5 Ways to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

5 Ways to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

The spring is the time when your garden starts to wake up. For all the gardeners out there, this means that you have lots of work in your hands. The winter leaves its traces behind, so spring is the right time to clean up and improve the condition of the lawn. There are 5 things that you need to do when the spring comes.

Remove debris

Once the winter is to the end, you should take some time to clean up the lawn. Check up with your gardening equipment to see if everything is in good shape and usable. First, pick up large and bulky debris such as fallen branches. Then, continue to the leaves and other small debris. Use a rake to collect these or even a leaf blower.


Aeration will allow the lawn to breathe. Also, it will make the process of absorbing water and fertilizers easier. For small surfaces covered wth lawn, you can do this by yourself. Get one of those special rakes and do it by yourself. This will break down the compact soil and allow it to absorb the needed nutrients. For larger surfaces, it is better to get help from a professional.

Correct damaged areas

The winter can be quite harsh for the lawn. After you clean it from debris, perform an inspection to check if it is in good shape. In most of the cases, large piles of the show can create gaps. When the weather is already warm, it is time to reseed your lawn to fill out the damaged areas.

Many homeowners try with hydroseeding. This is a method that will save you time. Basically, it is all about applying the grass seed using a mixture of seed, water, additives, and fertilizers.


Professionals would advise you to perform a thorough fertilizing in spring. Make sure that you read the label before you apply the fertilizer. The right amounts will do the job perfectly. You don’t need to add more than the recommended amount, as this can make your grass grow quicker. This means more mowing for you.

A good fertilizer will feed your grass with the needed nutrients. The lawn will have a nice green color and will look healthy. One or two days prior to fertilizing, water the lawn completely. When the water dries, the lawn is ready to be fertilized. After spreading all those nutrients, you will need to water your lawn again. But this time, do it lightly. A light watering will lock all those nutrients into the soil.

Lawn mowing

Now, it is time to get your grass in shape. First, you will need to check the condition of the mower. See if it is working properly and the blades are sharp enough. When the blades aren’t sharp, they won’t cut the grass properly. Instead, they will just rip the leaf and create uneven edges. Also, don’t cut your grass too short. Too short grass will expose the soil and allow the water to evaporate quickly.

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