Potting Soil Recipes and Soil Reconditioning


Alpine Potting Mix

9 parts coarse sand
5 parts peat
4 part pumice

Pumice is also used as the top dressing and to provide extra bottom drainage. Provide encapsulated slow-release fertilizer with minor trace elements once a year and repot yearly.

Alpine Potting Mix 2

All the plant material coming into the Botanical Garden nursery, whether it is seed, cutting or bare root material, is grown in these mixes and the nursery has a 60-70% success rate of all these plant materials.

4 Bushels of Lakeland coarse peat (to be measured)
4 Bushels of Turface -3 bags
3.3 Bushels of Aqua sand (AE3) -4 bags
2 Bushels of screened pasteurized soil (15%)

Add by weight
Dolomite 65AG;
Aqua-Gro `G'
Osmocote 18-6-12
390 gms
315 gms
340 gms
1250 gms


Listing of potting soils and what they are used for.


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