How to control Cucumber Beetle in your garden

Cucumber beetles are a big problem in vegetable gardens. They can hurt a lot of different plants, like cucumbers, squash, melons, and pumpkins. These little beetles can be striped, yellow, green, or about 1/4 inch long. They can be observed eating the leaves, stems, and fruit of plants when they are most active, which is in the warmer months. There […]

How to treat Soil borne fungus disease

Diseases caused by fungi in the soil are a common problem in horticulture, farming, and home gardening. The fungi that cause these diseases attack the roots, stems, and leaves of plants, resulting in significant harm and even death. Among the most prevalent fungi-related illnesses transmitted through the soil are: Fusarium wilt: A variety of plants, including tomatoes, peppers, and roses, […]

Mole-Med Dry

Mole-Med Dry Chases moles, voles and other burrowing critters from your lawn! Tired of tripping over unsightly mole hills? Use Mole-Med Dry! Granular form is ready-to-use and easy to apply, using any broadcast or rotary spreader. Don’t let moles ruin your lawn! Apply granular Mole-Med Dry and protect your lawn from mole damage for up to two months! In our […]