BUSY, BUSY – Gardening

I, like many other gardeners, love to talk about gardening. I have been known to bore people almost to death about roses, primroses and pulmonaria. Recently it has gotten to the point where I know who the other gardeners are at parties and social gatherings because they are the ones who do not avoid me. Even I have to admit […]


Although northern New England lacks Florida’s semi-tropical climate needed to produce citrus fruits as an outdoor crop, it is possible to grow oranges, lemons, grapefruits, kumquats, and other citrus varieties as ornamental indoor houseplants. The key ingredient to success is patience although you also need the proper lighting and temperature. Even then–not to discourage you–there’s no guarantee that your plants […]

Top Tips for Revamping Your Back Yard

Is your back yard looking a little worse for wear? Well, perhaps it’s time to revamp it. From figuring out how to care for your lawn to dealing with the weeds that have appeared out of nowhere, here are some top tips to remember next time you’re doing a little gardening… Give your lawn some love However large or small […]


It pains me to admit it, but for once my sister is right. I am becoming wimpy in my old age. When I was growing up in a snowy slice of New York State, 30 miles east of Buffalo, it did not matter to me that winter sometimes lasted until Memorial Day. We had our own set of rules for […]

The Backyard Different thinking for container gardening

There are many great containers that are useful for container gardening. Plastic being the fastest to manufacture, the cheapest to purchase, many colours available to suit everyone’s tastes and easiest to handle makes it the most popular choice. The second most commonly used is clay and they have been around for many years. The disadvantages with clay are they are […]

Celsia – Perennial Plant, How to grow

How to grow Celsia (sel-se-a) Commemorating the famous theologian and botanist Olaf Celsius of Upsala (Scrophulariaceae). A genus of perennials and biennials treated as half-hardy annuals. They have tall spikes of yellow flowers in summer and look not unlike mulleins (verbascums). Species cultivated: Greenhouse C. arcturus, 3 feet, perennial, flowers large, yellow with purple anthers, a good pot plant, Crete. […]

How to mow a lawn

Lawn construction and maintenance Most gardeners regard a lawn as an important, if not essential, feature of the garden. The lawn may in fact be the major feature, being a big expanse suitable for garden parties and surrounded by sufficient flower beds to set it off. Alternatively, the lawn may be a minor feature designed to set off flower beds. […]

Greenfingers – The Movie

A SHORT SYNOPSIS OF “GREENFINGERS”     The beauty and delicacy of a flower seem a sharp contrast to the rough exterior of a prison inmate. Yet these two images are exactly what writer/director Joel Hershman brings together in “Greenfingers,” a story of redemption that not only tickles the funny bone, but touches the soul. Paula Deitz’s 1998 New York […]

Centranthus – Perennial Plant, How to grow

How to grow Centranthus (ken-tran-thus) From the Greek kentron, a spur, anthos, a flower, alluding to the shape of the flower (Valerianaceae). A small genus of annuals and perennials, natives of Europe and the Mediterranean area. The hardy herbaceous perennial, C. ruber, the red valerian is almost a weed on cliffs, railway embankments, and old walls. The name is sometimes […]

Carnation: For Greenhouse and Outdoors

Fragrant Flowers for Cutting and Garden Decoration Carnations in all their various forms are generally considered to be derivatives of Dianthus Caryophyllus, although the origin of some is not entirely clear. In North America, when referring to Carnations we immediately think of the Carnation of commerce, the continuous or Perpetual flowering Carnation that is commonly grown under glass. There are, […]