The World Pumpkin Confederation – History

The World Pumpkin Confederation – History Giant Pumpkin Growing first attained international acclaim at the turn of twentieth century when the late William Warnock of Goderich, Ontario, Canada, sent a 400 pound specimen to the Paris World’s Fair in 1900. This first ever 400 pounder was awarded a special bronze medal and diploma from the French government. Mr. Warnock’s previous […]

Giant Pumpkins

If you would like to know who grew the largest pumpkin this year, or learn how to grow a giant pumpkin that even your dad can’t pick up. This pumpkin patch will provide you with all the answers. Just look at the links below for all the great information you can find about pumpkins.

Cherry Trees for the Home

Landscape Cherry Trees Two main groups of cherries are cultivated for the merit of their fruit, the `sweet’, dessert (Prunus avium) and the `sour’, culinary (Prunus cerasus); a third group, the ‘Duke’ cherries, form an intermediate class. The sweets are subdivided into the ‘black’ and ‘white’ varieties. All fruiting cherries are hardy in the British Isles, though the blossom may […]

How to plant Strawberries

Stocks Strawberries are subject to several serious virus diseases, and at one time these threatened to make commercial cultivation quite uneconomic and garden culture most disappointing. However, there has been considerable improvement in the general health of strawberry stocks since the introduction of a government scheme of inspection. It is of the utmost importance to start with disease-free stock and […]

How to Prune Pear Trees – History and How to Grow

Pears The pear grown in Britain is the European Pear which derives from Pyrus communis, native of the temperate parts of Europe and the western part of southern Asia as far as the Himalayas. In America some varieties are grown which are hybrids between the European Pear (as represented by ‘William’s Bon Chrdtien’, known in America as ‘Bartlett’) and Pyrus […]

Botanical Name listing of Plants

Index   Common Name listing of Plants Index TEST The alpha listing contain thousands of plants with useful information about your plant of interest. Do you want to learn how to plant a shrub, tree, perennial or a vine? You can learn how hardy the plant is before you plant it in your garden. Do you want to know the […]

Simple Ways To Repair and Replenish Your Yard After a Hot Summer

Many parts of the country reached record heat levels this summer. Whether this year’s summer weather left you with brown patches of grass or dried-out flower beds, now is the time to begin repairing and replenishing. Waiting until next spring to start over can leave you with a huge project. Instead, you might consider completing a few of the following […]

Plant a Garden Hedge

HEDGES THAT CAN TAKE IT! Seemingly, many home gardeners fail to appreciate the value and proper use of pruning shears, plant food, and mulches in the care of hedges. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to grow beautiful hedges, and hedge plants are not especially exacting in their requirements, but a few conditions must be met. SELECT […]

Spring Garden Plants

Spring is a wonderful time of year to be in the garden. As the temperature starts to rise, new life emerges from the darkness of winter, and wildlife comes out from hibernation, our gardens once again become a hub of activity. The most attractive spring gardens are home to a variety of plants, from colourful flowers to beautiful shrubs. These […]