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Perennial Flower Information

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Trollius - Globe Flower

The Globe Flower is a glorified Buttercup; its leaves and flowers resemble the Buttercup in form but are larger. Improved varieties have orange, gold, orange-red and lemon-colored flowers, often double. The commonest species is Trollius europwus, but while all the catalogued species resemble each other in form, the seasons and the colors of the flowers differ. They grow about l feet tall and bloom throughout the Summer, starting in late May.

UTILIZE. The Globe Flower flourishes, both in sun and shade, and is especially at home in borders in which the soil is a trifle too damp for other plants. They are showy border plants, their neat habit and compact flowers commend them to all. We must add that they grow nicely in the ordinary garden soil, even though it be away from the waterside.

PROPAGATION. Although usually propagated from seeds, the plants are tardy in coming into bloom. Old plants may also be divided.


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