Basket of Easter Flowers

The flower that most often comes to mind, when we think of Easter, is the Easter lily. But there are others as well, all with rather interesting origins. Did you know that the Easter lily’s true name is Bermuda lily? It is a pure white flower, believed to symbolize purity. Coming from one bulb, the flower is said to represent […]

Secrets of Cut Tulips

Although the outdoor landscape may be bleak right now, the greenhouse industry has found a way to bring spring into our homes. And that’s by fooling tulips and other spring flowers into blooming early indoors. The cut tulips you find at your florist shop, local greenhouse, and supermarket this time of year are “forced” tulips that were grown in greenhouses […]

Spring Blooming Minatures

The old saying, “good things come in small packages,” is especially true for the spring bulb garden. Although large Dutch tulips and yellow daffodils certainly have their place in the garden, spring-blooming miniatures–called minor bulbs in the nursery trade–add pizzazz. Most are prolific bloomers, with some, like snow drops and snow crocuses, among the first to flower in the spring. […]

April Gardening to do list by hardiness zone

Learn the monthly garden tasks for your gardening hardiness zone. Do you know what your hardiness zone? Once known, then find the required task. Zone 1 Finish planting bare-root trees, shrubs, roses Prune roses, then apply dormant spray Apply dormant spray to trees and shrubs before they leaf out Spade or till garden beds as soon as the soil is […]

Norfolk Island Pine

THE NORFOLK ISLAND PINE By Dr. Leonard Perry Extension Greenhouse and Nursery Crops Specialist University of Vermont If you want to invest in a houseplant with a future, buy a Norfolk Island pine. It requires minimal care, and because it grows slowly will remain small and attractive for many years indoors. To be honest, the Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla) […]

Gardening in a Drought

GARDENING IN A DROUGHT By Dr. Leonard Perry   Extension Greenhouse and Nursery Crops Specialist University of Vermont With a drought affecting much of the north country, smart gardeners are finding ways to garden using less water. In addition to using proper watering practices, or collecting and recycling water, there are also some cultural tips you can follow for water-wise […]

Weather Wise Gardening

If you are interested in gardening, then you are probably interested, at least somewhat, in the weather. Understanding a few weather basics you might encounter while gardening, and how to keep track of the weather, can make your gardening more fun. Weather is what happens on a day-to-day basis, while climate is the long-term trend over weeks, months, or years. […]


While it may be true that April showers bring May flowers, April also brings warmer weather, longer days, and our first chance to do some outdoor gardening. Peas, onions, parsnips, spinach, and other cool weather crops can all be planted in the garden towards the end of the month, provided that the soil isn’t too wet. Proper garden preparation is […]

A Guide: How to grow Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake is one of the most popularly grown mushrooms worldwide. It has a little bit of difficulty while growing once it establishes it would give harvest for 4-6 years. So here in this article, I will give you a complete guide about How to grow shiitake mushroom. What is shiitake mushroom? Shiitake word comes from two words Shii mean Oaktree […]

Essential Tips for Proper and Safe Landscaping

A landscaping project is definitely not for everyone. It requires a lot of time, effort, and money to change a boring plot of land into an aesthetic wonder that will bring out the best in your home. Landscaping requires a bit of expert knowledge on your part, especially if it means producing results that won’t leave you scratching your head. […]