Top Jobs to do in Your Yard Before Summer Hits

With summer not far away, this is the perfect time to do a variety of jobs around the garden before the heat hits. Invest the time and energy now so your yard will be ready for entertaining and other summer activities. It might sound a bit daunting, but if you schedule time for yourself each week to get things done, […]

Bloodsuckers in Your Backyard

While you probably don’t need to look out for vampires, there are plenty of other creatures in the world that definitely do exist and definitely do feed on human blood. In fact, there are probably swarms of blood-sucking insects in your own backyard, just waiting for you to venture outside so they can chow down. Unfortunately, blood-sucking pests thrive in […]

5 steps to create a successful garden

Creating a new garden is fun and rewarding but you need to have a clear idea about what you want. Is it going to be a vegetable garden or are you going to plant exotic flowers? Whatever it will be, gardening should bring you a lot of satisfaction and joy. You can start digging and planting in the spring, but […]

What to Do in May Gardening

MAY is the joyous month of the year, when old and young are working in their gardens. Perennials are now coming into bloom, but the various bulbous flowers are putting forth every effort to distract our attention from their fair sisters. The unwise annuals are growing, preparing for their profusion of bloom, overlooking the fact that other plants are conserving […]

May Gardening To do list

Gardening tasks you should perform this month if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. If you don’t know your gardening zone, you can look it up via zip code on the Gardening Zone Page. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, add six months to find your gardening tasks. Zone 1 Prune flowering fruit trees while in bloom;use cuttings indoors […]

Tips to Reduce Maintenance Time in the Garden

How long do you spend working in your garden? No matter how much you love being outdoors and gardening, sometimes, it can be hard to find as much time as you might like to work on your outside space. Whether you have a busy schedule and a hectic lifestyle or just want to cut down on some of the more […]

April Gardening to do list by hardiness zone

Learn the monthly garden tasks for your gardening hardiness zone. Do you know what your hardiness zone? Once known, then find the required task. Zone 1 Finish planting bare-root trees, shrubs, roses Prune roses, then apply dormant spray Apply dormant spray to trees and shrubs before they leaf out Spade or till garden beds as soon as the soil is […]


While it may be true that April showers bring May flowers, April also brings warmer weather, longer days, and our first chance to do some outdoor gardening. Peas, onions, parsnips, spinach, and other cool weather crops can all be planted in the garden towards the end of the month, provided that the soil isn’t too wet. Proper garden preparation is […]

Easy Houseplant – Bowstring Hemp

Bowstring hemp is also known by other common names such as the scary “viper’s bowstring hemp” or “snake plant”, the unflattering “mother-in-laws-tongue”, or just its genus name of sansevieria (said as “san-se-Veer-ee-ah) which I prefer.  They seldom flower indoors, being grown instead for their modernistic and upright leaves, low care, and tolerance to low light. Sansevierias prefer warm temperatures, and […]

5 Tips to Keep In Mind When Setting Up A Garden

Starting a garden is definitely one of the most exciting and rewarding experience you can do. Whether you are starting a vegetable garden or planting fragrant floral, you can hugely benefit from getting your hands a bit dirty. Sure, Spring can be a good time to start growing and digging, but you can always start planning even before the snow […]