Deciduous trees with exceptionally handsome foliage

Some deciduous trees with exceptionally handsome foliage AILANTHUS ALTISSIMA The tree of heaven has pinnate leaves sometimes 60cm (2ft) long. CATALPA The Indian bean-trees have heart-shaped leaves up to 25cm (l0in). GYMNOCLADUS DIOICUS The Kentucky coffee-tree has compound pinnate leaves which may reach lm (aft) long and 60cm (2ft) wide. JUGLANS SIEBOLDIANA The walnuts all have handsome pinnate foliage, but […]


TREES WHICH WILL FORM GOOD WINDBREAKS DECIDUOUS       Acer Ginnala Amur Maple Acer Negundo Box Elder Cratxgus mollis Downy Hawthorn Maclura pornifera Osage Orange Morus alba White Mulberry Populus alba White Poplar Populus balsamifera Balsam Poplar Quercus palustris Pin Oak     EVERGREEN       Juniperus virginiana Red Cedar Picea alba Canadian Spruce Picea excelsa Norway Spruce […]

Trees with good autumn color

Some trees with good autumn color It should be noted that autumn color may vary from year to year in every respect, and even from tree to tree of the same species. This list is by no means complete. ACER CAMPESTRE The native field maple turns a good yellow; A. capillipes, deep crimson; A cappadocicum, yellow; A. circinatum, orange and […]

Trees used for small yards or gardens – Tree

  TREES FOR THE SMALL PLACE*   HEIGHT SPREAD       Acer campestre 30 to 40 ft 40 to 50 ft     English Maple, HedgeMaple     Betula alba (B. pendula) 50 to 60 ft. 25 to 30 ft.     White Birch     Cornus florida 15 to 25 ft 12 to 18 ft.     Flowering Dogwood     […]

Trees with decorative fruit

Trees with decorative fruits The following list is of trees whose brightly-colored fruits are usually decorative for some time after the leaves have fallen. Birds soon attack and strip the berries on a number of kinds almost as soon as they are ripe, but the following are less severely attacked. With some trees, berries are only borne on female trees; […]

Where to use a tree

Where to use a tree   TREES OF RAPID GROWTH DECIDUOUS Magnolia grandiflora (South) Magnolia Populus alba Bolleana (Narrow Street) White Poplar Populus nigra italica (Narrow Street) Lombardy Poplar Platanus acerifolia London Plane Tree Quercus borealis (Q. rubra) Red Oak Quercus coccinea Scarlet Oak Quercus falcata (South) Spanish Oak Quercus laurifolia (South) Laurel Oak Quercus macrocarpa Mossycup Oak Quercus palustris […]


TREES FREE FROM INSECT PESTS AND DISEASES (Seldom attacked, and not seriously qffected) DECIDUOUS       Ailanthus glandulosa Tree of Heaven Cercidiphyllum japonicurn Katsura-Tree Elaeagnus angustifolia Russian Olive Ginkgo biloba Ginkgo Gleditsia triacanthos Honey Locust Gymnocladus dioica Kentucky Coffeetree Halesia carolina Silverbell Tree Koelreuteria paniculata Goldenrain Tree Liquidambar styraciflua Sweetgurn Magnolia (all species) Magnolia Nyssa sylvatica Sourgurn Oxydendrum arboreurn […]

Trees with blue (glaucous) and silver foliage

Trees with blue (glaucous) and silver foliage Broad-leaved ALNUS INCANA Leaves grey underneath. CRATAEGUS ORIENTALIS Leaves grey on both sides, deeply cut. EUCALYPTUS The tree has numerous species, but their hardiness over a long period is doubtful; E. gunnii is the best known. POPULUS ALBA The white poplar has white twigs and undersides of the leaves, the best form for […]

Trees with white, silver or yellow variegated leaves

Trees with white, silver or yellow variegated leaves These are all sports, perhaps occurring originally on one branch only, of normal trees that have been propagated vege-turns a rich yellow. GYMNOCLADUS DIOICUS The large leaves turn clear yellow. LIQUIDAMBAR STYRACIFLUA Variable, but in good specimens can be brilliant, purple to scarlet. LIRIODENDRON TULIPIFERA Leaves turn a good yellow. MALUS Apples […]

Trees with early flowers

Trees with early flowers ACER OPALUS The Italian maple has yellow flowers in early April. CORNUS MAS This has many small yellow flowers in February. PARROTIA PERSICA This bears very numerous small scarlet tassel-like flowers in February. PRUNUS ‘Accolade’ is a semi-double pink cherry flowering in March; P. conradinae is a cherry with scented white or pinkish flowers in late […]