Plant care for Impatiens – Balsam (Snap weeds) (Touch-me-not), Annual Flower Information

IMPATIENS – Balsam (Snap weeds) (Touch-me-not) (Name from Impatiens, refers to elasticity of seed capsules, which when ripe spring open) The Garden Balsam or Lady slipper (Impatiens balsamina) is an old-fashioned favorite which is again coming into its own. The double and semi-double sorts, well called Camellia-flowered, are practically the only ones grown. These plants are closely related to the […]

Plant care for Hunnemannia – Goldencup, Annual Flower Information

HUNNEMANNIA – Goldencup (Giant Yellow-tulip poppy) (Bush-eschscholtzia) (Named for John Hunnemann, an English botanist) An aristocrat among the Poppies, the Goldencup, bears a difficult botanical name, Hunnemannia fumariaefolia. The buttercup-yellow flowers are like those of California-poppies except that they are more crinkled, and of greater substance, furthermore, the plants are upright. The leaves are glaucous and thick, but finely cut. […]

Autumn Harvest Celebration Around the Globe

The first Month of Autumn is here, which means it is time to celebrate — traditionally, the world celebrates the end of the harvest season. Let’s learn more about the origin of the festival, its history, and traditions in different countries. Originally, celebration at the end of the harvest season was aimed to honor the earth and nature for its […]

Thoughtful Garden Bed Design To Highlight And Protect Your Home

Your landscaping and home gardens are the perfect way to add color, dimension, and style to your home. As much attention as is put into the careful design of the interior of your home should be put to your garden beds and property. How you place your garden beds and the kinds of plants that you choose to decorate your […]

Garden Planning For Your Small Yard

Gardening is a favorite hobby of millions of Americans and people around the world. There are few things as enjoyable or rewarding as getting out in the fresh air and working the soil of your own garden. Whether you love to plant flowers to attract birds or butterflies or raise a sustainable crop of vegetables, the gardener’s life can be […]

Is My Garden Covered by Home Insurance?

Whether beautiful flowers are being grown in your garden or it’s the place where you can enjoy a few minutes of serenity amidst a busy day, a garden promotes happiness and relaxation to its owners. But in reality, your garden holds a lot in terms of monetary value. That’s because construction or landscaping of a garden may cost you a […]

Pumpkin Carving for Halloween

Carving Pumpkins for Halloween Now is the time to consider about the great pumpkin you’ll be carving this Halloween. As you know, Linus would wait all night for the Great Pumpkin, but I wouldn’t take a cue from Linus. I’d head directly to the patch with the kids in tow. Once there, after your children have moved, rolled and lifted […]

History of the Jack of the Latern

Pumpkins are carved into Jack O’Lanterns for Halloween. We bake them into pumpkin pie.  Tales of terror have used pumpkins to create an eerie atmosphere. How did the pumpkin become associated with Halloween? Well, the answer is in the tale of an unfortunate soul named Jack According to Irish folklore, a man named Jack, well known for his drunkenness and […]

10 Pumpkin Poems

Pumpkin Poem or Two by Tony Hickman All poem’s are copyrighted. Request to publish any poem requires permission by Tony Hickman. Additional Educational Pumpkin Poem’s are on this link. If you would like to see how my pumpkin patch is doing this 2001, please stop by. WHO Who’s got the biggest And who’s didn’t bust Who’s telling lies And who […]

7 Must-Have Garden Attire for Gardening Enthusiasts

Working in the garden is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise and sun. It has also been shown to have mental benefits because you are keeping your brain engaged. When it comes to working outside, you need to make sure you have the right attire. Below are some of the must-have items when working outside. The Right […]