Why don’t my plants flower?

Why don’t my plants flower? Probably this plaintive question is raised oftener than any other that has to do with gardening. As likely as not, too, the complaining gardener will go on to say that he gives considerable attention to fertilization, to watering, and to cultivation, but still, his plants do not flower as well as those in his neighbor’s […]

Growing Tulip Bulbs

Tulips are the gardener’s pot of gold Remember your old “magic set” and the wonderfully colored brews you mixed? And the surprises, and the fun? Today you’ll find there’s greater magic in tulips and even more gorgeous and beautiful colors packed away in their sleek brown bulbs. To work this new magic, think of the happiest flower colors and the prettiest combinations you ever […]

Growing and Care – Cherry Fruit Trees

Cherries Two main groups of cherries are cultivated for the merit of their fruit, the `sweet’, dessert (Prunus avium) and the `sour’, culinary (Prunus cerasus); a third group, the ‘Duke’ cherries, form an intermediate class. The sweets are subdivided into the ‘black’ and ‘white’ varieties. All fruiting cherries are hardy in the British Isles, though the blossom may be damaged […]

How to grow Anchusa

The name originates from the Greek anchousa, a cosmetic paint (Boraginaceae). Alkanet, bugloss. Cultivated species are usually perennials or biennials, noteworthy for their blue flowers. The plant long known as Anchusa myosotidiflora is now correctly known as Brunnera macrophylla. Biennial species cultivated A. capensis,18 inches, flowers in panicles at tips of stems, July. A. officinalis, 1-2 feet, flowers sometimes purple […]

Pricking out plant seedlings

This is an important stage in the cultivation of plants which have been raised from seed. As soon as the young seedlings can be handled easily, they must be moved on into deeper boxes which will provide their roots with more room to develop. If the seedlings are left in their original boxes or seed-pans too long, they will become […]

Kniphofia ( Red-hot Poker )

Distinctive border perennial with Leaves are narrow, long, and grasslike. This is a sturdy, but graceful plant with few problems and architectural character. Varieties available in both dwarf and larger forms. Primary bloom season is summer. Remove spent flower spikes and old leaves in fall. Good companion plant for daylilies.

Gardeners can choose from many species of Gladioli – Gladiolus

Approximately 180 species of gladiolus are available to the gardener. Originating from South Africa on rocky slopes, marshy areas and grasslands, they are also found growing in the Mediterranean, Asia and Central Europe. The latin name “Gladiolus” means “small sword”, which is referring to the shape of the leaves and flower spike. They were at one time referred to, as […]

Navtive Shrubs in Your Landscape

TRY NATIVE SHRUBS IN YOUR LANDSCAPE By Dr. Leonard Perry Extension Nursery and Greenhouse Crops Specialist University of Vermont Shrubs serve many functions in our landscapes. They provide color in the form of flowers and fruits. They act as “walls” between the “rooms” of our landscapes and are often pruned into hedges for that purpose. Their fruits feed our birds, […]

YELLOW ROSE – Gardening

This is not to say that I have no other roses in my Everyone should have at least one passion. If you are lucky, you will have many more, and if you are unlucky you will have more than time, energy and finances allow. I have a passion for yellow roses, and I consider myself very lucky. garden. Life would […]

Protect Hedgehogs in Your Garden this Autumn

Protect Hedgehogs in Your Garden this Autumn The news has been awash with UK Environment secretary Owen Paterson’s issues in relation to the badger cull. There has been fierce opposition to this issue. No-one seems certain whether this strategy will help, in terms of actually making a positive impact on the reduction of bovine tuberculosis in cattle. With fierce protests […]