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Potting Soil Recipes and Soil Reconditioning

Standard Potting Mix

1.5 Bales of Lakeland Coarse Peat
2 Bags of Supreme Perlite
1 Bag of Turface
9.75 Bushels
6.00 Bushels
1.50 Bushels

17.0 Bushels

Add by weight:

Dolomite GS AG;
Aquagro `G'
Osmocote 18-6-12
  950 gms (56 gm per bushel)
  515 gms (30 gm per bushel)
   515 gms (30 gm per bushel)
   2390 gms(140 gm per bushel)High
   1595 gms (94 gm per bushel) Low

High rate-Late spring and summer potting of general nursery stock, until August 15.
Low rate-Potting of Ericaceous plants or general nursery stock after August 15.

For Seedlings and Small Container Stock (21/4", 3", 4") Add 3 bushels of screened, pasteurized soil to a standard potting mix to make it 15% soil and use low rate of osmocote 18-6-12.


Listing of potting soils and what they are used for.


   Grow Delphiniums from Seed
   Container Gardening


   Garden Loam Potting Soil
   John Innes Potting Compost
   Orchid Potting Mix
   Cacti Pottingl Mix
   Seed Starting Potting mix
   Alpines Potting Mix
   Shade Potting Mix
   Cutting Potting mix
   A. Knutson Potting mixes
   Cornell Peat-lite Mix
   Cornell Foliage Plant Mix
   Cornell Epiphytic Mix
   Standard Potting Mix



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