BioVam popular

Whatever your growing situation is, BioVam enhances plant development, resulting in healthier plants. Better root development means nutrients are streamed into plants more effectively. Stronger, healthier plants means less disease, fewer pests and more flowers in the flower bed, vegetables in the garden and more fruit on the trees.

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Cape Cod Worm Farm, Mother Nature's Workshop for Soil Improvement popular

Redworms for Lawn,Garden, Composting and Soil Improvement.Free catalog upon request.

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Fertile Garden Supply popular

Fertile Garden Supply sells organic garden supplies such as benificial insects, natural pest control, natural pest control, fungicides, books, animal repellants, and more!

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Gardening Coir Based Amendments to Potting Soils popular

Supplier of coconut gardening coir for indoor/outdoor gardening and hydroponic applications. Helpful links for other gardening resources.

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Home HarvestŪ Garden Supply popular

Vast selection of organic fertilizer, hydroponic nutrients, time-release, trace elements and more... full garden supply retailer. Since 1988.

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combines expert plant advice with environmentally preferable professional gardening products. Specializing in Nutricote controlled release fertilizer and integrated pest management (IPM) products.

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Simply Hydroponics and Organics popular

Complete line of hydroponic and organic gardening equipment and supplies. Home of the Hydroponic University, the best place on the web for hydroponic gardening information.

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TN-10 popular

TN-10 compost concentrate. It gives long term results to your lawn and garden when used in place of chemical fertilizers. Once applied to any dirt or soil it will restore natures microbial action which converts organic content into the nutrients plants need to grow and produce. When used over a period of two to three years, it will show dramatic results. It will also biodegrade any contamination in the soil.

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