Peony Tips for June

Sping was a long time coming this year. As a result, it now looks as though few Peonies will be in bloom north of the Potomac and Ohio Rivers before June. Attention is called to the May Peony Tips, many of which are also applicable to June. Cultivate often enough to keep weeds down and the soil loose. Water in […]

Why Using Alfalfa Is Great For The Garden

Here are a few tips on how to use alfalfa meal in your garden to improve the quality of your soil: 1. High Mineral Content A key benefit of alfalfa is the fact that it is a strong source of not just nitrogen, but a host of other minerals, including: * Potassium * Calcium * Phosphorus * Magnesium * Iron […]

Hardy Camellias

Franklin Roosevelt was right; fear is the greatest enemy. Right now that enemy is at large. The news is full of fearful things—bombs, terrorist threats, anthrax outbreaks. Of course, there is also news of heroism, valiant struggles and miraculous comebacks in baseball. By the time you read this, the Yankees may have won the World Series once again, restoring faith […]

Cabbage Roses – Kale

The November weather this year has been so relatively balmy that roses are still blooming in protected corners of many yards. The last of my cosmos kept going until ten days ago, having bloomed continuously since May. The cosmos petered out about the same time that I gave up deadheading them, so I felt no guilt whatsoever about yanking them […]

Longwood Gardens

From time to time I rail about people who are long on money and short on taste.  The ones that irritate me the most are those who buy themselves “instant” gardens, complete with mature trees, shrubs and perennials, not to mention all manner of overwrought gazebos, water features, ornaments and terraces.  Frequently all of this is crammed onto a ½ […]

Flowers for Food

Certain flowers have considerable food value. Gardeners trying to avoid all waste will wish to make use of some of them. Flowers of pumpkin and squash probably should head the list. Those who have grown them know that the flowers of these vines are of two sorts, pistillate flowers with tiny green squashes or pumpkins at the base and staminate […]

The 10 most-asked questions about bulbs

Do bulbs need fertiliser? If so, when? If the choice of bulbs has been adapted to the local conditions, no fertiliser is necessary, in principle. However, if you want to be absolutely sure that they bloom next season, some fertiliser (preferable organic) could be given, immediately after bloom time. Could you trim off the ugly leaves after bloom time? No, […]

How to prune Apple trees

There is no set type for the shape of a bearing Apple tree, because, depending upon variety, the younger trees will vary from growing erect and slender to open and spreading. Eventually, as the tree matures, it will develop into a fine spreading type. Observe your particular tree and if it is of the narrow erect type, according to its […]

Growing Delphiniums From Seed

Much has been written regarding the difficulties encountered in growing Delphiniums from seed. To my way of thinking, these difficulties have been greatly over-emphasized with the result that gardeners either lave been reluctant to try sowing Delphinium seeds, thus depriving themselves of a great deal of pleasure, or they have overdone the operation, using too many artificial safety devices. A […]

Heirloom, Off Beat Vegetables

The women who says she doesn’t care for vegetable gardening ought to try some off beat crops that are fun to grow. There isn’t much that is stimulating about cabbage for winter storage, or potatoes no better than the ones you can buy at the corner grocery. Yet even cabbages and potatoes are fun to grow, if you grow the […]