The Pumpkin Phantom

The Pumpkin Phantom

The Pumpkin Phantom


You have been chosen as one this fine night.
By the Pumpkin Phantoms who’re out-a-sight.

We send you these sweets to give you some joy.
So please spread this happiness for all to enjoy.

You must send two families goodies of sorts.
Or within 48 hours you’ll break out in huge warts!

Put this orange sign in your window so you won’t be hit again!
This isn’t a game that you’re trying to win.

The fun will go on until HALLOWEEN.
And if we are lucky we won’t be seen.

So take your turn and continue the fun.
Copy this message and pass it on when you’re done.

The Pumpkin Phantoms

Print out these words and put them on the back of this image.

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Educational Pumpkin Poem’s


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