Shade trees for the street side.

SHADE TREES FOR STREETS¬† (Will withstand restricted city conditions) Acer Ginnala (for Narrow Street) Magnolia grandiflora (South) Magnolia Populus alba Bolleana (Narrow Street) White Poplar Populus nigra italica (Narrow Street) Lombardy Poplar Platanus acerifolia London Plane Tree Quercus borealis (Q. rubra) Red Oak Quercus coccinea Scarlet Oak Quercus falcata (South) Spanish Oak Quercus laurifolia (South) Laurel Oak Quercus macrocarpa Mossycup […]


TREES FOR DRY, SANDY SOIL* Acer campestre — Hedge Maple Acer Ginnala — Amur Maple Acer Negundo — Box Elder Acer tataricum — Tatarian Maple Ailanthus glandulosa — Tree of Heaven Betula alba — European White Birch Betula Maximowicziana — Monarch Birch Betula populifolia — Gray Birch Carya glabra — Pignut Populus alba — White Poplar Populus grandidentata — Largetooth […]


TREES WHICH THRIVE IN VERY WET SOIL DECIDUOUS Acer dasycarpurn. — Silver Maple — Acer Negundo — Box Elder — Acer rubrurn. — Red Maple — Alnus glutinosa — European Alder — Betula lutea — Yellow Birch — Betula nigra — River Birch — Betula populifolia — Gray Birch — Carpinus caroliniana — American Hornbeam — Carya ovata — Shagbark […]

Trees of Rapid Growth

¬†   Fast growing TREES – RAPID GROWTH   DECIDUOUS EVERGREEN Picea excelsa Norway Spruce Pinus resinosa Red Pine Pinus rigida Pitch Pine Pinus strobus White Pine Pinus sylvestris Scots Pine  

Trees in Permanently wet soils – Tree

Permanently wet soils The other soil factor that must be taken into consideration is continuous moisture, that is, soils that are continuously saturated. The majority of trees will not grow in these conditions, but those that will include the numerous kinds of willow (Salix), large and small, as well as the alders (Alnus), which are mostly trees of moderate size. […]

Halloween, Big Giant Squash – Squash Records

This page is provided to check and see what weight limit you need to surpass to have a State or Country record. This is not an official page with a government stamp of approval. It is only a database for squash weight limits and to see what other people have grown in your area of the world. If you know […]

Pumpkin Mailing List

This mailing list deals with Competitive Giant Pumpkin Growing. Topics for discussion include securing the best seeds, soil preparation, seed starting, general plant care, fertilizing strategy, insect and disease protection, and all aspects of weigh-off competitions and grower associations. In addition to these topics, the list provides a forum to meet other pumpkin growers worldwide, exchange information or seeds, and […]

Pumpkin Seeds, Halloween Pumpkins, Growing Pumpkins from Seed

Pumpkin Seeds There are many places to buy pumpkin seeds, but here are a few who provide big pumpkins over 1000 pounds. If you would like to learn more about pumpkins and the hybirds, please read the last link. They provide all sorts of hybrid seeds at commercial levels. Giant Pumpkin Seeds Dill’s Atlantic Giant Seeds The world’s largest pumpkin […]

Pumpkin Growing Clubs

UNITED STATES AND CANADA: World Pumpkin Confederation(WPC) Greater Pumpkin Commonwealth(GPC) Here are a few of the clubs you can join. Additional Pumpkin Pages How To Grow – Records – Clipart – Seeds – Poems – Phantom – Carving – Pumpkin Recipes – FAQ’s – How Big is it? Some of them have links to sites:   International   European Giant […]

Botanical Name listing of Plants

Index   Common Name listing of Plants Index TEST The alpha listing contain thousands of plants with useful information about your plant of interest. Do you want to learn how to plant a shrub, tree, perennial or a vine? You can learn how hardy the plant is before you plant it in your garden. Do you want to know the […]