Growing Thyme in your Garden – Learn common types

A group of mostly hardy subshrubs and herbaceous plants, natives of northern temperate regions, and most abundant in the Mediterranean region. In the Alps they are found at as great an elevation as 6,000 and 7,000 ft. Thymus belongs to the Mint family, Labiateae. The name Thymus is the old Greek name used by  Theophrastus  for this plant or some […]

Herb Gardening for the Home Gardener

Many of the plants we grow such as annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees are herbs in the true sense of the word. With an increased interest in recent years in continental or gourmet cooking, the word “herb” is nearly always thought of by home gardeners to mean the “culinary” herb. The Herb Garden The herbs I have grown are listed […]

How to Grow a Herb Garden From Seed

Herbs have long been used to naturally treat everyday health ailments and, of course, as popular seasonings in many meats, vegetables and other dishes. This is why many, looking to try their hand at gardening, will try to grow their own herb garden in order to maintain a fresh selection of their favorite common seasonings. Growing your own herbs from […]

Grow your own herb garden

No matter your gardening capabilities or experience, herbs are the perfect plant to grow. With very little space needed and no need for specialist gardening equipment or tools, you can grow your own fresh herbs to help liven up your cooking and freshen up your kitchen space. If you don’t want to grow herbs inside however the hardier varieties like […]