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How to Garden tips or Gardening Help.

Outdoor Gardening
Indoor Gardening
Landscape and Construction

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Container Gardening
- Building A Window Box
- Covering A Pot With Moss
- Creating A New Bonsai
- Making A Hypertufa Container
- Planting A Hayrack Container
- Planting A Moss Lined Basket
- Planting A Strawberry Pot
- Planting A Vegetable Container
- Planting An Annual Container
- Planting An Annual From A Pack
- Pruning A Bonsai Tree
- Repotting A Bonsai That Is Growing In Rock
- Weathering Ceramic Pots
- Winterizing A Fuchsia

Lawn Care
- Aerating Your Lawn
- Edging Your Lawn
- Installing Plastic Edging
- Laying Sod
- Preparing An Area Prior To Sowing Lawn Seed
- Reading The Back Of A Lawn Seed Bag
- Removing Turf
- Repairing A Damaged Lawn
- Reseeding A Lawn
- Shredding Leaves
- Starting A Lawn From Seed
- Testing Sprinkler Coverage
- Top Dressing Your Lawn
- Winterizing Your Lawn

Outdoor Propagation Techniques
- Collecting Scions For Grafting
- Storing Seeds
- Taking Hardwood Cuttings From Fruit Trees
- Taking Root Cuttings From Perennials
- Taking Semi-ripe Cuttings From Shrubs
- Testing Viability Of Seeds

- Controlling Weeds That Spread By Seed
- Deadheading A Bearded Iris
- Dividing A Daylily
- Dividing A Dicentra
- Dividing A Geranium
- Dividing A Hosta
- Dividing An Astilbe
- Dividing An Iris
- Fertilizing Through Deep Mulch
- Labeling Plants
- Overwintering A Canna
- Overwintering Dahlias
- Pinching Chrysanthemums
- Planting A Bare Root Peony
- Planting A Bareroot Bearded Iris
- Planting A Container Peony
- Planting A Groundcover
- Planting Bamboo
- Planting Into A Rock Wall
- Pruning Ornamental Grasses
- Renovating A Perennial Bed
- Shearing Spring Blooming Perennials
- Staking Perennials With Bamboo
- Taking Root Cuttings From Perennials
- Winterizing Perennials

- Cutting Roses For Display
- Disbudding Hybrid Tea Roses
- Hybridizing Roses
- Overwintering A Tree Rose
- Overwintering Roses In Harsh Climates
- Overwintering Roses In Mild Climates
- Planting A Bare Root Rose
- Planting A Container Rose
- Pruning A Climbing Rose
- Pruning A Rose Before Planting
- Pruning Hybrid Tea Roses

- Planting A Ball And Burlap Shrub
- Planting A Container Shrub
- Pruning Ornamental Shrubs
- Pruning Summer Blooming Shrubs
- Removing A Shrub
- Transplanting A Shrub

Soil, Composting and Fertilizing
- Adjusting Soil pH
- Basic Soil Mixing
- Building A Pallet Compost Bin
- Building A Soil Sieve
- Building A Wire Compost Bin
- Choosing A Composter
- Different Types Of Fertilizers
- Digging In Compost
- Double Digging
- Making Alfalfa Tea
- Making Manure Tea
- Mulching A Flower Bed
- Proper Digging Technique
- Reading A Fertilizer Bag
- Setting Up A Worm Bin
- Shredding Leaves
- Soil Testing
- Solarizing Soil
- Testing Soil Drainage
- Testing Soil Texture

The Herb Garden
- Drying Herbs
- Overwintering A Tender Herb
- Planting Herbs In A Strawberry Pot
- Planting Mint In The Garden

The Vegetable Garden
- Broadcast Sowing
- Building A Cold Frame
- Building A Raised Bed
- Building A Tomato Cage
- Building Up A Wide Bed
- Fencing To Keep Out Digging Animals
- Harvesting And Storing Tomatoes
- Labeling Plants
- Making A Simple Bamboo Pea Trellis
- Planting Bed Preparation
- Planting Garlic
- Planting Into Landscape Fabric
- Planting Strawberries Into Black Plastic
- Pricking Out Seedlings
- Sowing Seeds In A Drill
- Sowing Seeds In A Tray
- Sowing Seeds Indoors
- Using A Floating Row Cover

Tools and Equipment Maintenance
- Basic Tool Maintenance
- Building A Tool Rack
- Proper Use Of A Hoe
- Proper Use Of Spray Equipment
- Repairing A Garden Hose
- Selecting Tools For Gardening
- Sharpening A Mower Blade
- Sharpening A Pruning Knife
- Sharpening A Shovel
- Using A Transit Level
- Winterizing A Small Engine
- Winterizing Spray Equipment

- Caring For A Living Christmas Tree
- Collecting Scions For Grafting
- Cutting Down A Small Tree
- Fertilizing Through Deep Mulch
- Forcing Branches To Bloom
- Heeling In Bareroot Plants
- Planting A Bare Root Tree
- Planting A Container Tree
- Planting A Fruit Tree In A Container
- Planting Ball And Burlap Tree
- Removing A Large Tree Limb
- Removing A Sucker From A Tree
- Routine Pruning Of Fruit Trees
- Selecting A Cut Tree At Your Garden Center
- Selecting Bare Root Fruit Trees
- Selecting Pruning Tools
- Taking Hardwood Cuttings From Fruit Trees
- Thinning Fruit Trees
- Training A Tree To An Open Vase Shape
- Whip And Tongue Grafting
- Winterizing Small Trees

Vines and Climbers
- Deadheading A Clematis
- Making A Simple Bamboo Pea Trellis
- Planting A Clematis In A Container
- Pruning A Kiwi Vine
- Removing Blackberries
- Training A Clematis To A Wall

Water Gardening
- Building A Raised Water Garden
- Building An Inline Filter
- Creating A Bog Environment
- Creating A Mini-Bog Garden
- Dividing A Water Hyacinth
- Lining A Container
- Overwintering A Water Lily
- Planting A Dish Garden With Marginal Aquatics
- Planting A Hanging Water Garden
- Planting A Tub Water Garden
- Repotting A Marginal
- Sealing Ceramic Containers

Watering Techniques
- Basin Watering
- Installing Drip Irrigation
- Pot Watering

Indoor Gardening


Artificial Lighting
- Building A Light Rack
- Growing Under Lights

Basic Plant Care
- Applying Pesticides
- Automatic Watering Options For Houseplants
- Basic Care Of Ferns
- Basic Care Of Streptocarpus
- Basic Care Of Tillandsias
- Basic Houseplant Maintenance
- Cleaning Pots
- Cleaning Small Plants
- Double Potting
- Fighting Houseplant Pests
- Growing African Violets
- Growing Bromeliads
- Identifying Leaf Margins
- Plants For A North Facing Window
- Plants For A South Facing Window
- Plants For A West Facing Window
- Plants For An East Facing Window
- Proper Houseplant Watering
- Rejuvenating A Wilted House Plant
- Removing A Bromeliad Leaf
- Selecting Poinsettias At Your Garden Center
- Transplanting A Houseplant
- Understanding Fern Structure
- Wick Watering

Container Gardening
- Growing Herbs Indoors
- Planting A Festive Container
- Planting In A Terrarium
- Succulent Container

Forcing Bulbs
- Forcing Bulbs In A Pot
- Forcing Hyacinths
- Forcing Paperwhites
- Growing Amaryllis

Garden Crafts
- Drying Flowers In A Microwave
- Drying Flowers In Sand
- Giving Copper A Verdigris Finish
- Glycerinizing Foliage
- Making A Bromeliad Tree
- Making A Corsage
- Making A Simple Bow
- Making A Totem Pole Topiary
- Making An Ivy Topiary
- Making An Ivy Wreath
- Making Bath Salts
- Making Potpourri

Holiday Projects
- Caring For A Living Christmas Tree
- Making An Evergreen Sphere
- Making An Evergreen Swag
- Making An Evergreen Wreath
- Selecting A Cut Tree At Your Garden Center

In The Kitchen
- Drying Herbs
- Drying Herbs On A Screen
- Drying Tomatoes
- Making Herb Flavored Oil
- Making Herb Vinegar
- Making Herbal Tea

Indoor Propagation Techniques
- Air Layering
- Dividing A Bromeliad
- Germinating An Avocado Seed
- Germinating Edible Sprouts
- Making Paper Pots
- Making Soil Blocks
- Propagating Streptocarpus
- Restoring A Leggy African Violet
- Rooting Cuttings In Water
- Simple Layering Of Houseplants
- Starting A Pineapple Plant
- Taking A Leaf Cutting
- Taking Semi-ripe Cuttings From Houseplants

Indoor Water Gardening
- Creating A Paludarium
- Setting Up An Aquarium Garden

- Basic Care Of Cattleyas
- Basic Care Of Cymbidiums
- Basic Care Of Dendrobiums
- Basic Care Of Miltonias
- Basic Care Of Oncidiums
- Basic Care Of Paphiopedilums
- Basic Care Of Phalaenopsis
- Basic Care Of Vandas
- Cattleya Flower Development
- Common Cultural Problems
- Common Pests And Diseases
- Cutting Back A Phalaenopsis
- Displaying Orchids In The Home
- Dividing A Cattleya
- Dividing A Paphiopedilum
- Growing Orchids Under Lights
- Making A Corsage
- Orchid Flower Structure
- Orchid Potting Media
- Orchid Roots
- Orchid Spike Development
- Orchid Vegetative Growth Types
- Orchids Suitable For The Home
- Repotting A Phalaenopsis
- Stages Of Orchid Growth

Succulents and Cacti
- Basic Care Of Cacti And Succulents
- Succulent Clump Division
- Succulent Container
- Succulent Hanging Basket
- Succulent Leaf Cutting
- Succulent Root Division
- Transplanting A Cactus
- Transplanting A Succulent

Landscape and Construction

Birds and Bats
- Birdhouse Basics
- Building A Bathouse
- Mounting A Birdhouse On A Metal Post

Building Fountains
- Building A 3-Tiered Ceramic Fountain
- Building A Strawberry Pot Fountain
- Building An Indoor Spillover Fountain
- Making A Small Bamboo Fountain
- Making A Tall Bamboo Fountain

Building Trellises
- Building A Bamboo Trellis
- Building A Cedar Lattice Trellis
- Building A Cedar Trellis
- Lashing Bamboo
- Making A Simple Bamboo Pea Trellis
- Mounting A Cedar Lattice Trellis

Drainage Systems
- Constructing A Cobblestone Curtain Drain
- Installing A Drain Tile

Retaining Walls
- Building A Circular Stone Wall
- Building A Dry Stone Wall
- Building A Stone Terrace

Walkways and Borders
- Building A Landscape Timber Staircase
- Cutting A Concrete Paving Slab
- Installing Concrete Stepping Stones
- Laying A Concrete Slab
- Laying A Flagstone Path
- Making A Circular Border
- Making A Mosaic Stepping Stone
- Organic Stone Block Pathway
- Setting A String Line
- Straight Stone Block Border

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