The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Human populations are soaring. Resources are being consumed faster than they ever have before. We are quickly overextending the earth’s ability to sustain our species. How can YOU help to resolve these problems through your gardening practices? A number of alternative agricultural and gardening approaches have been developed over the past few […]

Garden Articles

Gardening articles to support your interest.  Hopefully the subject of your interest is listed below. Water Gardening Articles Email:Pond Lady For additional articles from the Pond Lady, do a search for Pond Lady. How to Choose a Pond Site Designing a Pond Edging for a Pond Pumps Spring Cleanup Plants Summer Cleanup Waterfalls Water Gardens Winter Predators in your pond […]


Anyone who is the slightest bit attuned to fashion trends in horticulture knows that the kitchen garden is hot. Five years ago, major shelter magazines devoted little or no space to vegetable gardening or home fruit growing. Now both are front-page news. At the Philadelphia Flower Show, where the theme was gardening in the next century, edible and ornamental plants […]


Throughout the centuries, people have been making their own tea using herbs grown in their gardens or collected from the wild. Today, as interest in growing herbs increases, so does the desire to try this age-old tradition. If this is “your cup of tea,” you probably don’t need to look any farther than your windowsill or backyard herb garden for […]


Last weekend I had to get away—from my weedy beds and borders, from garden writing, from turning the composter, from everything. I could have gone to the beach or to a nice air-conditioned bookstore, but I decided that it might be more gratifying to revel in sumptuous flower beds and borders that are maintained by someone else. I got in […]

Roses have deep history and many styles to choose from

Roses have a deep history behind them as well as their beauty. There are fossils of roses dated 35-40 millions years ago and are thought to originate in Asia. The oldest fossils were found in Colorado, Oregon and Montana, with younger fossils found in Yugoslavia and Germany. The oldest identified rose is Rosa gallica, commonly called the French Rose, can […]

How to Design a Water Pond

DESIGNING, SIZE, SHAPE AND DEPTH OF YOUR POND By the Pond Lady Once you have settled on a potential site for your pond, you need to decide on the size. If you want fish and a variety of plants, it would be best to have a larger in-ground pond. This doesn’t mean you would not be successful with a half-barrel […]

BUSY, BUSY – Gardening

I, like many other gardeners, love to talk about gardening. I have been known to bore people almost to death about roses, primroses and pulmonaria. Recently it has gotten to the point where I know who the other gardeners are at parties and social gatherings because they are the ones who do not avoid me. Even I have to admit […]


Although northern New England lacks Florida’s semi-tropical climate needed to produce citrus fruits as an outdoor crop, it is possible to grow oranges, lemons, grapefruits, kumquats, and other citrus varieties as ornamental indoor houseplants. The key ingredient to success is patience although you also need the proper lighting and temperature. Even then–not to discourage you–there’s no guarantee that your plants […]

Top Tips for Revamping Your Back Yard

Is your back yard looking a little worse for wear? Well, perhaps it’s time to revamp it. From figuring out how to care for your lawn to dealing with the weeds that have appeared out of nowhere, here are some top tips to remember next time you’re doing a little gardening… Give your lawn some love However large or small […]