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Over the course of 130 years, spanning from 1893 to 2023, the cultivation of giant pumpkins has undergone a remarkable evolution. In 1893, the exploration of oversized pumpkins was in its nascent stages, marked by growers experimenting with novel approaches. Fast forward to 2023, and the quest for world records in giant pumpkin weights has burgeoned into a global phenomenon. Contemporary growers leverage advanced cultivation techniques, innovative fertilizers, and meticulous care to foster giant pumpkins, consistently shattering previous records.

The giant pumpkin community has evolved into a tightly-knit global network, sharing valuable insights and coveted seeds to continually push the boundaries of pumpkin growth. The journey from modest beginnings to the extraordinary sizes achieved in 2023 not only underscores the unwavering dedication of growers but also highlights the captivating allure of record-breaking achievements in the realm of giant pumpkins. Remember, growing a record pumpkin is based on luck.


Travis Gienger, Minnesota, United States – 2749 lb (1246.9 kg)

World record Giant pumpkin by Country, State, and Province Records
2023 World Record Pumpkin 2749 pounds grown by Travis Gienger

Travis is a yearly champion who has successfully grown pumpkins above 2000 lbs.


Stefano Cutrupi, Tuscani, Italy – 2703 lb (1226 kg)

Stefano was well aware of the impressive size of his pumpkin, both visually and through measured statistics. However, it wasn’t until he weighed the monstrous pumpkin that he realized he had achieved a new world record for pumpkin weight. The sheer magnitude of the weight added an unexpected and thrilling dimension to his accomplishment, making it a truly remarkable feat.


Mathias Willemijns, Belgium – 2625 lbs (1190.7 kg)

In 2016, the world’s heaviest pumpkin weighed in at 2,625 pounds, grown by Belgian Mathia Willemijn. He broke the then record of 2,324 pounds set in 2014 by Germany’s Beni Meier. Meier broke Californian Tim Matheson’s 2013 record of 2,032 pounds. In 2012, Rhode Islander Ron Wallace was the first to crack one ton at 2,009 lbs. In 2006, Wallace previously held the record at just 1,502 pounds.

2624.6 Willemijns World Largest Pumpkin Records


Beni Meier, Switzerland – 2324 lbs (1054 kg)

Would you believe the weight of this World Record pumpkin wouldn’t qualify as one of the Top 10 Biggest pumpkins in the world? Beni Meier has done it again by breaking the world record for the third time in one season. 2324 Pounds is the new world record and is the first pumpkin over one metric ton. (1054 Kg’s)

World record pumpkin 2014 2324


Tim Mathison, California, United States – 2032 lbs (921.7 kg)

The pumpkin, grown in lumber salesman Tim Mathison’s backyard for 105 days, set the record at the 23rd annual Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off, hosted by Uesugi Farms over the weekend in California’s Napa Valley, according to the Napa Valley Register.


Ron Wallace, Rhode Island, United States – 2009 lb (911.3 kg)

Having been the first grower in the world to grow a pumpkin over 1500 pounds (1502 in 2006) as well as the first grower to eclipse the 2000-pound barrier at 2009 pounds in 2012, Ron Wallace’s pumpkins may be the only things capable of outweighing his larger-than-life presence in the world of organic gardening.  


Jim and Kelsey Bryson, Quebec, Canada – 1819 lb (825 kg)

Just this weekend a new world’s biggest pumpkin was crowned in Canada. Weighing in at 1818.5 pounds and grown by Jim and Kelsey Bryson of Ormstown, Quebec, the new heaviest pumpkin in the world out-weighs last year’s world-record holder (which also called the Garden home for a time) by 8 pounds!


Chris Stevens, Wisconsin, United States – 1811 lb (821.5 kg)

Chris grew this new world record pumpkin on the 1161 Rodonis seed and crossed it with the 1421 Stelts.


Christy Harp, Ohio, United States – 1725 lb (782.5)

Christy’s pumpkin weighed in at 1,725 pounds at the annual Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers weigh-off held near Canfield over the weekend.

Contest organizers had to use a forklift to move the pumpkins and a heavy-duty hydraulic hoist to get them on the scale. She defeated nine other growers who managed to transport their pumpkins to the competition.


Joe Jutras, Rhode Island, United States – 1689 lb (766 kg)


Ron Wallace, Rhode Island, United States – 1502 lb (681.3 kg)

Ron Wallace is a two-time world record holder, three – time world champion and was the first grower in the world to grow a pumpkin over 1500 pounds (1502 in 2006) and in 2012 he was the first to eclipse the 2000-pound barrier at 2009 pounds.   His passion for creating a organic fertilizer for extreme growth has led to WOW Wallace Organic Wonder. 

2006 World record pumpkin 1502 lbs


Larry Checkon, Pennsylvania, United States 1469 lb (666.3 kg)

The largest pumpkin ever grown weighed 1,469 lb (666 kg). Grown by Larry Checkon from Pennsylvania in 2005.


Al Eaton, Ontario, Canada – 1446 lb (655.9 kg)

Al Eaton, from Richmond, Ontario, brought the cup back to Canada in 2004 with a 1446 pound pumpkin. Gone were Howard Dill’s orange behemoth beauties. The cross was 842 Eaton x 1301 Eaton. 


Steve Daletas, Oregon, United States – 1385 lb (628 kg)

“I really don’t have any secrets. There are some great books out there and lots of information on the Internet. What I do is what everyone is doing, lots of hard work, and seed selection is important, genetics is important,”

1385 Pumpkin on the weigh scale.


Charlie Houghton, New Hampshire, United States – 1338 lb (607 kg)


Geneva Emmons, Washington, United States – 1262 lb (572.4 kg)

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How measure a pumpkin to know the weight


1140 Dave Stelts, Ohio, United States – 1140 lb (517 kg)


Gerry Checkon, Pennsylvania, United States 1131 lb (513 kg)


Gary Burke, Ontario, Canada – 1092 lb (495 kg)


1061 Nathan and Paula Zehr, New York, United States – 1061 lb (481 kg)

Nathan and Paula Zehr pose with their 1,061-pound pumpkin that won them $50,000 at the World Pumpkin Conference competition in Clarence, N.Y. The First pumpkin to break 1000 pounds.


Herman Bax, Ontario, Canada – 990 lb (449 kg)

Sorry, we don’t have a photo showing this pumpkin.


Donald Black, New York, United States – 884 lb (401 kg)


Joel Holland, Washington, United States – 827 lb (375 kg)

Holland says that during its peak growing period, his record pumpkin grew more than 22 pounds a day. He credits the accelerated growth to superb seeds, nutrient-rich soil, warmer-than-usual Washington weather, plenty of water, “and, of course, a lot of chicken manure.”


Ed Gancarz, New Jersey, United States – 816.5 lb (370.4 kg)


Gordon Thomson, Ontario, Canada – 755 lb (342.5 kg)


Robert Gancarz, New Jersey, United States – 671 lb (304.3 kg)


Norm Gallagher, Washington, United States – 612 lb (277.5 kg)


Howard Dill, Nova Scotia, Canada – 493.5 lb (233.8 kg)


Howard Dill, Nova Scotia, Canada – 459 lb (208 kg)


Bob Ford, Pennsylvania, United States – 451 lb (204.5 kg)


William Warnock, Ontario, Canada – 403 lb (183 kg)

William Warnock from Goderich, Ontario grew a 365 pound squash and exhibited it at the Chicago World’s fair in 1893. In 1900, he sent a 400 pound pumpkin to the World’s fair in Paris. Four years later, in 1904, he astounded everyone with a 403 pound squash at the St. Louis World’s Fair. That squash and his 2 daughters are pictured below.


William Warnock – 400 lb (181 kg)

Location: Ontario Canada

In 1900, he sent a 400 pound pumpkin to the World’s fair in Paris.


William Warnock, Ontario, Canada – 365 lb (165.5 kg)

William Warnock from Goderich, Ontario grew a 365 pound squash and exhibited it at the Chicago World’s fair in 1893.

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