Heirloom Tomato Plant Terms

The following is a list of tomato terms I assembled to provide you useful information while you shop for the most suitable varieties of tomatoes for your garden. Beefsteak – A type of tomato rather than a variety (although there really is a particular variety named ‘Beefsteak.’) Usually considered a large, irregular shaped tomato with solid flesh.Cotyledons – The first […]

How to grow tomatoes – Heirloom Tomato

SEED QUALITYOnly the highest-quality seed, purchased from a reputable source, should be sown. It will probably have been prepared by acid extraction, to reduce the chances of spreading any seed-borne diseases. Most seedsmen supply their seeds in sealed laminated-foil packets, to prevent moisture absorption and loss of vitality. Seed stored in these sealed packets retains its ger­minating power for several […]

Growing Tulip Bulbs

Tulips are the gardener’s pot of gold Remember your old “magic set” and the wonderfully colored brews you mixed? And the surprises, and the fun? Today you’ll find there’s greater magic in tulips and even more gorgeous and beautiful colors packed away in their sleek brown bulbs. To work this new magic, think of the happiest flower colors and the prettiest combinations you ever […]

Tomato Growing Problems

Being a gardener comes with the understanding that, for the most part, you are in a cooperative relationship with Nature. It’s an ongoing relationship of learning to become a more capable manager of the favorable and unfavorable conditions and variables that present themselves. Acceptance In the past, I’ve experienced major disease loss (10,000 plants killed by a blight), periodic infestations […]

Drip Irrigation vs. Soaker Hose – What’s the Difference

Gardening is a healthy, enjoyable and both mentally and physically rewarding activity. But while planting your own vegetables and flowers provides a much-needed break from the robotic work and life schedules, it is important to make sure that you do it right. One of the most important decisions you will have to make at some point is whether to use […]

How to Build Your Own Pond or Water Garden: The Complete Guide

There are several steps to take if you plan to build your own pond or water garden. You can check out our guide here to learn more. Owning a water garden could open you up to a world of landscaping possibilities without too much work. There are several steps to take if you plan to build your own pond or water […]

CBD Capsules & Softgels: The Top CBD Capsules Online

CBD is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more people looking to take advantage of CBD’s potential health benefits. At the same time, CBD oil tinctures are often promoted as being the best way to consume CBD. They are not always the most convenient. CBD oil tinctures might give you the freedom to decide how you use them and the […]

Buy Bulk CBD Products in the UK Straight from the Source

After trying just a little bit of CBD oil or other CBD products, it is likely that you will quickly become hooked. This doesn’t mean anything like actually being addictive, of course; it’s just that you will quickly find yourself wanting to try more. However, getting into CBD products quickly becomes especially expensive. CBD oil is simply a pretty pricey […]

7 Amazing Benefits of CBD for Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets

The last few years have seen an increasing number of high profile cases in the media highlighting the potential health benefits of taking a regular dose of CBD. From all-natural CBD-infused candy to discreet CBD capsules, it has never been easier to add a small CBD dose into your supplement routine. It is not only humans that have been benefiting […]

Best CBD Coffee in the Market

As CBD products become ever more popular, brands are continuously inventing new and fun ways to include a little CBD into our daily routines. From compact capsules to deliciously sweet gummies, it has never been easier to enjoy the potential health benefits of CBD. The list of potential health benefits of taking, even a small dose of CBD on a […]