Things To Consider Before Buying Garden Sheds

Garden shed is the need of most of the gardens as it serves many purposes like storage, keeping the garden essentials and tools safe, even parking your small vehicles or bikes. Hence, if you are looking to update your old garden sheds, then don’t just rush to the market and buy the sheds. It can be tricky as you may […]

How Can I Save Money When Buying a Garden Shed?

The garden shed is a structure that should be in any good garden that has an ounce of self-respect. Some people like to fill their garden sheds with tools, gardening equipment, and other such things that help them look after their house and garden. Others like to just have space where they can open the door, toss something inside, and […]

Unique Ideas for Your Garden Shed

Traditionally, garden sheds have been seen as humble outbuildings primarily used for storing garden tools and equipment. Yet, as you delve deeper into gardening and outdoor decor, you’ll soon realize these structures can offer much more. Uses For a Garden Shed With their unique charm and secluded location, garden sheds can be transformed into virtually anything your heart desires. With […]

Controlling Spider Mites

Spider mites, also known as two-spotted mites, become a particular problem for the gardener through the winter. Normally, they hibernate in ground litter or under the bark of trees or shrubs. However, if they stow away onto a plant being brought indoors, the artificial lights, and warm, dry, conditions of most heated homes will allow them to keep infecting plants. […]

ANDROMEDA, Pieris – Gardening History

Legend has it that Cassiopeia, an ancient queen of Ethiopia, bragged to Poseidon, god of the sea, that her daughter, Andromeda, was more beautiful than Poseidon’s sea nymphs. Poseidon was touchy about such things and punished Cassiopeia by sending a sea monster to terrorize the Ethiopians. Eventually, the Ethiopian rulers consulted oracles who told them that Andromeda had to be […]

Protecting Your Garden Equipment: An All-Season Guide

Picture this: you’re an enthusiastic gardener, ready for a weekend of fruitful toil, only to discover rust on your favourite shears or your lawnmower refusing to start. Sound familiar? Such is a common woe faced by garden lovers across the country. Your garden equipment – the heart and soul of your green pursuits – often faces the brunt of weather […]

How To Do Sustainable Camping

Camping can be one of the most immersive nature experiences you can have. It allows you to interact with nature, see its beauty, and understand the importance of adopting more sustainable practices.  However, identifying the harm of common camping practices can be challenging. It’s not always as simple as cleaning as you go and leaving the campsite as you found […]

How to Grow Good Tomatoes in the Garden and Greenhouse

The Tomato is highly esteemed as a delicious food when cooked or eaten raw and as a source of juice. It is known to be a source of health­ protective vitamins and because of the ease with which it can be cultivated, it is one of the most popular of home vegetable-garden crops as well as a commercial crop of […]

Tomato Growing Problems

As a gardener, it’s important to recognize that you have a cooperative relationship with Nature. This ongoing connection involves learning how to effectively manage the various conditions and variables that arise in your garden. Acceptance is a valuable aspect of my gardening journey. I’ve faced significant challenges such as disease outbreaks, infestations, and weather-related issues that have resulted in the […]

Tomato Basics: Ripeness, Storage Flavor – Heirloom Tomato

Get ready for a delightful treat! Unlike the uniform and hard tomatoes you find at grocery stores, homegrown tomatoes come in a wide range of shapes and offer much better flavors. Let’s dive in and learn more! Ripeness & Storage: While fried green tomatoes are delicious, it’s generally best to pick tomatoes when they are fully ripe. Tomatoes may change […]