Four Great Ways to Light Up Your Koi Pond at Night

If you’re lucky enough to have your own a large deep koi pond, you’ll no doubt want to take advantage of all the benefits it can offer.

It’s great for a dip on a sweltering hot day, brilliant fun for the kids and a nice way to get a bit of exercise in. Around the koi pond is also a great setting to host a few friends or throw a party, whether it’s a fun splash around during the day or a more sophisticated event at night.

If you’re looking to enjoy your pond in the evening, good lighting is essential. Not only does it help you see where you’re going, but it also creates a great atmosphere. Here are a few of the best ways to light up your large pond at night.

The Basic Set Up

If you’re going for exterior lighting alone, you’ll want to install LED spotlights around the walls of your pool so you can enjoy an evening swim.

Why LEDs? LED lights offer the best solutions both aesthetically and practically. They offer brighter lighting, are durable, use less energy than their alternatives and offer you some great editing options if you wish to expand further down the line.

You’ll also want some LEDs planted externally around the landscape, as a brightly lit pond with no lighting around it can make it pretty hard to find your way around at night.

Don’t forget, as well as all the waterproofing, you’ll need a way to safely secure your power cabling around the pond. RS Components do a range of cable covers to suit your needs.

Deck the Halls

If you’re looking to light the way without installing space-taking, above-ground lighting, adding in-ground spotlights to your decking is a great solution.

Even if you don’t have wood decking, lighting can be installed in a range of materials and offers a cost-effective, practical and aesthetically pleasing fix.

Light Your Surroundings

Depending on what landscape you have around your pond, lighting your surroundings offers two major benefits.

Firstly, it’s a great way to set a dynamic atmosphere; lighting on multiple levels sets a beautiful tone around your garden and pond area. Secondly, this sort of lighting is a great way to exaggerate the space you have, which adds to the atmosphere when you have guests around.

Great options to light are any surrounding structures, water features or trees, and rocky areas.

Colours for the Mood

Going back to the practicality and the multi-purpose nature of LEDs, installing colour changing lights gives you an easy way to set whatever mood suits around the pond.

A calming blue for a quiet gathering or romantic red for dinner by the water. Likewise, use bright colours for parties or to get the kids excited. Coloured lights are a one-time fix to give versatility around the pond.

As well as colours, you can utilize dimmer lights in and around the pond. Like a colour change, different levels of lighting help set whatever tone you want to.

The good news is all these solutions are easy to do, not too expensive to produce and make a big difference to the outlook of your pond and garden area. Once you’ve nailed the lighting, you’ll have acquired a great hosting spot for years to come.

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