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Plant Search, How To find a Plant, Plant Finder

I don't know what to call this page. All I can say, I use to have a big source of search engines at one time and most of them have filed chapter 11.

Now don't spend to much time with the below links. Just press the Encyclopedia tab above. It has 38000 plants... no kidding.

Are you trying to find a special plant and having problems trying to locate it? Would you like to know which nursery is carrying your plant of desire? I hope this page will help reduce your searching time.

We've just added a Plant Finder feature to help you find who's selling this plant.


Provided are several search engines and links, which will query the WWW for your requested plant name. You must know the correct spelling of the plant in Latin to help reduce the number of hits. It is recommended to know the Botanical name of any plant you are trying to find. To improve your search, I recommend putting "quotes" around the plant name phrase. This will tell the search engine to look for that phrase versus two separate words. Be sure to use the quotes.

I hope this page helps, and be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

Plants For A Future - Database Search
Plant Encyclopedia - Dead Link
Home Horticulture
Findplant Database - Closed down
Landscape Information
Plant Dictionary listing
RHS Plant Finder

Propagation information:

Seed Germination database mailing list search engine

Gardener's Dictionary & Plant Name Finder

Plant Name Finder

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