Starting the Giant Pumpkin Seedling

The first 9-10 days of the giant pumpkin plant’s development requires special attention to ensure a good start of a properly grown seedling. An understanding, by the grower, of the development and growth of the pumpkin seedling (and the entire plant & fruit) is necessary in an effort to eliminate any variables and set goals. This is most often gain […]

Controlling Aphids in the garden

Aphids are the irritating insects commonly buzzing in our ears at night or getting in our mouths as we talk. These small sap-sucking insects are very common and very troublesome. There are over 4,000 different species of aphid, 250 which are pests. They originated around 280 million years ago, and scientists have yet to pinpoint their country of origin. Aphids […]

Top 10 Largest Pumpkins In The World & Records

Welcome the original pumpkin record page. This is the official page identifying the heaviest pumpkins in the world per country. This is the current 2020 list of the Top 10 largest pumpkins grown to date.  The majority of these pumpkins were grown in the USA, but 3 of the pumpkins were grown in Europe and currently, Europe has a first […]

Tips for Designing Your Outdoor Patio

Your outdoor space can be beneficial in plenty of ways. A lush garden of flowers and plants can bring relaxation and calmness to those who need it. It would also be nice if you consider a patio for your outdoor space and design it with your concepts in mind. There are plenty of suggestions from professional designers to formulate your […]

3 Ideas to Add Shade to Your Garden and Patio

One of the biggest perks of beautiful summer weather is a chance to spend more time outdoors. But while soaking up the sun can be a very pleasant way of passing your free time, long hours of exposure to direct sunlight are neither comfortable nor especially healthy. That’s why bringing shade to your garden seating area or patio is one […]

4 Popular Pavers for Your Patio Upgrade

In a time when venturing outside your home is a rarity, you might have spent the past few months making the most of your home’s outdoor space. These last few months might have encouraged you to makeover your patio space to look more attractive and appealing. There are many reasons that can encourage you to install or upgrade your patio. […]

Lawn Care Tips: How To Prepare For The Upcoming Cold Season

Never let all the hard work on your lawn go to waste this upcoming cold season. By winterizing your lawn, you can provide proper lawn care prior to the cold weather. Winterizing is a simple process, which involves several steps that can help your lawn grow back in full force when spring comes. As a matter of fact, preparing your […]

Weed Killer 101: How to Prevent Weeds from Taking Over Your Lawn

Weeds are the most annoying thing when it comes to taking care of a lawn. It can make your yard look messy and neglected and it can disturb grass and other plants from growing well too. Have you tried to remove them, but it’s grown back again? Well, that can happen because you didn’t remove it fully and you have […]

5 Ways To Maintain The Trees In Your Backyard

Trees are some of the most important aspects of nature and the environment. Trees improve the home ecosystem as they act as source of fresh air. They also add aesthetic value to your home. To continue enjoying these benefits, you should conduct regular maintenance geared to keeping your trees healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Failure to prune trees can lead to […]

6 Things to Consider Before Removing a Tree from Your Property

Have you found the need to remove a tree due to heavy wind storm?  Maybe you’ve a tree that has grown far too big for your property. Maybe the neighbors are complaining about the excessive shade or leaves you’re providing them due to the large tree in your yard. Whatever the reason you have for removing a tree, you should […]