Mole-Med Dry

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Mole-Med Dry
Chases moles, voles and other

burrowing critters from your lawn!


of tripping over unsightly mole hills? Use Mole-Med Dry!

Granular form is ready-to-use and easy to apply, using

any broadcast or rotary spreader.

Don’t let moles ruin your

lawn! Apply granular Mole-Med Dry and protect your lawn

from mole damage for up to two months!

In our research trials, we found that granular Mole-Med

Dry took far less time to apply than repellent sprays,

yet was just as effective. It’s ready-to-use and needs

no water, no mixing.

Tested and proven by university researchers, Mole-Med

produces an odor that moles can’t stand. It drives moles

away–but doesn’t kill them. (Mole-Med comes from castor

beans and won’t bother the human nose.) You can apply

Mole-Med Dry to wet or dry lawns. One package covers

2,500 sq. ft. Reapply in two months (through spring,

summer and fall), or sooner if you’ve had a lot of rain.

Effective against the common eastern mole.

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One Comment

    Jerry Stadstad

    We have a vole problem in the winter months. They really damage our lawn. Will putting down mole med in the fall eliminate the prlblem?

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