6 Easy Steps to Prep Your Backyard for Spring

6 Easy Steps to Prep Your Backyard for Spring

The chilly and nostalgic winter season is starting to be replaced with the warm and comforting spring. As the snow begins to melt and you put shovels aside, it’s time to welcome spring with some backyard prepping. If you don’t have a backyard, you can tend to your lawn instead.

As you may have observed, the harsh cold of winter leaves plants or shrubs hungry, weak, and frail. This is the result of its leaves being covered in thick layers of snow. When leaves are not hit with sunlight, the plant’s capacity to photosynthesize is limited. To bring it back to its lusher and greener condition, here are six easy steps you can follow for a healthier, spring-loving backyard.

Backyard Cleaning

To grow a healthier and more vibrant backyard, the first thing you should do is clean it. Dried up leaves, broken twigs, or dead plants should be removed. You can rely on your trusty rake for a quick sweep. However, if you need a faster solution, you can use an air blower. The presence of debris in your backyard is not only an unappealing sight, but it hinders the nourishment of your soil.

Prepping fertilizer, Weedkiller, and Pre-emergent solutions

If you don’t have any idea regarding backyard liquid solutions like weed killer, pre-emergent, and fertilizers, you can head over to a hardware store and ask for their recommendations. For the next step of your backyard prepping, you can mix a combination of pre-emergent (prevents crabgrass) and fertilizer. Make sure to mark your calendars when you nourish the soil with this solution. After six to eight weeks, apply the same solution again. However, this time, add a broadleaf weed killer.

Mow Often

If you want to achieve a fuller, thicker, and lusher lawn, you should embrace the art of mowing. Mowing once a week stunts the grass’ roots. It is recommended that you mow at least five to six days in the first six weeks of spring.

Great Amount of Mulch

Another surefire way of making your backyard bloom to its capacity is to stock up on mulch. Mulch is a combination of dried leaves, bark and compost that is usually spread around a plant or on the soil for insulation. If you want the best for your plants, you can seek help from plant experts or employees in your hardware store for the best in the market.

Trimming Dead Branches from a Tree

After you’ve committed to prepping the soil for your backyard, it’s now time to climb up the trees and assess dead branches that must be cut immediately. If you don’t have the ability, knowledge, and equipment to do so carefully and correctly, you can contact a local service provider for help. Dead branches that are not cut can cause property damages and injuries.

Wait Until Fall to Seed

We know how tempting it is to fill brown patches with grass seed. It is exciting to see grass fill your backyard with calming greenness. But, if you do so after a recent application of a weed killer or pre-emergent, the seeds won’t germinate properly. What you can do for the time being is to fertilize the backyard or your lawn. When the soil is ready, you’ll see shoots sprout and fill those frustrating brown spots. Your backyard is only a part of your house. Like any aspect of your home, your yard or your lawn needs pampering as well. It requires effort, time and commitment to take care of it properly. However, all of these steps are crucial if you want to maintain a lush and healthy lawn or backyard.

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