How to build a Fence

Building a fence? Two things are very important in the garden. They are privacy and shelter. The latter is often a problem in gardens which are exposed to cold prevailing winds. Both these points are important not only for the gardener himself, but also for the plants in his garden. Young growth can be severely damaged by cold winds and […]

Fence Designs

Double sided Double sided Different widths Alternat panel Horitzontal/Vertical Low Profile Hort/Vert Visual Depth Hort Visual Depth Vert Standard 1x8x8 45 Perspective Beveled Open Design Private Patio Fence Private Patio Fence Design 16 Design 17 Picket Fence 1 Picket Fence 2 Picket Fence 3 Picket Fence 4 Picket Fence 5 Picket Fence 6 Picket Fence 7  

Good Neighbor Fence Design

   Board On Board With Lattice    Solid Good Neighbor With Lattice    Boston Picket Fence    EFI Lattice Fence    Seaport Picket    Diagonal With An Arbor    Solid Good Neighbor With Scalloped EFI Lattice And Halo    Scalloped Spaced Picket With Caps and Balls    EFI Lattice Fence With A 2×2 Vertical Lattice Top    Spaced Classic Fence […]

Reverse Runner Wood Fence Designs

   Solid Scalloped Picket    Classic Contemporary Fence With Caps    Sabre Scallop    Spaced Modern    Classic    Imperial    Scalloped Imperial    Imperial With Finial Posts    Spaced Arched Picket Fence    Spaced Modern Fence    Scalloped Picket With An Arbor    Spaced Imperial With Alternating Board    Spaced Scalloped Picket With Boxed In 12×12 Post    Scalloped […]

Standard Runner Fence Design

Elyria Fence Designs    Board On Board Classic    Board On Board Imperial    Modern Board on Board    Solid Contemporary    Spaced Classic    Solid Modern Contemporary