Trees with early flowers

Trees with early flowers

Trees with early flowers

ACER OPALUS The Italian maple has yellow
flowers in early April.

CORNUS MAS This has many small yellow
flowers in February.

PARROTIA PERSICA This bears very numerous
small scarlet tassel-like flowers in February.

PRUNUS ‘Accolade’ is a semi-double pink
cherry flowering in March; P. conradinae is a
cherry with scented white or pinkish flowers in late
February; P. dauidiana is a peach flowering in
January, alba is a white form, rubra pink.
P. ‘Fundanzakura’ (semperflorens) with pink buds
and white flowers from November to April. P. ‘Kursar’
a bright pink cherry flowering in March; P. ‘Okami’
a cherry with carmine-pink flowers in March; P. ‘Pandora’
is a single pink, very floriferous Marchflowering cherry,
giving good autumnal leaf color; P. subhirtella autumnalis
carries semi-double white flowers (pink in rosea)
from November to March.

SALIX CAPREA The goat willow has decorative
catkins in March; S. daphnoides, the violet-willow,
carries them even earlier.

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