Cerastium – Snow-in-Summer, Mouse-ear Chickweed, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

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Cerastium – Snow-in-Summer,
Mouse-ear Chickweed

is surely a very descriptive name for this low growing,
white flowered and silvery foliaged plant. There are
myriads of small white flowers produced in June from
a dense mat of growth. Cerastium tomentosum is the
common species and grows about 6 inches high. C. Biebersteinii
very similar but grows a little taller and has
larger flowers. C. arvense is a green leaved
species and stands the hot Summers better than the other

These plants are invaluable for the rockery or as an
edging for beds and borders. They are also excellent
to plant in dry, sunny places as a carpet covering for
graves or steep banks. The leaves are as valuable as
the flower.

The plants arc., very easily grown in any soil.

They are propagated by seeds, cuttings or divisions
of the plant. The plant should be divided very early
in the season, either with or without roots, and planted
deeply in well firmed soil which sould be kept moist
until roots have formed.



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