Dendrobium Orchid Garden Plants Design Information

Dendrobium These Need a Warm Greenhouse for Their Successful Cultivation   (Dendro’bium). A large and popular group of greenhouse Orchids found wild throughout the East, in Ceylon, Burma, India, Australia, the Philippines, and in parts of China and Japan. Each kind has more or less adapted itself to its own special climatic conditions, with the result that the plants vary […]

BUDDLEIA or BUTTERFLY BUSH where to plant, prune and care for

BUDDLEIA or BUTTERFLY BUSH Colorful Summerand Winter-flowering Shrubs That Are Easy to Grow   The Buddleias (Buddlei’a) are beautiful flowering shrubs of vigorous growth, which are found wild in northern Asia, South America and South Africa and belong to the family Loganiaceae. Some are hardy; others are suitable only for planting out of doors in mild districts. Most are deciduous […]

Bulbophyllum Orchids Care, Plant and Growth

BULBOPHYLLUM (Bulbophyl’lum). A remarkable and varied group of Orchids which are found chiefly from Ceylon to Java, but also in Central and South America, particularly in Brazil: they grow wild on trees. None of the American kinds, and only a few of those from eastern Asia, are worth cultivating, as the flowers of many are insignificant. The name Bulbophyllum is […]

Cacti A guide for successful growing

CACTI: FOR GREENHOUSE, WINDOW GARDEN AND OUTDOORS   The collective name commonly used to describe the various members of the family Cactaceae is Cacti. These plants are principally natives of the Americas, particularly from Lower California, Texas and Mexico south to Chile, Peru and the Argentine, where they grow in desert and mountainous regions; but various kinds, especially the Opuntia […]

Bamboo Growing Planting Guide

BAMBOO A collective name for various tall, vigorous, evergreen ornamental Grasses which are described under their botanical names of Arundinaria, Bambusa, Dendrocalamus, Phyllostachys, Pleioblastus, Pseudosasa, Sasa and Semiarundinaria. Consult entries under these names. Best Place for Bamboos. Bamboos should be planted in moist ground in a position where the roots cannot become dry during a period of drought. They thrive […]

Yews (Taxus) trees and shrubs types, planting and care

Yews (Taxus) trees and shrubs types, planting and care Splendid Evergreens for Many Landscape Uses Taxus (Tax’us) are beautiful evergreen trees and shrubs that are natives of North America, Europe and Asia. They belong to the Yew family, Taxaceae. The name is an old Latin one for Taxus baccata, the European Yew. The leaves are small and, in most cases, […]


CALLISTEPHUS or ANNUAL ASTER Good Culture Is Needed to Produce Fine Flowers (Calli’stephus; Callist ‘phus). A favorite annual which is in full beauty in August and September. It is represented by numerous beautiful single and dou hie-flowered varieties of varied form and attractive coloring which are descended from the China Aster, Callistephus sinensis, which was introduced to western gardens 200 […]

Barberry Berberis Planting and Pruning

BERBERIS or BARBERRY (Ber’beris). Hardy and tender evergreen and family, Berberidaceae. They are widely distrib leaf-losing shrubs which belong to the Barberry uted in the Old and New Worlds, and are partic-ularly abundant in China. Although some Bar-berries are renowned for their beautiful and fragrant flowers, others are more attractive when covered with brightly colored fruits later in the year. […]

Growing Ferns Blechnum

X Sitemap BLECHNUM (Blech’num). Handsome ferns which are found wild in Brazil, the West Indies and other warm and temperate countries. Some kinds are of dwarf tufted growth while others, which grow about 4 ft. high, are Tree Ferns. Those from subtropical climates need a minimum greenhouse temperature of 50 degrees; those from tropical countries must be grown in a […]

CALOCHORTUS Mariposa Lily, Globe Tulip

CALOCHORTUS—Mariposa Lily, Globe Tulip(Calochor’tus). Beautiful flowering bulbs from western America which belong to the Lily family, Liliaceae. The flowers, which are borne on erect stems, 12-15 in. high, are very showy. Calochortus is derived from the Greek, kalos, beautiful, and chortus, grass, a reference to the form of the leaves. Calochortus is divided into two groups, popularly known as Globe […]