Water Gardening

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Simple Water Pond Design

20 plants to use around this simple water garden design. 1. Myosotis scorpioides, forget-me-not 2. Astilbe Peach Blossom 3. Vinca minor-underplanting azaleas 4. Lobelia cardinalis, cardinal-flower 5. Hernerocallis Hyperion (day-lily) 6. Aruncus sylvester, goats-beard 7. Caladium, bicolor hybrids 8. Iris kaempferi, Japanese iris 9. Typha latifolia, cat-tail 10. Iris pseudacorus, yellow flag 11. Caltha palustris, marsh-marigold 12. Hosta plantaginea, fragrant […]

Water Garden Aquatic Fiberglass pool

Since the introduction of fiberglass pools tremendous interest has been shown in medium-sized garden pools. Siting the pool Before constructing any pool careful thought should be given to the siting. To create a successful bog garden or water garden, it must be situated right out in the open, in full sun. Although not essential it is advantageous to give protection […]