Top 10 Largest Pumpkins in the World & Country Records

1226 kg World Largest Pumpkin Records

Welcome to the original pumpkin record page. This is the official page identifying the heaviest pumpkins in the world per country.

This is the current 2022 list of the Top 10 largest pumpkins grown to date.  The majority of these pumpkins were grown in Europe and the UK, but only 4 of the pumpkins were grown in the USA.  Europe has the top 4 largest pumpkins recorded to date.

The World Record Pumpkin as of Oct 2021 is from Stefano Cutrupi from Italy of 1226 KG (2708.8 lbs)

Scroll to the bottle of the page to see each pumpkin record by Country. It will list by Country, State, or Provence for the heaviest pumpkin in that region. To date, 23 new 2021 giant pumpkin records from around the world have been identified.

It takes a lot of time and effort to grow these huge pumpkins. The majority of these pumpkin growers have failed during the growing process. One of the factors in growing a large pumpkin is the seed, watering, burying the vine node, and removing other pumpkins from the plant.

Let’s take a look at our current 2021 Top 10 pumpkin growers.  If you want to see the pumpkin records, please scroll down the page.

11. 2433.9 pounds by Ian & Stuart Patron (1104 kg)

2433 Patron Pumpkin 2018

Ian & Stuart are from Lymington, UK. This is the largest pumpkin to date grown in the United Kingdom.

This massive pumpkin would make one gigantic jack-o’-lantern. The giant pumpkin weighed 2433.9 pounds and was grown by Ian and Stuart Paton, twin brothers from England.

The brothers who planted the pumpkin in a greenhouse in April said it was the first time they used peat moss instead of organic manure as fertilizer. The twins run the Pinetops nursery in Lymington, New Forest.

10. 2439.4 pounds by Mario Vangeel (1106.5 kg)

1106.5 KG Belgium pumpkin Mario

2021 Belgium’s Mario Vangeel pumpkin didn’t dominate this year’s European Ludwigsburg championship, but he still produced a nice size pumpkin weighing in at 1106.5 kilos.  Did you know you can buy a giant pumpkin seed?

9. 2447 pounds by Stefano Cutrupi (1110 kg)

2022 Stefano Cutrupi pumpkin 1110 kg

Everyone at the 2022 Big Pumpkin Festival in Peccioli, Italy was hoping this 502 inches pumpkin would be a new world record.  Sadly, Stefano Cutrupi pumpkin weighed only 1110 kg.  The pumpkin weight was fluttering between 1109.5 KG and finally settled down to 1110 KG.

8. 2469.5 pounds by Steve Daletas (1120.1 kg)

Steve daletas 2018 pumpkin 2469

Steve is a seasonal grower who constantly grows massive pumpkins.  This 2018 pumpkin was grown in Pleasant Hill OR, winning the 2018 Terminator Weigh-Off! Steve’s pumpkin weighed in at a whopping 2,469 pounds.  Have you ever tried to float a pumpkin and paddle it across a lake? It’s regatta time at the West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta.

7. 2517 pounds by Karl & Beverly Haist (1141.7 kg)

2517 Haist Largest Pumpkin 2019

What?  Does Karl have another massive pumpkin?  Amazing.. This pumpkin was also grown in Clarence Center New York in 2019. Pumpkin growers belong to the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth pumpkin to compete with others with impressive pumpkin weights.

6. 2517.7 pounds by Ruben Mendi (1142 kg)

Spain giant pumpkin 1142 kilos

Rubén Mendi of Valtierrano was proclaimed the 2021 winner of the Giant Pumpkin Contest held in his hometown. Mendi presented a specimen with a total weight of 1,142 kilos, staying very close to the Spanish record that he himself holds with the pumpkin with which he won the last edition (1,157.50 kilos). The world record is still held by Belgian farmer Mathias Willemijns with a 1,191 kg specimen.

DQ – 2520 Pounds by Mike Schmit – Disqualified

Mike Schmit 2520 pound pumpkin 2021

In 2021, Mike Schmit grew the largest pumpkin in the United States in Markesan, Wisconsin. It weighs 2,520 pounds. Unfortunately, a tiny crack in the pumpkin disqualified it from entering any competitions this year.  If you watch his YouTube Channel, you’ll see he grew a larger pumpkin of 2593 but it also failed due to a massive crack.

5. 2528 pounds by Steve Geddes (1146.7 kg)

2528 Geddes Largest Pumpkin Records

As we approach the end of the Top 10 pumpkins, Steve grew this 2018 pumpkin in Boscawen, New Hampshire. Per the photos, we see a lot of happy people dwarfed by the huge pumpkin.  The pumpkin was weighed at Deefield Fair

4. 2551.9 pounds by Ruben Mendi (1157.5 kg)

1157 kg Largest Pumpkins In The World & Records

On September 12, 2020, the XII edition of the international giant pumpkin fair was held at the Oasis de Bardenas hotel in Valtierra. Once again the Valtierrano Rubén Mendi prevailed, who in addition to achieving the Spanish record, managed to place his pumpkin as the second heaviest in the world.

At the weigh-off, Mendi revalidated his triumphs of 2017, 2018, and 2019. He won with a pumpkin that weighed 1157.50 kg (2551.9 lbs) on the scale. In 2019, Mendi won with a 990.5 kg pumpkin. The second heaviest pumpkin was that of the British Paton brothers, from the English town of Lymington, which weighed 934.5 kg. Due to the pandemic, the Paton brothers did not attend the contest in person.

He enjoys the hobby of growing large pumpkins and has impressed Spain by winning a contest with a giant specimen weighing 1157.9 kilos.

3. 2593.7 pounds by Ian & Stuart Paton – 185 Stones (1176.5 kg)


Well, the Paton brothers did it again.  In 2020, they grew a 1176.5 KG – 185 Stone,  pumpkin in the UK.  This is a new UK pumpkin record.

A pair of twins have grown UK’s biggest pumpkin and weighed in at a whopping 2,593.7lb- heavier than two polar bears.

Ian and Stuart Paton, 59, from Lymington in Hampshire’s New Forest National Park, have beaten the previous UK best of 2,433lb and narrowly missed out on the world record by just 31lb.

One unique issue about this pumpkin, it was grown in a greenhouse versus outdoors.

2. 2624.6 pounds by Mathias Willemijns (1190.5 kg)

2624.6 Mathias Willemijns World Largest Pumpkin Records

The second largest pumpkin to date goes to Mathias Willemijns from Deurle, Belgium. This is the largest pumpkin in Belgium.  The pumpkin was weighed at the European Pumpkin Weigh-Off in 2016.

1. 2702.8 pounds by Stefano Cutrupi (1226 kg)

World Record pumpkin largest biggest
The largest pumpkin to date and the World Record goes to Stefano Cutrupi from Italy a native of Bordighera but who has lived for many years in Radda in Chianti.   The pumpkin was weighed at the Big Pumpkin Festival in Peccioli, Italy 2021.

This pumpkin will be taken to the European championship held in Stuttgart, Germany for display and to participate in the local championship weigh-off.

This pumpkin measured over the top (OTT) 1300 cm or 511 inches, but if you look at the photo it truly doesn’t represent how huge the pumpkin really is. The Peccioli competition was also made more appealing by offering prizes for the giant pumpkins. The prizes ranged from eighth place to first with awards from 50 euros to 3 thousand for first place with a world record. A nice price for Stefano Cutrupi when he was paid 2 euros per kg for the new Italian record.

World Largest Pumpkin Records

2021 World record pumpkin weight of 1226 KG

DQ – 2907.85 Pounds by Ian & Stuart Paton – Damaged Disqualified

2907 damaged pumpkin

Great pumpkin, but you can’t receive an official World record if the pumpkin is damaged.  Usually, a damaged pumpkin has a crack at the stem where you can slide a small round object into the center core or the bottom of the pumpkin is cracked due to rot or extreme stress.  This isn’t the end for Ian and Stuart and I’m sure they will get the World Record in due time.

Giant Pumpkin Growing Records

If you have a giant pumpkin record and want to see your country listed, please send me an e-mail.

Of course, your pumpkin must be weighed on a certified scale. I won’t accept a photo of five-bathroom scales or some other funky method.

Old Pumpkin stuff: . Picture of the 2003 World Record pumpkin

Records apply to the location where they were grown. If you grew the pumpkin on the four square, sure, I’ll give you credit for each State. Hopefully, the growers live in the same place as they grow their pumpkins. If you live in one state and you grow the pumpkin in another state, your record will be listed with a footnote describing your record. Email me with your stats, mcalpin1 @

If you’re viewing on a mobile device, please scroll from the right to the left to see all the data.

Giant Pumpkin Records from around the World

A complete list of the largest pumpkins grown in that location of the World.
State/Country/ProvincesNameCityWeight in PoundsYear
AlabamaTrent BoydCullman109214
AlaskaDale MarshallAnchorage2,14722
ArizonaScott Culp 69318
ArkansasShawn King 68405
CaliforniaJason BoothWindsor2,35621
ColoradoScherber, JoeWheat Ridge168516
ConnecticutNoel, AlexAbington Pomfret2294.519
DelawareGivens, EdGeorgetown143617
Dist of ColumbiaJoe MillsWash. DC470.098
FloridaBarry LawranceBears Groves Market98518
GeorgiaGrizzle, TimBlairsville1,30617
HawaiiAaron Burkert 102309
IdahoSteffler, DJNampa140017
IllinoisMcMullen, GeneStreator2145.515
IndianaMobley, ThomasSpencer197921
IowaPete CaspersPeosta1,840.522
KansasJacob Marintzer Westmoreland199020
KentuckyScott BayukColumbia1883
2376 DQ
LouisianaBrodie GonsoulinYoungsville82809
MaineEd PierpontJefferson2121.521
MarylandEd FriendOkland110712
MassachusettsLieber, CharlesLexington227620
MichiganBarron, DonLasalle211819
MinnesotaGienger, TravisAnoka2,35020
MississippiGray UnderwoodFulton43804
MissouriBottorf, RichardRepublic179819
MontanaMcGimpsey, JasonBillings120021
NebraskaCernik, BrentWahoo1492.519
NevadaScott GoodpastureFallon71500
New HampshireGeddes, SteveBoscawen252818
New JerseyMatt MettaFarmingdale163522
New Mexicolin ZmarzlyAlbuquerque53212
New YorkHaist, Karl/BeverlyClarence Center251719
North CarolinaBurchette, RobertLexington1514[1]19
 Danny VesterKittrell1506.5?
North DakotaCarrier, KentWalhalla1921.518
OhioTheil, JeffDillonvale219521
OklahomaRussell FanningPerkins117222
OregonSteve DaletasPLEASANT HILL246918
PennsylvaniaErik GunstromHarrison City240522
Rhode IslandDick WallaceGreene226116
South CarolinaFrank & Tina FindersColumbia116409
South DakotaKurkowski, GregWatertown182321
TennesseeTerry, JasonOneida174218
TexasJohnny and Debbie ForbesComfort74518
UtahRoy Ross BowmanBrigham City214221
VermontBoyce, Daniel & HollyBenson2017.518
VirginiaRobert BurchettDry Pond152621
[1]Burchette, RobertLexington, NC151419
WashingtonJoel HollandSumner236317
West VirginiaCyrus, RobertFort Gay2194.421
WisconsinBarlow / Jacobus
Mike Schmit
Gays Mills
2520 DQ
WyomingHarold StinchcombCheyenne154421
British ColumbiaDavid ChanLangly1911 (866 kg)21
AlbertaCrews, DonaldLloydminster188418
SaskatchewanMeyer, BrianGoodsoil1199.518
ManitobaBanman, CornieWinkler1660.519
OntarioHunt, Jane & PhilCameron195918
QuebecJim/Kelsey BrysonOrmstown2006.521
New BrunswickNorthrup, Bill & DawnSUSSEX181313
Nova ScotiaGraham, CarlDonkin195621
New FoundlandBill Williton
Prince Edward IslandEddy ShawCharlottetown162417
Yukon Territory    
Northwest TerritoriesAL HelmerHay River235 
MEXICOPancho Susy PetersCuauhtémoc Chihuahua
Australian  kg =2.2 pounds 
 AustraliaBen Burma  1141 LBs 
New South WalesDale Oliver Kyogle867 KG21
VictoriaPhillip McCauley 385.1 KGS12
W. AustraliaRobert Giumelli 361 KGS18
QueenslandTony Frohloff 361.5 kgs20
S. AustraliaKen & Rosemary Holden 440 KGS03
TasmaniaShane Newitt 731 KGS22
N. Territory    
A.C.T.John Paul 224.5 KGS 
New ZealandHarris, TimHamilton844.5kg (1862lbs)21
AustriaMelka, Friedrich1705.321
BelgiumWillemijns, MathiasDeurle2624.6 (1190.5 kg)16
Croatia Tomislav Durdevic Viskovci 939 n 427kg 
Czech Republic    
DenmarkJens Peder SkønagerRibe2138 - 970.4KG20
EstoniaJuha OllilaSaremaa/Pihtla608.912
FinlandHamalainen, OvaskaienKuopio1578.512
FranceMedhi DahoLa Roche-sur-Yon2169.321
GermanyWeishaeupl, MarioWaldkirchen2020.518
GreeceCosta PapagiannisIoannina46311
HungaryTibor Kókai 630 kg21
IrelandByrne, MichealCo Louth1166 lbs16
ItalyStefano CutrupiRadda in chianti1226 KG (2702.9 lbs)21
LuxembourgDelles, Tom 957.69 lbs10
NorwayPhilip Lyding 701 lbs14
NetherlandsArnold HordeLeerdam1706.416
Poland Grzegorz Zolotucha 191819
PortugalSantos, Jose Ru Albufeira154121
SloveniaLovse, Janko 175114
SpainRuben MendiValtierra2551.920
SwedenJesper LidbergMotala188919
United KingdomPaton, Ian and StuartLymington2593.7
2907.8 DMG
SwitzerlandBeni MeierPfungen2323.7 lbs14
CroatiaIvica RibaricKozarac660 kg17
ZimbabweLance Kennedy 62.2 KGS97
South Africa, Western CapeWillem le Grange904.4 kg - 1994 lbs 22
JapanTomoaki NishiiHokkaido1303 lbs11
TurkeyAhmet Cayiroglu Burhaniye164 lbs 
Israel Ian Whyatt Upper Calilee 736LBS 
RussiaAndrey GusevStarokhodykino783 kg22
South America
Middle East
LebanonAbdul SalamKayfoun341 KG2020

[1] Pumpkin was grown in Virginia, but the grower lives in North Carolina

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    Mariann McWhinney

    Where in IL or IA would I go to weigh in at end of season? Also what day would it be?Thank you !

      Chris Brown

      Anamosa in Iowa is where you would go…. If you go to “Garden of Giants” on Facebook they will have the exact dates later in the summer.

    Kathryn Wright

    Woodstown, NJ; Giant pumpkin growers and pumpkin enthusiast have been planting seeds, watering, and fertilizing and burying vines from spring to fall, as they prepare for their moment in the spot light. Pumpkin growers and backyard gardeners are being invited to bring their heaviest pumpkin out to the South Jersey Pumpkin Show Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off on Sunday, October 14th, at the Salem County Fairgrounds, Woodstown, New Jersey. Festival goer will have an opportunity to meet the growers and walk around the pumpkins and take many pictures. The growers will be on hand to talk about the hard work that goes into growing giant pumpkins and how they save seeds for 2019.

    If you’re a pumpkin grower this is a great late season opportunity to show off your prize pumpkin and potentially win a portion of the cash prize money up for grabs. Pumpkins can be grown in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. These giant pumpkins will start arriving at the Festival fairgrounds on Sunday from 9am to 11:30am. Weigh Off will start at noon and giant pumpkins will be on exhibit until 5pm. Pumpkins must weigh at least 100 pounds to participate. All entries will be weighed on a certified scale supplied by Fairbanks Scales. Contest is free to enter, and growers can find full details at or call 856-765-0118.


    2600lbs! Unreal! How is that even possible? And imagine how many pumpkin pies you could make with a pumpkin like that… I hope they at least cut it open afterwards and made it into a giant jack-o-lantern!

      Chris Brown

      They made the largest Jack o Lantern in History as it will now be a world record.


    It’s a great pumpkin.

    James C Hendrickson

    So, I was looking at most of those record Pumpkins and it looks like a lot of them are kinda lopsided. I guess at some point the size of the pumpkin outweighs the ability of the Pumpkin to maintain a perfectly round shape.

      Chris Brown

      Yes gravity ruins that perfect Cinderella pumpkin

    Bobby harris

    You can make pie with pumkin

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