Spring Vegetable Gardening

In May gardening begins in earnest. April weather is too uncertain for many vegetables to be planted in the open and even early May cannot be trusted far. By the end of the month, however, practically the first planting of everything we wish to include in our program is in the ground. Tomato plants must be guarded carefully against frost, […]

The Best Flowers to Plant for the Most Colorful Garden

Our gardens endow our homes with an aesthetic ambiance that it is almost impossible to have a complete home in the absence of a colorful garden. However, when you look closely the centerpiece of any garden lies in color. Colour gives your garden life, mood, and disposition. Therefore, when choosing flowers for your garden from Florist Belfast you need to […]

How to Design a Water Pond

Once you have settled on a potential site for your pond, you need to decide on the size. If you want fish and a variety of plants, it would be best to have a larger in-ground pond. This doesn’t mean you would not be successful with a half-barrel or other type of patio-deck water container garden. Now is the time […]

March Gardening To Do List

Provided is a list of tasks you need to perform in your garden during March. Please understand your gardening zone which is identified in the menu above. Look for Hardiness Zones. Zone 1 Order indoor seed starting kits and seeds Cut back on feeding houseplants (do not feed dormant houseplants) Water indoor cymbidium orchids weekly until theybloom Sow seeds indoors […]

Melbourne Gardening Tips For Beginners

When you show interest to start gardening, the amount of information you need to understand could be overwhelming. It seems difficult where to start and if you should seek guidance on the internet or should you ask your neighbors or read a book. Unfortunately, most beginner gardeners make countless mistakes without even knowing that this is the case. This is […]

Growing Dahlias as border plant.

Dahlias, especially small flowered kinds, have great possibilities as border plants. They may be used in masses or planted in combination with annuals and perennials. Most of the small Dahlias are early and profuse bloomers, starting to flower in July and continuing right through till frost. Dahlias in combination with other flowers should be planted as early as the ground […]

Spring Clean-Up

Lately, I have been reminded of the classic German chorale melody that organists know as “Schmuecke Dich”.  Johann Crueger composed it in 1649, and in some Christian hymnals the first line of the hymn sung to the old melody is “Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness.” When I go outside to do a spring clean up in my garden beds […]

Why should you choose gardening as a hobby?

Hobbies trigger so many benefits and could easily be seen as the activities that balance us. They help us disconnect from our professional to-dos and daily house chores and bask in a realm where there are no deadlines or other such things that could put pressure on us. If you’ve recently discovered that gardening is the hobby that best meets […]

Have You Thought About Gardening With Your Kids?

Kids can benefit from gardening as a pastime just as much as adults. The tricky part is to get them involved in such a rewarding activity. Not only will they get to spend more time out in the open, but they will also develop a passion that might last a lifetime. For parents who want to plant the seed of […]