Latin Garden Names – Species Plantarum

Linnaeous and his “Species Plantarum” by Francis C. Coulter In the long history of plant science, no name is more famous than that of Linnaeus and no book is more highly regarded than his “Species Plantarum,” published in 1753. Who was Linnaeus? To what does he owe his fame? And why is the mentioning of his book on the species […]

Halloween Horticulture

  HALLOWEEN HORTICULTURE By By Lisa Halvorsen n Garden Editor University of Vermont What would Halloween be without pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns and decorations? Although this is the plant most often associated with Halloween today, it may surprise you to know that in the past other fruits and vegetables had strong connections to this holiday. In England and Ireland, Halloween lanterns […]


It used to be so easy in my father’s day. In mid winter gardeners received mail order catalogs from all kinds of far-flung nurseries and plant purveyors. Mailboxes groaned under the weight of all the catalogs, but no one minded because there is nothing like looking at pages and pages of perfect annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees on a gray, […]

Home Grown Teas

While using herbs for brewing teas has been increasing in popularity, and is easy if you follow a few simple steps, there are some precautions as well. Chamomile, sage, catnip, lemon verbena, comfrey, scented geranium, and any of the mints–peppermint, orange mint, and spearmint, for example–are all ideal for tea. Rose hips, while not an herb, also can be used. […]


Few perennials can offer what the peony does–beautiful, prolific flowers in early summer and good foliage afterwards. Once established, peonies will flower for many years with minimum care. What’s more, they’re extremely hardy and can easily withstand cold northern winters. The basic types of peonies are herbaceous (Paeonia officinalis), which grow to heights of two to four feet; fern-leaved (Paeonia […]

Crimson King Maple

A NORWAY MAPLE whose leaves are dark, glistening crimson throughout the spring and summer is horticultural news that opens all manner of opportunities for new landscaping effects. The form known as Schwedler maple has made an effort toward this rewarding goal, but its red changes to green with the arrival of summer. Finally, along comes the postwar variety Crimson King, […]


Not long ago I was talking to a gardening friend. The subject was spring bulbs, and her lament was that she just didn’t have the time to get them in the ground. “I’ve given up buying bulbs,” she said, “because every year they end up rotting in my garage.” I can sympathize with her, because of every fall, at least […]

Why don’t my plants flower?

Why don’t my plants flower? Probably this plaintive question is raised oftener than any other that has to do with gardening. As likely as not, too, the complaining gardener will go on to say that he gives considerable attention to fertilization, to watering, and to cultivation, but still, his plants do not flower as well as those in his neighbor’s […]

Gardeners can choose from many species of Gladioli – Gladiolus

Approximately 180 species of gladiolus are available to the gardener. Originating from South Africa on rocky slopes, marshy areas and grasslands, they are also found growing in the Mediterranean, Asia and Central Europe. The latin name “Gladiolus” means “small sword”, which is referring to the shape of the leaves and flower spike. They were at one time referred to, as […]

Navtive Shrubs in Your Landscape

TRY NATIVE SHRUBS IN YOUR LANDSCAPE By Dr. Leonard Perry Extension Nursery and Greenhouse Crops Specialist University of Vermont Shrubs serve many functions in our landscapes. They provide color in the form of flowers and fruits. They act as “walls” between the “rooms” of our landscapes and are often pruned into hedges for that purpose. Their fruits feed our birds, […]