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Heather – Heath

The American finds it almost
unholy to write of Heather because his remarks may be
read by a Scotchman who might wonder by what right an
American obtained permission to discuss these bonny
plants. There are a number of sorts of Heathers which
may be grown in northern United States, but many of
the European sorts are not hardy enough. Lovers of Heather
might easily grow it, if they but knew the sorts to
grow. The following sorts are seen thriving in our country:

Calluna vulgaris, the
true Scotch Heather, has tiny purple flowers and grows
12 inches to 18 inches tall. It blooms late in August
and remains in bloom until Fall. There is also a white
variety. C. crispa is an excellent sort with
pinkish lavender flowers.

Erica carnea has pink
flowers and is one of the most popular sorts in America.
The plants grow 6 inches tall and bloom in April or

Erica stricla, the
Corsican Heath, seldom attains a height of 2 feet and
has stiff, upright branches. The flowers are rosy purple
appearing in August.

Menziesia polifolia, the
Irish Heath, has small, oval, dark green leaves and
long spikes of large, drooping, white or bright rose
bells. It blooms from July to September. The plants
attain a height of 6 inches.

Bruckenthalia spiculifolia
found fisted in some catalogs. It grows 5 inches
to 8 inches tall, has heath-like, light pink flowers
produced in early June.

UTILIZE. Besides their sentiment
and interest, the Heaths are extremely dainty for use
in the border or rock garden. They are especially at
home as an undergrowth for Rhododendron beds. They may
be cut, and when placed in vases, will last for weeks.

GENERAL. The various Heaths
prefer a soil compounded of peat or leafmold. They prefer
plenty of moisture in Summer but the soil must be perfectly
drained. Our weather conditions are not ideal, due to
our hot, dry Summers

PROPAGATION. The propagation
of the Heathers is rather difficult for the amateur.
It is best to purchase plants from the dealer.

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