World Largest Pumpkin Records

World Largest Pumpkin Records

Welcome the original pumpkin record page. This is the official page for identifying the World heaviest pumpkin records per country. If you have a pumpkin record, and you don’t see your country, please send me an e-mail and I will address several questions. Please question me on these records. I even had one person submit a record for some Island that I thought was part of France, but upon review, it was an independent country.

Of course, your pumpkin must be weighed on a certified scale. I won’t accept a photo of five bathroom scales or some other funky method.

What does the table show below? It seems simple.. you will see the country, state, name, location, weight and the year.

Old Pumpkin stuff: . Picture of the 2003 World Record pumpkin

Records apply to the location they were grown. If you grew the pumpkin on the four square, sure, I’ll give you credit for each State. Hopefully, the growers live in the same place as they grow their pumpkin. If you live in one state and you grow the pumpkin in another state, your record will be listed with a footnote describing your record. Email me with your stats,

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Heaviest Pumpkin Record – Giant pumpkins


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Alabama Trent Boyd Cullman 1092 14
Alaska Dale Marshall Anchorage Nikiski 2,051 19
Arizona Scott Culp   693 18
Arkansas Shawn King   684 05
California Urena, Leonardo Napa 2175 19
Colorado Scherber, Joe Wheat Ridge 1685 16
Connecticut Noel, Alex Abington Pomfret 2294.5 19
Delaware Givens, Ed Georgetown 1436 17
Dist of Columbia Joe Mills Wash. DC 470.0 98
Florida Alan Reynolds New Smyrna Beach 840 08
Georgia Grizzle, Tim Blairsville 1,306 17
Hawaii Aaron Burkert   1023 09
Idaho Steffler, DJ Nampa 1400 17
Illinois McMullen, Gene Streator 2145.5 15
Indiana Mark Goodman Marion 1781 19
Iowa Carlson/Petersen, Dan/Marc Clinton 1800.5 19
Kansas Donovan Madeau   1252 19
Kentucky Burton, Billy & Larry Nancy 1578 18
Louisiana Brodie Gonsoulin Youngsville 828 09
Maine Pierpont, Edwin
Morgan, Elroy
1832.5 19
Maryland Ed Friend Okland 1107 12
Massachusetts Lancaster, Woody Topsfield 2116 19
Michigan Barron, Don Lasalle 2118 19
Minnesota Qualley, Chris Otsego 1918.5 16
Mississippi Gray Underwood Fulton 438 04
Missouri Bottorf, Richard Republic 1798 19
Montana Koschmeder, Kyle Shelby 1168 13
Nebraska Cernik, Brent Wahoo 1492.5 19
Nevada Scott Goodpasture Fallon 715 00
New Hampshire Geddes, Steve Boscawen 2528 18
New Jersey C Radcliffe, D Jamieson Warren 1415.5 15
New Mexico lin Zmarzly Albuquerque 532 12
New York Haist, Karl/Beverly Clarence Center 2517 19
North Carolina Burchette, Robert Lexington 1514[1] 19
Danny Vester Kittrell 1506.5 ?
North Dakota Carrier, Kent Walhalla 1921.5 18
Ohio Todd & Donna Skinner Barnesville 2150 17
Oklahoma Snyder, Daniel Claremore 893 18
Oregon Steve Daletas PLEASANT HILL 2469 18
Pennsylvania Stelts, Dave & Carol Enon Valley 2090.5 17
Rhode Island Dick Wallace Greene 2261 16
South Carolina Frank & Tina Finders Columbia 1164 09
South Dakota Kevin Marsh Parker 1674 10
Tennessee Terry, Jason Oneida 1742 18
Texas Jessica Smith Mount Vernon 657 06
Utah Matt McConkie Mountain Green 1974 17
Vermont Boyce, Daniel & Holly Benson 2017.5 18
Virginia Hank Houston Spotsylvania 1340.7 15
[1] Burchette, Robert Lexington, NC 1514 19
Washington Joel Holland Sumner 2363 17
West Virginia Robert Cyrus Fort Gay 1583.5 18
Wisconsin Barlow / Jacobus Gays Mills 2283 18
Wyoming Corbin, Andy Cheyenne 1491 19
British Columbia Scott Carley Langly 1543 17
Alberta Crews, Donald Lloydminster 1884 18
Saskatchewan Meyer, Brian Goodsoil 1199.5 18
Manitoba Banman, Cornie Winkler 1660.5 19
Ontario Hunt, Jane & Phil Cameron 1959 18
Quebec Kline, Todd Shawville 1877 16
New Brunswick Northrup, Bill&Dawn SUSSEX 1813 13
Nova Scotia Graham, Carl Donkin 1811 12
New Foundland Bill 


Torbay 505 06
Prince Edward Island Eddy Shaw Charlottetown 1624 17
Yukon Territory        
Northwest Territories AL Helmer Hay River 235  
MEXICO Lupita Caro Santo 


389 lbs 00
Australasian     kg =2.2 pounds  
 Australia Ben Burma    1141 LBs  
New South Wales Dale Oliver   743 KGS 15
Victoria Phillip McCauley   385.1 KGS 12
W.Australia Robert Giumelli   361 KGS 18
Queensland Russell Vogel   355.2 kgs 18
S.Australia Ken & Rosemary Holden   440 KGS 03
Tasmania Shane, Bella and Jess Newitt   455.5 KGS 18
N. Territory        
A.C.T. John Paul   224.5 KGS  
New Zealand Harris, Tim Hamilton 1781.3 18
Austria Melka, Friedrich Riederberg 1594.4 19
Belgium Willemijns, Mathias Deurle 2624.6 16
Croatia  Tomislav Durdevic  Viskovci  939 n 427kg  
Czech Republic        
Denmark Lasse Kolding Sandved 994 451.4 kg 12
Estonia Juha Ollila Saremaa/Pihtla 608.9 12
Finland Hamalainen, Ovaskaien Kuopio 1578.5 12
France Medhi Daho   1609 10
Germany Weishaeupl, Mario Waldkirchen 2020.5 18
Greece Costa Papagiannis Ioannina 463 11
Hungary Herman   255 08
Ireland Byrne, Micheal Co Louth 1166 lbs 16
Italy Stefano Cutrupi Radda in chianti 2166 lbs 18
Luxembourg Delles, Tom   957.69 lbs 10
Norway Philip Lyding   701 lbs 14
Netherlands Arnold Horde Leerdam 1706.4 16
Poland  Grzegorz Zolotucha   1918 19
Portugal Martino, Jose   945.8 19
Slovenia Lovse, Janko   1751 14
Spain Ruben Mendi Valtierra 2183.7 19
Sweden Anders Lilja Alem 1380,1 lbs 09
United Kingdom Paton, Ian and Stuart Lymington 2433.9 18
Switzerland Beni Meier Pfungen 2323.7 lbs 14
Croatia Tomislav Durdevic Viskovci 939.1 15


Zimbabwe Lance Kennedy   62.2 KGS 97
South Africa Pinkie Swart, Western Cape   1094.5  
Japan Tomoaki Nishii Hokkaido 1303 lbs 11
Turkey Ahmet Cayiroglu   164 lbs  
 Israel  Ian Whyatt  Upper Calilee  736LBS  

[1] Pumpkin was grown in Virgina, but grower lives in North Carolina

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    Mariann McWhinney

    Where in IL or IA would I go to weigh in at end of season? Also what day would it be?Thank you !

    Kathryn Wright

    Woodstown, NJ; Giant pumpkin growers and pumpkin enthusiast have been planting seeds, watering, and fertilizing and burying vines from spring to fall, as they prepare for their moment in the spot light. Pumpkin growers and backyard gardeners are being invited to bring their heaviest pumpkin out to the South Jersey Pumpkin Show Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off on Sunday, October 14th, at the Salem County Fairgrounds, Woodstown, New Jersey. Festival goer will have an opportunity to meet the growers and walk around the pumpkins and take many pictures. The growers will be on hand to talk about the hard work that goes into growing giant pumpkins and how they save seeds for 2019.

    If you’re a pumpkin grower this is a great late season opportunity to show off your prize pumpkin and potentially win a portion of the cash prize money up for grabs. Pumpkins can be grown in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. These giant pumpkins will start arriving at the Festival fairgrounds on Sunday from 9am to 11:30am. Weigh Off will start at noon and giant pumpkins will be on exhibit until 5pm. Pumpkins must weigh at least 100 pounds to participate. All entries will be weighed on a certified scale supplied by Fairbanks Scales. Contest is free to enter, and growers can find full details at or call 856-765-0118.


    2600lbs! Unreal! How is that even possible? And imagine how many pumpkin pies you could make with a pumpkin like that… I hope they at least cut it open afterwards and made it into a giant jack-o-lantern!


    It’s a great pumpkin.

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