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Polygonum – Knot-Grass, Knot-Weed

The Knot Weed is a very ornamental
plant for any garden because the foliage is so beautifully
tinted in Autumn. Some of the varieties grow very high
and greatly resemble Bamboo in growth. Polygonum
sochalinense is
one of this type, attaining a height
of from 2 feet to 12, feet, with leaves 12 inches long
and sprays of greenish-white flowers. The stems are
curving or arched. P. acne (Brunonis) is the
dwarf variety, growing 6 inches to 18 inches high, with
bright, rosy red flowers and beautifully colored foliage.
P. amplexicaule grows about 2 feet or 3 feet
tall and has deep red flowers which come into bloom
very late in September and last until October. P. Sieboldii
grows about 15 inches high, has small,
glossy green leaves, and the entire plant is covered
with small white flowers. Most of the varieties are
in bloom from July through August.

UTILIZE. The Giant Knot-Weed
is used mostly in wild gardens or under trees, where
an immense shrubby perennial is needed. The other varieties
are grown in front of shrubs or herbaceous borders.
Some of the dwarf ones are used in rockeries. Any of
these are very effective when planted in masses, especially
along banks of streams or in moist places. Some of the
flowers are valued for cutting.

GENERAL. Some Polygonums
require a great deal of space, for the plants are very
large. They are moisture loving and should be planted
in places where the ground is naturally very moist and
does not dry out easily. They will grow almost anywhere,
in any soil, and need very little attention.

PROPAGATION. They are propagated
by seeds and division of the plant.

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