7 Tips To Get Your Garden Ready For Winter

There are many things to do in the garden in anticipation of the first frost. Once the harvest has been collected, it is tempting to just close the gate and relax until spring. However, if you want your spring work to be less laborious, it is worth taking the preparatory steps described below. Gardening is also less effortful with efficient […]


Your Christmas tree doesn’t have to meet its end at the local landfill after the holidays. There are many ways to recycle it. Send your tree back to nature by composting it. Shred the limbs finely and add them to the compost pile to improve the soil in your garden. Just keep in mind that it will take up to […]

Choosing and care of Christmas tree

According to the National Christmas Tree Association (www.realchristmastrees.org), 25 to 30 million real Christmas trees are sold each year.   Of those with real trees, about three out of four bought them at retail outlets, the others cut their own at a tree farm—a trend that has been increasing in recent years.  If you get a tree, either way, this year, […]


While it’s true that most weddings take place in spring and summer, many couples choose a winter date for the “big event.” According to the Society of American Florists, 13 percent of weddings take place in the winter, with 11 percent of those being Christmas weddings. Summer weddings account for 35 percent, spring weddings 29 percent, and autumn weddings 23 […]

How to Move Long Distances with Fragile Plants

When you have a green thumb, your plants can be as important to you as the furniture in your house. But it’s not easy taking care of fragile plants, especially if you are moving a long distance. Relocating with them can be a stressful time for you and the plants. Fortunately, there are ways you can travel long distances with […]

How To Build A Living Roof Garden

So many homeowners are looking for innovative ways to create a more environmentally friendly house. Along with using energy-efficient appliances and plumbing, some people are utilizing their roof space to bring to life gardens that can help create a beautiful space and save money. A desirable addition to any home, including apartments with a lack of natural outdoor space, a […]

Can plants grow in artificial light?

If you ever spare a thought of growing plants in artificial lights, then you must have encountered so many of questions blocking down your way. Since we have been taught that plants mandatorily require sunlight to grow, so the concerns coming out are quite obvious. However, modern gardening is certainly more advanced and robust to the traditional one. Earlier, when […]

Becoming More Organised in the Garden

Regardless of whether we’re looking to catch some respite or want to spend some time gardening there’s no denying that a well-organised garden can only add to its enjoyment, but some may find it difficult to ensure the garden remains organised. Those organising their garden for the first time may find that creating a checklist is useful in the first […]

7 Benefits Of Wood Chip Mulch in the Garden

Wood chip mulch is an excellent addition to your garden and the soil in your garden. If you don’t believe us then take a look at the pros below. 1.         It Helps Preserve Moisture in The Soil The soil loses lots of moisture through evaporation when the day is hot and dry. Applying wood chip mulch over the garden and […]

5 Exotic Plants to Attract Fascinating Birds

Watching birds can be a very pleasant and relaxing experience. They are interesting creatures to watch in the wild. Rather than needing to go to a wild field, forest, woodland or nature reserve, though, you can have the benefit of a visual delight from the comfort of your own home, watching birds who call your garden home throughout the year. […]