Seeds to Start in February

As soon as I’ve taken down the Christmas decorations and dragged out the tree, I dig out my seed trays and start checking my supplies. I know it’s too early to get any basil or tomatoes going; I know Zinnias and Impatiens won’t be able to go into the ground until the end of May (if then!); I know that […]

What to Do in February Gardening

The North Clumps of dahlia tubers may be planted in boxes of soil or sand. If the new shoots are broken from the tuber when they are 2 or 3 inches high and potted in light, sandy loam, they will soon root. From 25 to 50 cuttings may be obtained from the average clump. Keep them indoors until the danger […]

February Gardening in the South

Gardening in February in the Southern United States By J. Lester ROSES planted this month will give steady and uninterrupted bloom from April to December. Get the best plants you can find. Cheap stock is worthless and not to be considered at all. Two-year plants in number one grade from a reliable Rose grower in varieties of Hybrid Teas, Teas, […]

February Gardening To do list

Provided is a list of tasks you need to perform in your garden during February. Please understand your gardening zone which is identified in the menu above. Look for Hardiness Zones. Zone 1 Order fruit and vegetable seeds, roses, bare-root trees and shrubs Check potted or container-planted bulbs for signs of growth Bring in pots of crocus and bulbous iris […]

How to Successfully Cultivate Your Garden for Flower Seeds

Even though all plants come from a seed, it can be challenging to grow a fully cultivated flower directly from the ground. However, it is one of the cheapest ways to fill your garden with beautiful annuals and perennial blooms. With our method, you can have a vast garden with various colors, sizes, and heights that will compliment any front […]

Gardening in the Big City Yes, It’s Possible + How You Can Do It

Yes, gardening in the city is not only possible, it can also be very productive! All you need is a little bit of space, the right lighting, and some creativity. Sure, anyone can find space to grow a few herbs on a sunny windowsill… but don’t stop there! From vertical indoor gardening with hydroponics to planting in vacant lots or […]

10 Tips for Starting a Community Garden

Community gardens are a great way to bond with your neighbors and improve your town. When everyone works together to accomplish the same goal, you’ll form lifelong friendships and make your city a better place. Read these 10 tips for starting a community garden so you can lead the effort to create one where you live. 1. Start a Virtual […]

Spring Garden and January Gardening Tips

Janus, who lends his name to the month of January, was the dual-faced  Roman god of gates and doors.  He also was called the god of beginnings as it  was commonly believed that you needed to go through a door or gate in order  to enter a new place or beginning. The god was depicted as looking forward and backwards […]

January Gardening To do List

Provided is a list of tasks you need to perform in your garden during January. Please understand your gardening zone which is identified in the menu above. Look for Hardiness Zones. Zone 1 Order seed and nursery catalogs Check dahlia and canna roots for plumpness, freedom from mold Check house plants for mites, mealybugs, and scale Cut back on feeding […]

Watering Houseplants – January Gardening Tips

Watering houseplants properly, checking them for spider mites regularly, and ordering seeds early are some of the gardening activities for this month. Feel the soil of your houseplants.  When it’s dry an inch or so deep, apply enough water so it comes out the bottom drainage hole. The larger the pot, the longer you can wait in between watering.  If […]