Plant finder – Search for a plant.

Plant finder - Search for a plant.

Plant Search, How To find a Plant, Plant Finder

I don’t know what to call this page. All I can say, I use to have a big source of search engines at one time and most of them have filed chapter 11.

Now don’t spend to much time with the below links. Just press the Encyclopedia tab above. It has 38000 plants… no kidding.

Are you trying to find a special plant and having problems trying to locate it? Would you like to know which nursery is carrying your plant of desire?
I hope this page will help reduce your searching time.

We’ve just added a Plant Finder feature to help you find who’s selling this plant.

Provided are several search engines and links, which will query the WWW for your requested plant name. You must know the correct spelling of the plant in Latin to help reduce the number of hits. It is recommended to know the Botanical name of any plant you are trying to find. To improve your search, I recommend putting “quotes” around the plant name phrase. This will tell the search engine to look for that phrase versus two separate words. Be sure to use the quotes.

I hope this page helps, and be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

Plants For A Future – Database Search

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Plant Dictionary listing
RHS Plant Finder

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    Mia van den heuvel

    I am trying to find a nursery that will sell the Carla hybrid rose

    Sandra Dixon

    I am trying to locate the rose lovely Louise and price

    Bob Cochran

    Trying to find Gladiolus Winston Churchill. Might anyone know a reputable source?
    Thanks for feedback.

    Paul Bolt

    Hi I live in Canada and am looking to find Salix Pentendra trees.

    Rita Shorland

    Hello, I live in England UK. I am trying to buy a rose called ‘Sheila’s Perfume’ online in USA to be sent to my sister who lives in Florida. I cannot send it to her from the UK, so I need a supplier who is in USA.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Kind regards
    Rita Shorland

    Shirley Tingley

    On Facebook this week you posted a beautiful white tulip with yellow, pink, and green stripes. I need that name and where they can be purchased.
    Thank you!


    I am trying to **IDENTIFY** a plant, and there seems to be NO ONE who is capable of providing such a site. Something that would ask useful and pertinent questions to narrow down your subset. Not a bunch of pictures that are ONLY useful to someone who already knows what they’re looking at.

    The internet has turned into a stinky steaming pile of useless.

      Frederick Leeth

      Well what’s the stinky steaming pile of useless plant do you have? Do you have a photo?

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