Gardening through the Winter

Judging by the hysterical television coverage that happens whenever more than three inches of rain or an inch of snow is forecasted, nobody prepares for bad weather anymore. During the fall months when the weather is still good, we only think about winter storms when an early blizzard inundates the upper Midwest. Then, when bad weather is predicted closer to […]

Indoor Winter Gardening Questions

How to treat unplanted spring-flowering bulbs, amaryllis when through flowering, and houseplants dropping leaves, are some of the common indoor gardening questions this time of year.    Many also ask if there are food crops that you can grow indoors during winter. If you purchased spring-flowering bulbs this fall but didn’t get them all planted, what should you do with them?  Such […]

How to Grow Tuberous Begonias in Pots

These Popular and Easy-to-Grow Flowers Come in Many Types These attractive plants are invaluable as house plants, for the greenhouse, and for filling summer flower beds. Some kinds are grown for their ornamental leaves, others for their flowers; some bloom in summer, others in winter, while a few flower more or less all the year round. Begonias are found wild […]

Holiday Safety and other December Gardening Tips

December brings family and friends together to celebrate the holidays. Make sure you have a safe season by taking a few precautions before your guests arrive. For starters, take care with holiday decorations, especially if your guest list includes young children or pets. Although poinsettias have proven not to be poisonous, they may cause internal upset if ingested. Contact with […]

Winter protection for bulbs and tubers – Daffodils- Dahlias

Protection Bulbs during the winter Some hardy bulbs such as Daffodils (Narcissi) may suffer damage from severe frost if they are planted late in beds or borders. They should, therefore, be planted as early as obtainable or be covered with 45 in. of straw, salt marsh hay, leaves, branches of evergreens or similar material. Hardy bulbs planted in grass sod […]

Best Winter protection for Roses

In regions of cold winters, Roses need protection. Hybrid Tea and Floribunda bush Roses will withstand a temperature of about 12 degrees F. but are likely to be damaged by alternating mild and cold spells. They can be protected by mounding soil, buckwheat hulls, or peat moss around the base of the plants, covering them to a height of at […]

Pond Designs, How to Build

ON GOLDEN POND Adding a pond to a garden not only allows you to plant a fascinating range of beautiful aquatic plants, it also attracts a huge range of wildlife. You will be amazed by the influx of birds, dragonflies, and other interesting pond life. The Challenge The site was just a field when I arrived. My brief was to […]


A couple of years ago I met a fascinating woman in her sixties who had made a career as an estate gardener. Working for an assortment of wealthy clients, she spent years weeding, dividing and deadheading her way through all kinds of beds and borders. The work also provided her with opportunities to pursue her interest in garden design. When […]

How to Protect Your Garden During the Winter

Owning a garden is a beautiful thing because it comes with a lot of rewards. It also comes with a lot of responsibilities and, the same way that you have to get informed and get recommendations when you buy food for your dog, you have to get informed when it comes to taking care of your plants. If you look […]

Peat in a Bag or Peat in a Bog?

Peat bogs are areas of great natural beauty, as well as being rich in wild plants, insects and animals. Yet we are still using peat in our gardens and putting these irreplaceable habitats under threat. Michaela Strachan wants to know why. Did you know that 30th July is International Bog Day? Well, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t, but it […]