Bog Gardening

A┬áPOND is not an essential feature of the bog garden, although its presence is to be desired when you can use the overflow to feed a marsh. It is essential, that the soil of the marsh garden be kept in a moist, swampy state through out year. The site of the bog garden must, naturally, be low-lying and where the […]

Pacific Northwest Bog Garden

With the “Oh lucky me” hardpan soil, I contracted the bulldozer to dig a hole 20 feet x 20 feet x 18 inches deep. I covered the hole with two layers of 4mm black plastic. Then, I filled the plastic with peat moss, clay, sand and left over rock form the construction site. IT WAS A MUCKY MESS…now it looks […]

Bog Plants Gardening

Selecting a Bog Plant Name Common Name Height in Inches Color Time of Flowering Acorus calamus Acorus japonicus (and var. fol. variegatus) Anagallis tenella Arundinaria. (sev eral vars.) Arundo donax Astilbe (various)   Bambusa Fortunei aurea Caltha palustris fl. pl. Caltha polypetala Cardamine praten sis fl. pl. Cortaderia. argen tea Cypripedium, spec tabile Dodecatheon meadia Epilobium. (various) Fritillaria Melea gris […]