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The Evergreen Tree That Helps You Save Hundreds of Dollars Annually

With prices of gas and oil going up each winter, it has become a priority for most homeowners to find ways to conserve usage. Everything from using economically efficient light bulbs to upgrading major utilities has been recommended for saving on fuel costs and conserving energy.

However, some people overlook the vital role that landscaping can play in keeping their home warm and comfortable in the winter. Winter winds that cool your home by forcing cold air in and drawing warm air out account for as much as half of the heat lost during winter months. Planting trees and shrubs strategically around the exterior of your home ca n reduce the effect of this wind chill substantially.

One of the most obvious and effective techniques is to plant a windbreak on your property. This can cut your fuel consumption by as much as 40% according to recent studies. Nursery Managers of FGrowing Trees Nursery, highly recommends the Thuja Green Giant for use as a windbreak. “The Thuja Giant is a dense, conical evergreen. Its shape and form make it highly effective for use as a windbreak, and doubles as an ideal privacy screen”.

The manager also mentions that windbreaks are not the only energy saving option, however. “Place evergreens near entryways or windows to decrease the amount of cold air that makes its way indoors each time or door or window is opened, and plant evergreen trees along your foundation to add some extra insulation”.





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