REHMANNIA, Annual Flower Information

REHMANNIA (Named for Joseph Rehmann, physician of Petrograd) Rehmannias are seldom seen in neither gardens nor even in catalogs and yet they are lovely, long, bell-shaped flowers; as lovely as almost any flower of the garden. Rehmannia angulata is really a perennial but, not hardy enough to survive northern winters, it is raised as an annual. The flowers are rosy-purple, […]

OENOTHERA Evening primrose, Sundrops, Annual Flower Information

OENOTHERA, Evening primrose, Sundrops There are many biennial and perennial Oenotheras but several are rather popular annuals. Oenothera drummondi. Drummond Evening-primrose. This annual, 1 to 9. feet tall, has bright yellow flowers. Like all Evening primroses it is four-petaled. Oenothera America is a large-flowered type with white flowers, which turn pinkish. USE. They are attractive border plants for sunny locations, […]

5 Exotic Plants to Attract Fascinating Birds

Watching birds can be a very pleasant and relaxing experience. They are interesting creatures to watch in the wild. Rather than needing to go to a wild field, forest, woodland or nature reserve, though, you can have the benefit of a visual delight from the comfort of your own home, watching birds who call your garden home throughout the year. […]

Garden Pods Allow Home for More Space Without Hindering the Garden

Home improvement can come in many different forms, and nowadays it’s not unusual to see home improvement efforts extend into the garden. Although the humble garden has always been a hive of activity, the way it in which space is taken advantage of in the modern age is much different to that of years gone by. As well as acting […]

Ways to Recycle Your Old Furniture into a Fairytale Garden

Everything gets old through time. It includes every living and non-living thing in our world. What do you do with the old stuff? For organics, like fetid buds, weeds, fruits, and vegetables, you turn them into compost. For spoiled food, we throw them on dumpsters, which puts them away on the ground to eventually become fertilizer. How about old things? […]

Ways to Pimp up your Garden Shed or Summer House

Many people have a garden shed or a summer house but they do very little with them. With attention only being paid to them in the warmer months, these structures can often become pretty dilapidated and unloved. Now is the perfect time to pimp up your garden shed to make it a space the entire family can use, whether you […]

A Look at Kerb Edging your Garden

When it comes to the garden, there are plenty of reasons why it’s worth focusing on the kerb edging you choose. This is because the kerb is more than a neat way to mark where your garden comes to an end; it is an essential addition that can divide areas, help the garden to flourish, and even keep you safe. […]

NICOTIANA Flowering Tobacco, Annual Flower Information

NICOTIANA Flowering Tobacco (Named for Jean Nicot, French consul to Portugal, who first presented tobacco to the courts of Portugal and France) The evening fragrance of the flowers of this plant is most delightful. Besides this, the flowers are attractive in form and color, which ranges from pure and creamy white, to deep pink, violet, crimson, and flesh. The shades […]

Plant care for PORTULACA (Rosemoss) (Sunplant) (Seven-sisters), Annual Flower Information

PORTULACA (Rosemoss) (Sunplant) (Seven-sisters) When one visits an old lady’s flower garden, no matter how small it may be, Portulacas are generally seen encroaching on the wide walks and in other little out-of-the-way places where the dry conditions would support few other plants. The dazzling, glossy-petaled flowers are clear yellow, white, scarlet, crimson, orange, and rose. The double sorts are […]

Plant care for Chinese Lantern plant – PHYSALIS

There are some annuals with showy fruits and among them none is so much admired as the Chinese Lantern plant, which produces large, inflated, orange-red, lantern-like pods containing small, fleshy fruits much like Tomatoes. The flowers are inconspicuous, being borne in the axils of the leaves, and it is after the leaves have fallen that the fruit is most showy. […]