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Krigia virginica
( Virginia Dwarf Dandelion )

Yellow flowerheads appear on the end of single stalks. Growth emerges from basal rosette of leaves. Leaves are notched and taper off at the base of the plant. Found throughout the U.S., except for the High Plains, Pacific Northwest and Southwest. Often considered a weed, especially in lawns.

How to Grow this Plant:

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Size:Height: 0 ft. to 1 ft.
Width: 0 ft. to 0 ft.  
Plant Category:perennials,  
Plant Characteristics:low maintenance, spreading,  
Foliage Characteristics: 
Foliage Color:green,  
Flower Characteristics: 
Flower Color:yellows,  
Tolerances:heat & humidity,  
Bloomtime Range:Mid Spring to Mid Fall  
USDA Hardiness Zone:5 to 10  
AHS Heat Zone:6 to 11  
Light Range:Dappled to Full Sun  
pH Range:6.5 to 8.5  
Soil Range:Some Sand to Some Clay  
Water Range:Semi-Arid to Moist  

Plant Care

Conditions : Full to Partial Sun

Full sunlight is needed for many plants to assume their full potential. Many of these plants will do fine with a little less sunlight, although they may not flower as heavily or their foliage as vibrant. Areas on the southern and western sides of buildings usually are the sunniest. The only exception is when houses or buildings are so close together, shadows are cast from neighboring properties. Full sun usually means 6 or more hours of direct unobstructed sunlight on a sunny day. Partial sun receives less than 6 hours of sun, but more than 3 hours. Plants able to take full sun in some climates may only be able to tolerate part sun in other climates. Know the culture of the plant before you buy and plant it!

Weeds : Preventing Weeds and Grass

Weeds rob your plants of water, nutrients and light. They can harbor pests and diseases. Before planting, remove weeds either by hand or by spraying an herbicide according to label directions. Another alternative is to lay plastic over the area for a couple of months to kill grass and weeds.

You may apply a pre-emergent herbicide prior to planting, but be sure that it is labeled for the plants you are wishing to grow. Existing beds may be spot sprayed with a nonselective herbicide, but be careful to shield those plants you do not want to kill. Non-selective means that it will kill everything it comes in contact with.

Mulch plants with a 3 inch layer of pinestraw, pulverized bark, or compost. Mulch conserves moisture, keeps weeds down, and makes it easier to pull when necessary.

Porous landscape or open weave fabric works too, allowing air and water to be exchanged.

Glossary : Perennial

Perennial: traditionally a non-woody plant that lives for two or more growing seasons.

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