Growing Thyme in your Garden – Learn common types

A group of mostly hardy subshrubs and herbaceous plants, natives of northern temperate regions, and most abundant in the Mediterranean region. In the Alps they are found at as great an elevation as 6,000 and 7,000 ft. Thymus belongs to the Mint family, Labiateae. The name Thymus is the old Greek name used by  Theophrastus  for this plant or some […]

Benefits of organic compost for your garden

A backyard compost pile or bin is more than just controlling waste. Composting keeps food and yard waste from rotting away in landfills and it may be an engaging hobby itself. If you’re an avid or aspiring gardener, compost may be the secret weapon that you need to make your garden grow.  Fortunately, since composting offers many benefits, there are […]

How to Grow Good Tomatoes in the Garden and Greenhouse

The Tomato is highly esteemed as a delicious food when cooked or eaten raw and as a source of juice. It is known to be a source of health­ protective vitamins and because of the ease with which it can be cultivated, it is one of the most popular of home vegetable-garden crops as well as a commercial crop of […]

How to use Thuja Arborvitae in your garden

Thuja-Arborvitae . Evergreen trees of imposing dimensions found wild in North America, China, Korea, and Japan. The several kinds are among the most decorative evergreens and, as they are hardy, they can be used in most parts of North America where suitable soil conditions prevail and the atmosphere is moder­ately free from impurities. The leaves are very small and almost […]

How to Incorporate Garden Elements and View Into Your Bathroom Design

One of the latest bathroom design trends is creating a space that feels more like a retreat. As urban communities become more congested, homeowners crave to bring the outdoors inside through design. Nowadays, we see more designers incorporating garden views and garden elements with bathroom concepts. The benefits of seamless integration of nature into indoor spaces Nature helps relieve stress […]

How To Grow Tomatoes In Pots

Tomatoes are a great, nutritious, and rewarding plant that you can enjoy for many months to come – but how do you grow them? And, more importantly, how to grow tomatoes in pots? If you have a small garden, or no garden at all, you can still cultivate these wonderful fruits with just a little bit of insight – and […]

Garden, Easy-Care Shade Plan

Easy-Care Shade Gardening Plan There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the color and beauty of gorgeous perennials in areas where beds are shaded from the sun. There are many delightful varieties of shade-loving perennials which can be combined to create beds of elegance and charm, provide a long season of floral beauty, and yet won’t require constant care. […]

How to grow Artemisia

Named after Artemis the Greek goddess (Compositae). A large genus, widely distributed over the world, of shrubs, sub-shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and annuals, grown mainly for their dainty, aromatic foliage which is very finely cut in some species. The genus shows a great diversity of habit and leaf shape: the flowers are very small and are seldom of much account, though […]

How to grow Armeria

This genus has retained the old Latin name for pink although it is not related 2 to the true pink, a species of dianthus (Plumbaginaceae). Perennials mainly for the rock garden though the taller kinds are sometimes used at the front of the herbaceous border. They all need well-drained, sunny positions and grow well in seaside gardens; the common thrift, […]

How to grow cabbage plant

What to add to the soil for growing cabbage Cabbages are gross feeders and require adequate quantities of manure dug in well before planting. Firm ground is essential. Apply 85g (3oz) of superphosphate and 28g (1 oz) of sulfate of potash prior to planting. A slightly alkaline soil with a pH 7.0 or over is best. On an acid soil […]