Botanical Name to Common Name

If you’re looking to find a common name for a plant and all you know is the botanical name, below is a alpha listing of the plant names to assist you in finding the common name.  Maybe you know the common name of the plant and you want to know the botanical name, we provide a list of common names […]

2000 Mexico’s largest pumpkin

Additional Pumpkin Pages How To Grow – Records – Clipart – Seeds – Poems – Phantom – Carving – Pumpkin Recipes – FAQ’s – How Big is it? A great pumpkin I think, but I’m not absolutely sure, that the 389 Caro 00 is the largest pumpkin in México. The only sure thing is: this is the largest pumpkin in […]

Common to Botanical Names A-Br

A-Br A-Br Bu-C D-Go Gr-J K-O P-R S T-Z 172k 190K 160K 123K 145k 120K 158k 169k     Abscess Root Polemonium reptans Acacia Acacia abyssicina Acacia Acacia glaucophylla Acacia Acacia gummifera Acacia Acacia nilotica Acacia Acacia senegal Acacias Acacia   Acanthus-leaved Thistle Carlina acanthifolia Accocha Cyclanthera pedata Aconite Aconitum   Aconite Aconitum columbianum Aconite Aconitum fischeri Acroclinium Helipterum roseum […]

Common to Botanical Names D-Go

A-Br A-Br Bu-C D-Go Gr-J K-O P-R S T-Z 172k 190K 160K 123K 145k 120K 158k 169k   >   Daffodil Narcissus   Daffodil Narcissus pseudonarcissus Dahoon Holly Ilex dahoon Daikon Raphanus sativus ‘Acanthiformis’ Daikon Radishes Raphanus bipinnatus Dalmatian Pellitory Tanacetum cinerariifolium Dalmatian Spurge Euphorbia wulfenii Damask Rose Rosa x damascena Damiana Turnera aphrodisiaca Damiana Turnera diffusa Dandelion Leontodon sinense: […]

Common to Botanical name Gr-J

A-Br A-Br Bu-C D-Go Gr-J K-O P-R S T-Z 172k 190K 160K 123K 145k 120K 158k 169k     Grains of Paradise Amelopsis grana paradisi Grape Vitis   Grape Hyacinth Muscari racemosum Grapefruit Citrus x paradisi Grape-leaf Anemone Anemone vitifolia Grass Nut Triteleia laxa Grass of Parnassus Parnassia glauca Grassy Bells Edraianthus graminifolius Gravelroot Eupatorium purpureum Gray Lady Plymouth Gerani […]

1999 Japanese pumpkin

A great pumpkin IKEDA, Japan – Takao Hoshijima, a farmer from Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture (R) shows off a mammoth pumpkin he grew that won the all-Japan pumpkin contest on Sept. 26. The pumpkin, the biggest among 62 giant pumpkins entered in the Japan No. 1 Giant Pumpkin Contest held in Shodoshima, Kagawa Prefecture, weighs 390.6 kilograms (859-pound).   Ooops.. 1999 […]

Australian Pumpkin Patch – Pumpkin Master Grower – Tony

Tony Hickman’s Pumpkin Patch Hello pumpkin enthusiasts. My Name is Tony Hickman and I live in Adelaide, South Australia. Duncan and I have made this web page to help all the people suffering the winter blues out there and to assist some fellow Aussie growers. I will post updates regularly when things start happening. I had trouble germinating seeds and […]