Online Garden Catalogs

Online Catalogs!

I like my vegetable garden.

The current list of online garden catalogs. If you would like to add your link, please add your link to our Gardening search engine or contact us for rates. Use the bottom contact link.

You should always read the real reviews from customers. I’ve had my bad luck with one firm and still keep on getting the wrong plants.

Please review Cyndi’s list for an additional catalog list.

Cyndi’s Catalog of Garden Catalogs

Plant Magazine



Seeds of Italy
Exhibition Seeds
Florabunda Seeds
Ferry-Morse Seeds
Seeds of Change
Dominion Seed House
Johnny’s Selected Seeds
J.W. Jung
Pinetree Garden Seeds
Park Seed
Stokes Seeds
Territorial Seed Company

B & D Lilies
Brent & Becky’s Bulbs
Color Blends
Dutch Gardens
Jackson & Perkins
McClure & Zimmerman
Nicholson’s Woodland Iris Garden
Van Bourgondien
Van Dyck’s Flower Farm
Thimble Farms
Thompson & Morgan
White Flower Farm

Bluestone Perennials
Fieldstone Gardens
B & D Lilies
Bridgewood Gardens
Graceful Gardens
Logee’s Greenhouses
Sam Kedem Nursery
The Banana Tree
Van Bourgondien
High Country Gardens
Greer Gardens
Heronswood Nursery
White Flower Farm
Peony Shop

Cacti and Desert Plants

High Country Gardens

Organic food
Living Tree Community

General Gardening

Seeds of Change
White Flower Farms
Country Flower Farms
Eden Organic Nursery Services
Graceful Gardens
Van Bourgondien

Water Gardening
Paradise Water Gardens
Pond Filtration
Pond Care

Bobba-Mike’s Garlic Farm
Purple Haze Lavender
New Growth
Richter’s Herbs
Mountain Valley Growers

Tranquil Lake Nursery
Heronswood Nursery
Klehm Nursery
Plants of the Southwest

Heirlooms and Rare Plants
Cascade Carnivores
Thimble Farms
Wayside Gardens
Glasshouse Works
Cook’s Carnivorous Plants
Nichol’s Garden Nursery
Collector’s Nursery
Plant Delights Nursery
Alpine Nurseries

Gardener’s Supply Company
Brushy Mountain Bee Farm
Natural Insect Control
Kinsman Company

New Growth

Cabin Solar System
How to design a Cabin Solar System



    Forestfarm at Pacifica
    Ornamental and useful plants from around the world
    And Schreiners Iris Gardens

    Hugh Morand

    Hi Backyard Gardener,

    Can you post a reply to this post with contact info? I have 3 cases of catalogues in my front porche… WTF? I returned them to UPS only to get them redelivered….

    Can this stop?


      We don’t send out any garden catalogs. We offer a service to receive free garden catalogs.

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