5 Exotic Plants to Attract Fascinating Birds

Watching birds can be a very pleasant and relaxing experience. They are interesting creatures to watch in the wild. Rather than needing to go to a wild field, forest, woodland or nature reserve, though, you can have the benefit of a visual delight from the comfort of your own home, watching birds who call your garden home throughout the year. […]

Garden Pods Allow Home for More Space Without Hindering the Garden

Home improvement can come in many different forms, and nowadays it’s not unusual to see home improvement efforts extend into the garden. Although the humble garden has always been a hive of activity, the way it in which space is taken advantage of in the modern age is much different to that of years gone by. As well as acting […]

Ways to Recycle Your Old Furniture into a Fairytale Garden

Everything gets old through time. It includes every living and non-living thing in our world. What do you do with the old stuff? For organics, like fetid buds, weeds, fruits, and vegetables, you turn them into compost. For spoiled food, we throw them on dumpsters, which puts them away on the ground to eventually become fertilizer. How about old things? […]

Ways to Pimp up your Garden Shed or Summer House

Many people have a garden shed or a summer house but they do very little with them. With attention only being paid to them in the warmer months, these structures can often become pretty dilapidated and unloved. Now is the perfect time to pimp up your garden shed to make it a space the entire family can use, whether you […]

Thoughtful Garden Bed Design To Highlight And Protect Your Home

Your landscaping and home gardens are the perfect way to add color, dimension, and style to your home. As much attention as is put into the careful design of the interior of your home should be put to your garden beds and property. How you place your garden beds and the kinds of plants that you choose to decorate your […]

Garden Planning For Your Small Yard

Gardening is a favorite hobby of millions of Americans and people around the world. There are few things as enjoyable or rewarding as getting out in the fresh air and working the soil of your own garden. Whether you love to plant flowers to attract birds or butterflies or raise a sustainable crop of vegetables, the gardener’s life can be […]

Is My Garden Covered by Home Insurance?

Whether beautiful flowers are being grown in your garden or it’s the place where you can enjoy a few minutes of serenity amidst a busy day, a garden promotes happiness and relaxation to its owners. But in reality, your garden holds a lot in terms of monetary value. That’s because construction or landscaping of a garden may cost you a […]

Bee-Friendly Plants for Your Landscaping

Reports show that the population of bees has continued to fall, putting at risk food security as they play a crucial role in pollination. The fast population decline can be attributed to the continued use of agricultural chemicals, climate change, and other factors such as urban development. When landscaping or setting up your garden, don’t only think about how good […]

October Gardening Tips

If you’re wondering what gardening tasks to perform in October, first you need to understand your gardening zone.  Now you understand your gardening zone, below defines the tasks to perform for your garden. Zone 1 Finish planting container-grown trees and shrubs Plant needle-bearing evergreens early in the month If the month is dry, repeat the September soaking Check ties on […]

Gardening in September

As September comes along we sometimes feel a little sagging of interest an inclination to “let the garden go” since the growing season is drawing to a close. Early Fall, however, is a vital period in gardening, and it is important that we do not neglect the things which require doing before frost. September activities may assure success for the […]