Aubrietia – Purple Rock Cress, False Wall Cress, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

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Aubrietia – Purple
Rock Cress, False Wall Cress

in the Spring our eyes search for color in the garden.
We grow the Rock Cress (Axabis) for white, Golden Alyssum
for yellow and Aubrietia for purple, rose and lavender.
But as a matter of fact, few persons have grown the
Aubrietias because they have not known of them although
the catalogs list the plants.

USE. They
are useful in the front line of a perennial border or
for the rock garden.

They prefer the lighter soils and full sun. Transplant
in Fall or earliest Spring, for at other times they
are impatient of being moved.

Divide the plants in the Fall. If seed is obtainable,
they may be easily started from seed.


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