annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees on a gray, […]

Garden bulbs for the home and garden

They Play an Important Part in Beautifying Gardens Throughout the Greater Part of the Year Most surely throughout the year no flowers are more welcome than those of the bulbs (see Bulb) which herald the spring and continue in a glorious pageant of color until the first of the summer blooms commence to unfold. And the fact that they are […]

Home Grown Teas

While using herbs for brewing teas has been increasing in popularity, and is easy if you follow a few simple steps, there are some precautions as well. Chamomile, sage, catnip, lemon verbena, comfrey, scented geranium, and any of the mints–peppermint, orange mint, and spearmint, for example–are all ideal for tea. Rose hips, while not an herb, also can be used. […]

Harvesting Cool Season Vegetables

Timely harvest of vegetables sown or planted outside early in the growing season, and ones that generally mature rapidly or during cooler temperatures results in the best flavor and longest harvest period. Many of these also make good fall crops, started later in the season. Snap asparagus spears off at ground level when they are six to ten inches tall. […]


Few perennials can offer what the peony does–beautiful, prolific flowers in early summer and good foliage afterwards. Once established, peonies will flower for many years with minimum care. What’s more, they’re extremely hardy and can easily withstand cold northern winters. The basic types of peonies are herbaceous (Paeonia officinalis), which grow to heights of two to four feet; fern-leaved (Paeonia […]

How to grow Lilies

There are many kinds of lilies with some differences in requirements for growth. By selecting an assortment varieties the home gardener can have a succession lily blooms from June through September. Growing information on Lilies SOIL AND SITE: Good drainage is essential for all lilies. If the soil is not naturally well drained, gravel should be placed in the bottom […]

Crimson King Maple

A NORWAY MAPLE whose leaves are dark, glistening crimson throughout the spring and summer is horticultural news that opens all manner of opportunities for new landscaping effects. The form known as Schwedler maple has made an effort toward this rewarding goal, but its red changes to green with the arrival of summer. Finally, along comes the postwar variety Crimson King, […]

How to Grow Potato: Most useful of vegetables

The Potato is widely cultivated in temperate regions, and its stem tubers, which grow underground, are a popular food. A tender, herbaceous perennial. The plant comes from South America where it was highly valued by the Indians. Its botanical name is Solanum tuberosum; it belongs to the family Solanaceae. Growing and Planting Potatoes. Potatoes can be cultivated in many different […]