Hiring a Landscape Professional

Are you in the market for a landscaper? Knowing what to look for will help you get the most for your money and the results that you desire. Many homeowners who landscape their properties spend an average of 10 percent of the value of their house on landscaping. This includes not only the plants and statuary, but the design, installation, […]

Is It Safe to Use Diatomaceous Earth in Your Garden?

Gardening is not only a stress-reducing hobby but can free you from purchasing overpriced store-bought vegetables like tomatoes and spinach. Not to mention, gardening keeps your property looking beautiful, especially when your planted flowers start to bloom. However, like everything in life, there are some hurdles you’ll need to clear to achieve the fruit and vegetable-bearing garden of your dreams. […]

Do Seasons Make A Difference To What You Can Plant?

Gardening is an excellent form of relaxation and mindfulness, it’s easy to spend many hours out in your garden without realising how much time has passed. Having a beautiful garden that you look after yourself can be very satisfying, whether you prefer an immaculate, well maintained garden, or a bit more of a wild meadow feel, knowing that you have […]

Landscape Fall Clean-Up Requirements

After the blooming season of summer, trees are full of beautiful, colorful leaves. This beauty is short-lived, as fall is fast approaching and leaves wind up on your lawn. While young ones enjoy shuttling leaves around, they can make your property look shabby. They also create a good environment for pests to thrive. With the harsh Chicago winters coming in, […]

What Gardening Chores you need to do in August where you live.

Learn the August garden tasks for your gardening hardiness zone. Do you know what your hardiness zone? Once known, then find the required task. Zone 1 Sow seeds of wildflowers and fall veggies Aerate, dethatch and fertilize the lawn As first frosts threaten, pick mature green tomatoes to ripen in a dark, cool place indoors Purchase containerized trees and shrubs […]

August Gardening Tips and Visting Perennial Gardens

August is generally a month to harvest, not plant, crops although it’s not too late to put in one last crop of lettuce, as well as spinach, chard, and kale for fall picking. It’s also a good time to plant perennials in pots to add late-season color to the garden. Check with your local garden store or perennial nursery to […]

Gardening tasks to consider in August

EVERY gardener knows that Sweet Alyssum, variety Little Gem, is among, if not the best, plant to use to outline beds or borders. In this month it needs a good shearing or cutting back at least half way, so that new growth is encouraged and the blooming season is prolonged until frost. In August one begins to make new seedbeds […]

How to Keep Critters Out of Your Garden

Garden critters are every gardener’s, or homeowner’s, nightmare. Whether daytime or nighttime, there are always animals and insects waiting to munch through your flowers and crops. Knowing how to keep these pests out is important for all gardeners. This blog explains how you can keep your outdoor space safe from all critters, from deer and rabbits to birds, insects, slugs, […]

Best Gardening Tips for Beginners

There’s nothing better than walking in your garden and sifting through the beautiful plants. If you’ve always been a gardening enthusiast, we’re glad to have you here. Gardening is something that sounds simple on the ears but is a very complex process in reality. However, when you begin to carry on with this hobby after a certain age, your prior […]

SOLSTICE – Gardening

By the time you read this, Christmas and the winter solstice will have come and gone. It will be hard to tell at first, but we will be gaining daylight every day. Despite what the calendar says about the start of true winter, we will be working our way to spring. The thought is especially pleasing to me, because this […]