Variegated leaves of plants win gardeners over

It seems, as the numbers of people getting into gardening still rises, the same applies to the numbers of new plant introductions. With so many plants being introduced every year, there are always the variegated varieties that peak my interest. Not only is a beautiful flower produced on these plants, but the interest of the plant itself is held throughout […]

Gardening with Jennifer Moore

Jennifer won the “Best Producer” award in 1998 for her cable TV gardening program, previously aired on two stations in Ontario. A new gardening television series, called “The Ontario Gardener” is being aired on Rogers Television, across Ontario and parts of British Columbia. Currently, Jennifer writes a weekly gardening column, for The Wellington Advertiser and various newsletters throughout Canada and […]

Splitting Perennials

A perennial plant dies back to the ground every fall and grows from existing roots each spring. The longevity of each perennial differs with some being as short as 3 years while others last over 100 years. Transplanting or dividing these plants should be done in the early spring or fall. At this time the year, the temperature is cool […]

How to Plant Trees

A well placed tree, creates shade, adds privacy and compliments the house and yard increasing, the value of the property. A poorly placed specimen, one that is too big for the yard, or too close to the house, will detract from the house while dreviewuing the property. A tree that is placed on sewer or utility lines is just plain […]

Many lilies to choose for the garden

The lily family in Latin is called “liliaceae”. This very large grouping of plants is so diverse, I wonder if at one time all plants went into this category! Along with the traditional lilies seen today, plants such as Hosta, Aloe Vera, Trilliums and some spring flowering bulbs fall into this category. Being such a large group, I will divide […]

Planting a Windowbox planter

Although window-boxes can be a ready-made, a made-to-measure job of teak, cedar or oak will look better than an ill-fitting affair made of artificial materials. Hardwoods look better unpainted and may be either oiled or varnished. Softwoods should be treated with preservatives and may be painted. The timber should be at least 1cm (1/2 in) thick and the inside depth […]

Single Pleasures in Gardening

I am the first to admit that my garden is not meticulously planned. The broad outlines and color themes are established, but I do not usually draw up complicated planting diagrams. This is partly due to laziness, and partly due to the fact that my garden is an evolving entity. I know myself and therefore like to allow room for […]

While Waiting

There are some years when spring-like weather comes almost too early. Early crocuses and snowdrops blossom, roses break dormancy, and the hard earth turns to mud all at once. For skeptical gardeners (and all gardeners turn into skeptics if they keep at it long enough), it is a source of worry. What if there is a sudden freeze just as […]

Philadelphia Flower Show Trends

I can say without the slightest hesitation that my child and even my cats have better social lives than I do. My daughter goes to birthday parties and school dances and has movie dates with friends. The cats have regular rumbles in back of the garage. I envy them 364 days a year. The one exception is the day that […]

Chrysanthemum – Perennial Plant, How to grow

From the Greek chrysos, gold, anthemon, flower (Compositae). A genus of over 100 species of annuals, herbaceous perennials and sub-shrubs, distributed over Africa, America, Asia and Europe, including Britain. The well-known greenhouse and early-flowering (outdoor) chrysanthemums are descended from C. indicum, found in China and Japan, and C. morifolium (syn. C. sinense), from China, two closely related, variable plants. Hardy […]