Why Using Alfalfa Is Great for the Garden

Here are a few tips on how to use alfalfa meal in your garden to improve the quality of your soil: 1. High Mineral Content A key benefit of alfalfa is the fact that it is a strong source of not just nitrogen, but a host of other minerals, including: * Potassium * Calcium * Phosphorus * Magnesium * Iron […]

Potting Soil Recipes and Soil Reconditioning

GARDEN LOAM POTTING SOIL Pass the garden loam through a 1/4 in (0.6 cm) sieve Warm oven to 180 degrees F (82 C) for 10 minutes Place on center rack Place foil over tray and make sure the soil reaches the above temperature. Use a meat thermometer Potting soils using garden loam Potting soils should be placed through a sieve […]

Cornell Potting Mixes

CORNELL MIXES From Hobby Greenhouses in Alberta Agdex 731-5 The Cornell peat-Lite Mix* is formulated for growing topical plants. The Foliage Plant Mix ** and the Epiphytic Mix** formulas are adapted specifically for their respective plant types and are modifications of the original peat-lite mix. Cornell has used Osmocote 14-14-14 and Peters 14-7-7 fertilizers with the tropical plant mixes with […]

Cornell Epiphytic Gowing Soil Mixture

Cornell Epiphytic Soil Mixture Recipe The Cornell Epiphytic Mix was developed for plants that require good drainage, and aeration and have the ability to withstand drying between waterings. Plants having coarse, tuberous, or rhizomatous roots are in this category.  * Fir bark comes from Douglas fir, white or red fir, or redwood, ground and screened to a definite size. Finally, ground […]

Standard Potting Mix

Standard Potting Mix 1.5 Bales of Lakeland Coarse Peat 2 Bags of Supreme Perlite 1 Bag of Turface Total: 9.75 Bushels 6.00 Bushels 1.50 Bushels 17.0 Bushels Add by weight: Dolomite GS AG; Micromax Aquagro `G’ Osmocote 18-6-12   950 gms (56 gm per bushel) 515 gms (30 gm per bushel) 515 gms (30 gm per bushel) 2390 gms(140 gm per […]

Orchid Potting Mix

Orchid Potting Mix 1 part peat moss 6 parts fir bark 1 part medium grade charcoal Articles Grow Delphiniums from Seed Container Gardening Recipes Garden Loam Potting Soil John Innes Potting Compost Orchid Potting Mix Cacti Potting Mix Alpines Potting Mix Shade Potting Mix Cutting Potting mix A. Knutson Potting mixes CORNELL MIXES Cornell Peat-lite Mix Cornell Foliage Plant Mix […]

John Innes Potting Soil Recipe

  John Innes Potting Compost JI #1 Base 7 parts sterilized loam 3 parts peat 2 parts sand or grit Fertilizer: 4 oz / 8 gallons (3 grams / liter) Lime or chalk: 3/4 oz / 8 gallons ( 0.5 grams / liter) JI #2 Base: Same as 1 but double the Fertilizer and chalk JI #3 Base: Same as […]

A. Knutson Potting mix

A. Knutson Potting mix Cuttings: I use composted manure mixed with sawdust to root cuttings in — it works great; don’t need rooting hormones. I use a 50:50 vermiculite/peat mix to start seeds Transplants and containers: 1/3 composted manure, 1/3 sandy loam, 1/3 peat moss   Articles Grow Delphiniums from Seed Container Gardening Recipes Garden Loam Potting Soil John Innes […]

Alpine Potting Mix

Alpine Potting Mix 9 parts coarse sand 5 parts peat 4 part pumice Pumice is also used as the top dressing and to provide extra bottom drainage. Provide encapsulated slow-release fertilizer with minor trace elements once a year and repot yearly. Alpine Potting Mix 2   All the plant material coming into the Botanical Garden nursery, whether it is seed, […]

Shade Potting Mix

Shade Potting Mix George Schenk’s recipe for the ideal soil for growing plants in shade. 1 part humus (compost, peat, leaf mold, etc.) 1 part sand 2 parts loamy soil (builder’s or riverside)