Purple Ragwort – SENECIO (Jacobaea) Purple Groundsel, Annual Flower Information

Plant information on Senecio

Purple Ragwort – SENECIO (Jacobaea) – Purple Groundsel

(Latin from senex, old man, refers to gray pappus of seeds)

In English gardens one finds a lovely dwarf annual listed as a Jacobaea, Senecio elegans, which grows less than 18 inches tall and is completely covered with double purple, crimson or white flowers, not unlike a double Cineraria of the greenhouse.

Where to Plant. It is a splendid edging plant and cut flower in such cool climates as England and should succeed in many sections of the United States, although it produces but little bloom and an abundance of foliage in Columbus.

GENERAL. Seed should be sown in the spot where they are to grow. The plants require about 8 inches space.

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