Flower Problems Questions with Answers

Problems with Flowers Roses Bulbs and corms Dahlias Heathers Shrubs and conifers Bedding plants Herbaceous borders Sweet peas Hanging baskets Tubs and similar containers (a) ROSES Q. Some of my yellow varieties of bush Hybrid Tea roses die in winter. Why is this and can anything be done about it? A. Some yellow varieties like Lydia are not as winter […]

My Experience in Starting Seeds

A couple of years ago I had an exhausting spring planting season. I started everything from pansies to parsley from seed, and for weeks all I did was run from one windowsill to another with a watering can.I worried constantly about damping off disease. After I put the seedlings outside to harden off, I brought them back in again on […]

Change in the Garden – Gardening

The best thing about early spring is seeing something new daily in the garden. Of course, the pundits would say that if you have done your garden properly, you should see something new every day of the gardening season, but that is another issue. In spring the pace of growth accelerates, and the plants almost seem to be in a […]

Garden Flower Botany Primer – Classification

Why is it important to learn how garden flowers are grouped or classified? For one, it will make it easier for you to order plants and flowers. You also will better understand terms you see in books and catalogs. And you’ll learn about some cultural or growth factors to consider when selecting flowers for your garden. To begin with, flowers […]

Grow Your Own Peas

The pea is a vegetable which helps the soil, has an interesting history, is easy to grow, and is a more versatile food than you might know.  It is loaded with helpful vitamins, protective phytonutrients that provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, protein and fiber.  They’re low in fats but, what they have, are healthy omega-3 fats.  Some research (whfoods.org) indicates […]

Cornell Potting Soil Mixes

From Hobby Greenhouses in Alberta Agdex 731-5 The Cornell peat-lite Mix* is formulated for growing topical plants. The Foliage Plant Mix ** and Epiphytic Mix** formulas are modifications of the original peat-lite mix adapted specifically for their respective plant types. Cornell has used Osmocote 14-14-14 and Peters 14-7-7 fertilizers with the tropical plant mixes with good results. Other fertilizers are omitted […]

Fungus Gnat and Damping-Off Control

Late winter and early spring is a great time to start seedlings and get the gardening season underway. Growing your seedlings from seed is highly rewarding and can open doors to even more species that are not often found in garden centers. However, a couple of problems can sometimes curb the indoor green thumb and seriously affect the success of […]

The King of Butterflies: The Monarch

To some, the Monarch Butterfly is a symbol of hope and perseverance.  It is my hope we all can add some resilience to this remarkable pollinator.  Like all pollinators, the Monarch is facing serious threats and possibly extinction.  Recently their sightings in my location have been few and far between.  They have suffered from loss of habitat, herbicides, climate change, […]

10 Tips for Starting a Community Garden

Community gardens are a great way to bond with your neighbors and improve your town. When everyone works together to accomplish the same goal, you’ll form lifelong friendships and make your city a better place. Read these 10 tips for starting a community garden so you can lead the effort to create one where you live. 1. Start a Virtual […]

Twining and Vining

I started thinking about vines when I found a turn-of-the-last-century photograph of my house and noticed that a vine used to climb up the pillar to the right of the front door. At the time, the large front porch, so beloved of realtors, was almost completely obscured by a curtain of vines. They must have been trained on wires to […]