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Primula (Primrose)



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ABOUT OUR PLANTS: We are growing and shipping as many plants as possible in 3 ½”wide by 3 ½” deep  pots.  Our plants are grown without any artificial heat either in open ended hoop houses or in the open on ground cloth. This allows us to produce hardy plants that are much more closely in character than alpine plants grown in heated greenhouses. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


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MECONOPSIS BETONICIFOLIA H-18” Clumps of oblong foliage covered with reddish hairs. The 3” blue blooms are held on long pedicels. This plant needs well drained soil that does not dry out and protection from slugs in spring. Avoid hot sun. . Himalaya. P,r,pt. $6.00 3 for $16.50

MECONOPSIS “LINGHOLM” H-24” This is one of the hybrid fertile blue poppy forms that used to be known as M. x sheldonii. This is a vigorous plant with large, deep sky-blue blooms. Grow as the above. P,r,pt. $6.00

MECONOPSIS CAMBRICA `PLENA’ H-12” This is a lovely dwarf form of this species with fully double blooms which open orange and fade to yellow. Makes very little seed so it is never a pest in the garden. Blooms all summer into fall. P,r $6.00

MINUARTIA ATTICA H-1” Very nice flat hard mats are formed from tiny dark green leaves. The almost stem-less white blooms are borne in profusion in spring and again in fall. This is an excellent long lived plant for the sunny scree or trough. Greece. F, r,s,t. $6.00

MINUARTIA  CIRCASSICA  H-4” Attractive mounds of short, triangular, sharp-tipped leaves. The large white flowers are held in clusters on 4” stems. Caucasus. F,r,s,t. $6.00

MINUARTIA GRAMINIFOLIA H-4” A wonderful additions to the rock garden which forms dense hummocks of broadly needle-like leaves. It produces many ½” white blooms held in clusters of 3 or more on short stems. We make frequent use of this plant in our gardens and troughs. Balkans. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

MINUARTIA INAMOENA ( HOLUBEC LIST) H-2” Prostrate mats of densely glandulose, hairy leaves. It has sessile white flowers and makes a very good garden plant. N. Caucasus, Russia. F,r,s,t. $6.00

MUSCARI `BLUE BOY’ H-5” A compact hybrid with beautiful sky blue flowers held on strong stems. It was bred by Molly Grothaus of Lake Oswego, OR. This plant does not self sow for us but it does increase from offsets.  F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

NARCISSUS `CEDRIC MORRIS’ H-6” A delightful little Narcissus which is always the first to bloom here at the nursery. It comes into bloom before Christmas. The plant was found in the wild in Spain and is thought to be a tetraploid form of N. asturiensis. The foliage extends with age and it blooms so early that it may be dormant when shipped.  F,r,s,t,pt. $9.00 LIMIT ONE

ORIGANUM `PURPLE DAWN’ (O. x SUENDERMANII x O. SIPYLEUM) H-9” The new growth on this plant is rich purple in early spring aging to gray-green. Masses of rose-pink flowers and bracts held on 9” stems in mid to late summer. This lovely bee hybrid was found here at the nursery and it adds a lot of summer interest to our sunny sand beds and walls. F,r,s. $7.00 3 for $19.50

ORIGANUM x SUENDERMANII H-6” A very compact plant with large purple-pink bracts and pink flowers held on short stems. Blooms all summer. We use this plant a lot in our plantings. F,r,s,t. $7.00

OXALIS `ANNE CHRISTIE’ (O. LACINIATA x O. ENNEAPHYLLA) H-5” The huge pink blooms with a large dark eye are very showy! This clone blooms much longer into the fall than any other which we grow. We find that all of these Oxalis do best in a trough or large container which is positioned so as to avoid the hottest sun. P,r,s,t. $6.00

OXALIS `ARTHUR FAIRBAIRN’ (O.LACINIATA x O.ENNEAPHYLLA) H-3” This very compact plant has the richest purple blooms of any form which we grow. . One of the best! P,r,s,t. $6.00

OXALIS `BEATRICE ANDERSEN’ (O.LACINIATA x O.ENNEAPHYLLA) H-3” Nice pink flowers with darker pink veins. P,r,s,t. $6.00

OXALIS ENNEAPHYLLA `ALBA’ H-4” Very large blooms of pure white are really eye catching on this plant which we find easy and vigorous. Patagonia. P,r,s,t. $6.00

OXALIS ENNEAPHYLLA `LADY ELIZABETH’ H-4” Pink buds open to large white blooms flushed pink. Lovely. P,r,s,t. $6.00

OXALIS ENNEAPHYLLA `SHEFFIELD SWAN’ H-4” Another clone with very attractive, large white blooms. It was selected in the wild by Peter Erskine. P,r,s,t. $6.00

OXALIS `GWEN McBRIDE (O.LACINIATA x O. ENNEAPHYLLA) H-4” Deep purple blooms with a thin white edging make this a very distinctive form. It was bred by Harold McBride of Ireland. P,f,r,s,t. $6.00

OXALIS `ULTRA VIOLET’ ( O. LACINIATA x O. ENNEAPHYLLA) H-4” A new introduction grown by Betty Lowry of Renton, WA. Large blooms of rich violet-purple on a plant which makes a rather vigorous spread. Lives up to its name! P,r,s,t. $6.00

 OXALIS aff. OBLIQUIFOLIA H-4” This makes Mmts of large clover-like foliage from small underground tubers. Huge rich pink blooms with a yellow eye. It is very showy and slow to spread. South Africa. F,r,t,pt. $6.00

OXALIS `UTE’ (O. LACINIATA x O. ENNEAPHYLLA) H-4” The huge white blooms with a flush of pink and a green eye make this beautiful hybrid from Germany a real standout. P,r,s,t. $6.00

PARIS QUADRIFOLIA H-8” The ovate leaves are held four to a stem. It has four lanceolate green sepals and four very narrow petals of the same length as the sepals. It spreads to make an attractive colony in the woodland. Eurasia. P,r,pt. $7.00

PARRY GRANDIFLORA ((JJH95102040 H-6” This lovely plant makes slow spreading mats of narrow, lightly toothed leaves. It bears large pink flowers in clusters in spring. This is a gorgeous though little known crucifer from the Altai Mts. which has taken us many years to increase to the point where we have been able to make it available to our customers. F,r,s,t. $7.00

PARRYA KOKANDICA (JJH9209365) H-5” The low clumps of toothed foliage are covered with luscious lavender pink flowers in late spring and fall. It makes a wonderful show when grown in a large pot where you can enjoy the fragrance. Pamir Mts. F,r,s,t. $7.00

PARRYA SCHUGNANA (HOLUBEC LIST) H-5” Another beautiful central Asian crucifer which forms rosettes of rigid, lightly toothed foliage topped by large pink blooms. Pamir Range, Tajikistan. F,r,s,t. $7.00

PENSTEMON ABIETINUS H-4” This forms a tiny upright sub-shrub with linear, dark green leaves and rich blue flowers with a golden beard. It just covers itself in bloom in late spring. This is a great choice for a sunny trough or scree. Utah. F,s,t. $6.00

PENSTEMON ARIDUS H-5” A species which makes clumps of linear, grass-like foliage holding spires of bright blue flowers. It can make small mats over time and it is a wonderful thing in a trough. Big Horns. F,r,s,t. $6.00

PENSTEMON `BOYD KLINE’ H-4” This bright pink beauty was found by Boyd Kline and Virginia Maffitt while hiking in the southern Siskiyou Mts. It is a natural hybrid of P. newberryi and P. rupicola. Virginia brought some cuttings back from the hike and named the plant for Boyd. F,r,s,t. $6.00

PENSTEMON CAESPITOSUS v. CAESPITUSUS`ALBUS’ H-1” The tiniest foliage of any Penstemon that we grow forms a dense mat. It has small blooms of creamy white and it is very nice grown over the edge of a trough.  Colorado. F,r,s,t. $6.00

PENSTEMON CONFERTUS DWARF FORM H-5” Mats of pretty, dark-green evergreen foliage with whorls of good yellow blooms, a color not often seen in Penstemon. Wenatchee Mts. F,r,s. $6.00

PENSTEMON CRANDALLII (RM92-323) H-3” Linear foliage forms a small mat. Short shoots of bright blue blooms. Xeric. This one of our favorite for the open garden and it does well in a trough and our sunny sand beds. Choice! Colorado. F,r,s,t. $6.00

PENSTEMON CYANEUS (NNS) H-12”  A stunningly blue Penstemon from northwestern Wyoming, southern Montana and central Idaho. It forms strong mats of lanceolate leaves with strong stems of bright blue blooms. Give it lots of drainage and sun. F,r,s. $6.00

PENSTEMON DAVIDSONII v. MENZIESII `PINK’ H-2” Huge soft pink flowers cover the exceptional foliage in spring. Cascades. F,r. $6.00

PENSTEMON DAVIDSONII v. MENZIESII `TOLMIEI PEAK’ H-2” Flat as a pancake mats of small, dark green toothed foliage with large lavender-blue blooms on very short stems. Cascades. F,r,s,t. $6.00

PENSTEMON “DRAGONTAIL” H-1” An apparent natural hyrid between P.davidsonii & P.rupicola this plant forms flat mats of tiny, acute, blue-green foliage with large violet-pink blooms. It is our selection from the vicinity of Dragontail Peak in the Stewart Range, WA. F,r,t. $6.00

PENSTEMON HETERODOXUS (NNS93-564) H-4” Rosettes of linear foliage form small, congested mats. Large clusters of rich blue blooms sit right down on the foliage. This is another superb trough Penstemon. 12,000’ White Mts., Ca. F,s,t. $6.00

PENSTEMON HUMILIS v. BREVIFOLIUS (NNS99-3320) H-4” The small mats of shiny green spatulate leaves bear beautiful glandular, dark blue blooms that glitter in the sun. It is a very choice Penstemon for a trough or crevice. Utah. F,s,t. $6.00

PENSTEMON IDAHOENSIS H-6” This plant makes low mounds of narrow, oblong foliage. Dark blue blooms. This is a rarely offered Penstemon from southern Idaho. F,r,s. $6.00

PENSTEMON NEWB ERRYI v. SONOMENSIS H-2” This variety is the most compact form of this species. It makes mats of small blue-green foliage with deep ruby red flowers. It is hardy and beautiful! 4300’ Sonoma Co.,CA. F,r,s. $6.00

PENSTEMON PROCERUS ssp. FORMOSUS H-3” A very dwarf variety that makes tight mats of blue-green foliage with brilliant blue blooms on 3” stems. It is beautiful in a trough or crevice. Elk Horn Mts., Or. F,r,s,t. $6.00

PENSTEMON PROCERUS ssp. TOLMIEI ex. BETHEL RIDGE H- 4” Low, tight mats of spathulate foliage and beautiful rich blue blooms with a dark purple tube held in clusters. This is the best color form of this species which we have come across and is also a reliable heavy bloomer. E. Washington Cascades. F,r,s,t. $6.00

PENSTEMON  PROCERUS ssp. TOLMIEI “HAWKEYE” H-4” This is the same plant that is pictured in Bob Nold`s new penstemon book [Buy it. It is great!] as P.p.”Alpinglow” which was going to be the plants name until I found that the name had been used for a Penstemon from a Canadian nursery.  Unfortunately, I forgot that I had sent the plant to Bob under this name before the plant went into general release. It has beautiful pink & white blooms with a very sweet fragrance. Our selection from 7300’ Hawkeye Point, Goat Rocks, Wa. F,r,s,t. $6.00

PENSTEMON PROCERUS ssp. TOLMIEI “OLD SNOWY” H-3” Very compact bearing pure white blooms with contrasting violet tubes on short stems. Fragrant! Our selection from 7500’ in the Goat Rocks near Old Snowy Mt. F,r,s,t. $6.00

PENSTEMON PUMILUS H-4” A small species with cinereous foliage and clusters of blue-violet blooms with a golden beard. Idaho. F,s,t. $6.00

PENSTEMON RUPICOLA `MYRTLE HEBERT’ H-2” A very compact form of this species with unusual gray-green foliage it sports very dark pink blooms. There is almost no center die back on this form which was named by Roy Davidson to honor the original president of the Penstemon Society. Washington. F,s,t. $6.00

PEREZIA SESSILIFOLIA H-3” This South American beauty is rare in cultivation. It forms tight cushions of linear, rigid leaves which are quite leathery. It has small pink daisy-like blooms which sit right down on the foliage. We grow it in cooler sites in vertical crevices and it makes an attractive subject for a trough or pot. Andes. P,r,s,t. $7.00

PETROPHYTUM HENDERSONII H-4” Low mounds of small, blue-green leaves make a tight little sub-shrub bearing racemes of creamy-white flowers held on arching stems in early summer. It is perfect in a trough. Olympic Mts. P,r,s,t. $7.00

PHLOX ADSURGENS `MARY ELLEN’ H-2” This plant forms a dense mound of unusual rounded foliage that is covered in early summer with unusual rounded blooms with overlapping petals of richest pink with darker lines. It takes full sun in Western Washington. This is our selection form S. Oregon. F,r. $7.00

PHLOX ADSURGENS `OREGON BLUSH’ H-2” Loren Russell of Corvalis, OR.found this lovely form and gave us cuttings. It starts out soft pink with dark pink veins and soon ages to pure white. S. Oregon. P,r. $7.00

PHLOX `APPLE BLOSSOM’ H-3” Compact mounds of green foliage with large blooms of pink and white held on very short stems. A lovely rock garden plant. F,r,s. $6.00 3 FOR $16.50

PHLOX “BORANOVICE” H-2” A new hybrid from Europe which is very compact with a heavy spring bloom of rich ruby red which really stands out in the sunny rock garden. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

PHLOX `BORANOVICE III’ H-2” Another of this fine series from the Czech Republic, this one makes tight, compact mounds of hairy gray-green foliage with large, almost stem-less rich pink blooms. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

PHLOX DIFFUSA H-2” Forms nice dense mats of needle-like foliage covered with many large lavender-blue blooms in late spring and again in fall. This is the color form most often seen in the Cascades and it is an easy rock garden plant. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

PHLOX DIFFUSA “GOAT ROCKS PINK” H-2” Stem-less blooms of rich pink with overlapping petals. Compact mats of foliage. Our selection from Washington`s Goat Rocks. F,s,r,t. $6.00

PHLOX HODII v. CANESCENS H-2” Compact, dense cushions of hairy, awl-shaped leaves. The solitary white blooms are about ½” and sweetly fragrant. Does well in a scree. E. Cascades, WA. F,r,s,t. $6.00

PHLOX KELSEYI-BLUE (RM91-7966) H-2” This is an unusual form with large blue blooms on a plant which is normally white. Marvelous! Clark Co., ID 5900’ F,r,s,t. $6.00

PHLOX KELSEYI “LEMHI MIDNIGHT” H-2” This vigorous mat former covers itself with deep blue-violet blooms. We grew this from seed collected by Betty Lowry in Lemhi Co., Id. F,s,t. $6.00

PHLOX KELSEYI “LEMHI PURPLE” H-2” This plant was found in the wild by Betty Lowry and has now gained a worldwide reputation for its` wonderful, rich violet-purple blooms. Lemhi Co., Idaho. F,,s,t. $6.00

PHLOX `OCHSEN BLUT’ H-2” The compact mounds of dark green foliage cover themselves with masses of blood-red blooms with very long, narrow tubes. This is a superb hybrid from Germany. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

PHLOX `STAR OF HEAVEN’ H-3” The dense, compact mounds of foliage are bright green and it has large, stem-less blooms of rich rose-pink with a darker center. This is a very attractive plant that is rarely offered. F,r,s. $6.00 3 for $16.50

PHLOX `SUNRISE’ (P.ADSURGENS x P.NIVALIS) H-6” Forms a small mound of wide, needle-like foliage with many peach-pink blooms a few weeks later than P. subulata types. This is a lovely and unusual selection from Primrose Path Nursery. F,r,s. $6.00

PHYLLIOPSIS `ASKIVAL’ (PHYLLODOCE BREWERI x KALMIOPSIS LEACHIANA) H-10” The blooms are nicely intermediate between the parents forming small, pretty pink saucer shaped flowers held in clusters. It makes dense mounds of small foliage which is attractive even out of bloom. This plant arose as a bee hybrid at Mike & Polly Stones Askival Nursery. Grow it like a small Rhododendron. F,p,r,t. $8.00

PHYLLIOPSIS “COPPELIA” (PHYLLODOCE EMPETRIFORMIS x KALMIOPSIS LEACHIANA) H-10” A dense shrub with short linear green foliage and ½” saucer shaped blooms of lavender-pink which favor the Kalmiopsis parent. This is very nice grown with small Rhododendron and Cassiope.  P,r,pt. $8.00

PHYLLIOPSIS `MERMAID’ H-12” This is a beautiful small shrub with small, shiny leaves which make a dense mound. It covers itself for a long period in spring and early summer with many pink urn shaped flowers. It often blooms again in the fall. This is one of the best small shrubs for the rock garden. P,r,pt. $8.00

PHYLLODOCE ALEUTICA H-6” A little shrub which makes low mounds of tiny dark green, minutely toothed leaves with globular blooms of light yellow in terminal clusters. E. Asia to Alaska. P,r,pt. $7.00

PHYLLODOCE CAERULEA H-9” Another beautiful and very hardy circumpolar plant with small dark green foliage which bears a very heavy bloom of pink flowers, it does extremely well in the garden as long as it never dries out. N. Europe. P,r,pt. $7.00

PHYLLODOCE EMPETRIFORMIS H-12” A lovely dwarf shurblet with many bell-shaped blooms of red-purple held in umbels in late spring. Washignton Cascades. P,r,pt. $7.00

PHYLLODOCE NIPPONICA v. TSUGIFOLIA H-8” Our favorite of this fine genus, it makes an up-right, branched dwarf shrub with small leaves of lustrous green. The blooms are white and are held on red pedicels. This is a top flight addition to the cool rock garden or trough. Japan. P,r,pt. $8.00 LIMIT ONE

PODOPHYLLUM HEXANDRUM H-15” The large, toothed, lobed foliage often has beautiful brownish-purple marbling. 1 ½-2” flowers are soft pink to white and held above the leaves. It produces large red, ovoid fruit. China. P,r. $7.00 3 for $19.50

POLYGONATUM HOOKERI H-4” A beautiful tiny, true alpine species which has narrow elliptic leaves that form a colony from underground stolons. Rich pink blooms on short stems in late spring and early summer. It makes a wonderful plant for a cool trough. This plant does not show new growth for us until mid May. China. F,p,r,t. $7.00 3 for $19.50

POLYGONATUM PRATTII H-10” This is a small species with upright stems bearing pendent, flowers of violet-purple with darker veining along the stems. Very attractive. China. P,r,t. $7.00

POTENTILLA FRUITICOSA `CASCADE CUSHION’ H-4” This is a wonderful dwarf cushion which produces a long summer bloom of large yellow flowers from a woody base. It is superb in a sunny wall and it is our selection from the S.Cascades. F,r,s,t. $7.00

POTENTILLA NIVEA (RM) H-2” This is the Rocky Mt. form of this wide spread species and it is very compact compared to the European forms. It makes congested mats of fuzzy, white edged foliage with large yellow flowers on short stems. It is a very choice member of the high alpine tundra community. We like the way this plant looks planted in crevices in our rock work. Summit co., CO. 11,500’ F,r,s,t. $6.00
3 for $16.50

PRIMULA ALLIONII H-3” This year we are offering a selection of named cultivars of P. Allionii. All of these forms require protection from winter wet and careful winter watering to prevent fungus. Only small numbers of any one cultivar will be available. $7.00


The following selection of Primula allionii hybrids possess many of the same fine attributes as Primula allionii but are much easier to please in the open garden. P,r,t.


PRIMULA `ADRIAN EVANS’ H-3” This plant was bred by David Philbey and has rich magenta flowers sprinkled with farina with a creamy round eye. The heavily farinose leaves shows the influence of P. marginata.
PRIMULA `ALLEN EVENING’ H-3” Large frilled dark violet-pink blooms over dark green foliage.
PRIMULA `ALLEN MOONBEAM’ H-3” This makes tight mounds of tiny foliage with very large white blooms with a prominent band of violet edging each petal. This is from Ray Fairbairn of the U.K.
PRIMULA `BROADWELL CHAMELEON’ H-3” This is a really lovely bee hybrid which is much like P. `Clarence Elliot’ but with rich pink blooms that age to dark pink. It is one of Joe Elliot`s famous Broadwell Series.

PRIMULA `BROADWELL MILKMAID’ H-4” Makes a compact dome of large overlapping creamy-white blooms. Stunning! This is one of the best.
PRIMULA `CLARENCE ELLIOT’ H-3’ From Joe Elliot`s Broadwell series, this vigorous compact clone produces a heavy bloom of large, violet-blue flowers with a white eye.

PRIMULA `COY’ [P.AURICULA x P. ALLIONII “ALBA”] H-3” This is a lovely plant with narrow dark-green foliage and masses of soft yellow blooms. It was sent to us by Kath Dryden.

PRIMULA `HANNAH’ H-4” Toothed foliage forms a compact mound. Lovely, large, pale lilac blooms open flat. Easy and desirable.

PRIMULA `HEMSWELL BLUSH’ (P.ALLIONII x P.`BLAIRSIDE YELLOW’) H-4” A compact clone which forms rosettes of foliage as in P. allionii with lustrous pink blooms with a yellow eye. It is easy to please and was bred by Martin Nest Nursery.
PRIMULA `HIGH POINT’ H-2” A gorgeous bee hybrid from Grand Ridge Nursery which showed up in a pot of P. allionii. Strongly toothed foliage with a heavy coating of golden farina. Large flowers of rich royal purple.

PRIMULA `JO JO’ H-3” This is another of the Broadwell series. Very large blooms with overlapping petals are lilac-blue with a small yellowish eye. This is a favorite of ours.

PRIMULA `KELSEY ANN’ H2” Makes a flat, tight low mound of rounded foliage that covers itself with large blooms of a beautiful shade of violet-purple with a diffuse yellow-white eye. This is a very late bloomer from seed of `Wharfedale Bluebell’.

PRIMULA `LILAC LOVER’ H-3” This new clone from Graham Nicholls is a seedling from P. `Airemist’ which has very large lilac blue flowers over toothed, dark green leaves. It is an excellent selection.

PRIMULA `LISMORE JEWEL’ [P.ALLIONII x P.PUBESCENS] H-4” Everyone loves this compact plant with rich red-purple blooms which have very distinctive long white tubes. Stunning! Late spring bloom.

PRIMULA `LISMORE SUNSHINE’ H-4” I think that this plant must have the largest yellow blooms of any dwarf hybrid Primula. The best of the yellows!

PRIMULA `LISMORE TREASURE’ (P. ALLIONII x `OLD RED DUSTY MILLER’ x p. ALLIONII) H-2” This is a very compact with deep violet-purple blooms and although it looks just like a P. allionii selection it is much easier to please. Terrific!

PRIMULA MARGINATA `HOLDEN CLOUGH’ x P. ALLIONII H-3” For sure this is one of the finest of the P. x miniera with rich golden farina and deep violet blue blooms on short stems.

PRIMULA `MARIS TABARD’ H-3” This plant bears small, rounded blooms of pale violet with broad petals. The blooms are flecked with farina. The foliage is small, toothed and heavily covered with golden farina. A spectacular plant which is easy to please.

PRIMULA `NEFERTITI’ H-3” Narrow, toothed, dark green leaves with large blooms which age through beautiful shades of light to dark pink. This is our selection from seed.

PRIMULA `NIGHTINGALE’ H-4” Makes a solid mound of lustrous rich, dark pink blooms over compact foliage which just covers the mound. It is an early bloomer.

PRIMULA `PINK AIRE’ H-4” Attractive lightly toothed foliage and very large clear pink blooms on short stems. It is a seedling from P. `Airemist’.

PRIMULA `SNOWCAP’ (P.A.”AVALANCHE x P.HIRSUTA “LISMORE SNOW”) H-3” A clone which makes a lovely compact plant with large white blooms and it is a very good doer in the open garden or trough.

PRIMULA `TONY’ H-3” The foliage and habit are much like P. allionii with very large flowers of pure white which open flat. This is a superb plant and one of the best whites.

PRIMULA `STRADBROOK CHARM’ H-2” Large clear lavender blooms over small toothed foliage dusted with golden farina.

PRIMULA `STRADBROOK ` DREAM’ H-2” This compact clone has lavender-pink flowers which have notched, ruffled petals. Small toothed foliage covered with golden farina.

PRIMULA `STRADBROOK ` LILAC LUSTRE’ H-2” This is as above with large blooms of clear lilac with darker markings. This is a real standout in a trough.

PRIMULA `STRADBROOK ` LUCY’ H-2” This bears large lavender-pink blooms with a dark eye and notched petals. We grow this in cool vertical crevices where it is lovely.

PRIMULA `VIOLET CHAMBERS’ H-2” Small leaves dusted with golden farina. Large blooms of violet-purple.

PRIMULA `WAHRFEDALE GEM’ H-2” Try this little beauty which makes tights mounds of light green foliage and bright pink blooms on held on short stems.

PRIMULA `WHARFEDALE LING’ H-2” Tight little rosettes of dark green foliage covered with creamy white blooms with a prominent pink edge. A must have!


PRIMULA CUSICKIANA subsp. DOMENSIS H-4” This subspecies is a grow-able form of an otherwise un-growable species. It forms rosettes of oblanceolate foliage with rich violet blooms with a small yellow eye.  Utah. F,pt,t,wc. $7.00

PRIMULA x BERNINAE `WINDRUSH’ H-4” A natural hybrid of P. latifolia x P. hirsute, it is very compact with deep red-purple blooms on very short stems. First rate! P,r,t. $6.00

PRIMULA x BILECKII H-2” A great miniature for trough or scree, this is a natural hybrid of P. minima and P. rubra. Rosettes of tiny foliage toothed at the tips with many large purple blooms. It is much like P. minima but much easier to bloom. Alps. F,p,s,t. $6.00


PRIMULA x JULIANA `JAY JAY’ H-4” This is a clone which has been around for a long time now and which is a good vigorous jack-in-green form ( a ruff of leaves around the flower) with large violet-purple blooms. Raised by Herb Dickson from seed he received from the late Peter Klein. P,r,pt. $6.00

PRIMULA x JULIANA `LOIS LUTZ’ H-4” Rosettes of bronze-green leaves with deep red-purple blooms. A lovely and vigorous plant. P,r,pt. $6.00

PRIMULA x JULIANA `SNOWWHITE’ H-4” Another very vigorous clone with green leaves and masses of white blooms on short stems. P,r,pt $6.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `AGEE’ H-5” One of the best foliage forms of this species with narrow, heavily toothed leaves with lots of silver farina. Bright blue blooms. P,r,s,t. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `ALAN JONES’ H-6” Narrow, silvery leaves and very rich dark blue, pin eye flowers. This is a sister seedling of P.m. `Herb Dickson’. P,r,s,t. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `AMETHYST’ H-6” Good foliage with golden farina and purple buds which open to amethyst blooms. This is an excellent and unusual color form. P,r,s,t. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `BEAMISH VARIETY’ H-4” This is very compact with small leaves covered with golden farina and topped with bright violet blooms. This is both different and lovely. P,r,s,t. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `BLUE LAGOON’ H-5” This showed up as a seedling at the nursery in a pot of Lewisia. It is very much like P.m. `Herb Dickson’ only much more compact. Deep blue blooms over toothed, oblong foliage. P,r,t. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `BEATRICE LASCARIS’ H-3” One of the smallest of this species with lovely mauve blooms with a white eye held on very short stems. It is great in a trough. P,r,t. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `BENTHAM’ H-4” Quite different, this is a very compact plant with typical P. marginata foliage and good size blooms of lavender-pink. P,r,t. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `DRAKE`S FORM’ H-8” A big, bold form with rich blue blooms and very large, golden emerging foliage buds. This form has been grown in America for many years under this name but seems to be different from the plant circulating in the UK under this name. P,r,s,t. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `HERB DICKSON’ H-8” A suburb selection from the late “Mr. Primula” Herb Dickson, it has the darkest blue blooms we have ever seen in the species over toothed, edged foliage. P,r,pt. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `JIMMY LONG’ H-5” This is a compact form with heavy toothing on the foliage and a good dusting of golden farina with mid-blue blooms. This one is small enough to grow in a trough. P,r,pt. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `KESSELRING`S VARIETY’ H-4” This old variety has compact, early appearing, rich mauve flowers with a prominent white eye. It is a heavy bloomer with excellent foliage. P,r,t. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `LINDA POPE’ H-6” Try this old clone from the early 1900`s which has large clusters of flat lavender-blue blooms with a white eye. It is still one of the best. Alps. P,r,s,pt. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `LOU ROBERTS’ H-6” Large golden buds open to lightly toothed foliage dusted with golden farina. Large blue blooms with a white eye. P,r,t. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `MICRO’ H-4” We selected this compact plant with a long bloom of violet-blue flowers from seed. Repeats blooms in the fall. P,r,pt. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `NAPOLEON’ H-5” The masses of pale lavender-blue flowers are held over narrow, gray-green leaves. It is both attractive and different as well as being small enough for a trough. P,r,s,pt. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `SHEILA DENBY’ H-5” A pleasing, compact form with mid-size foliage and rich blue blooms on short stems. P,r,s,t. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA ex. VAL de CARDOS H-6” We grew this beauty from seed that was wild collected in the Val de Cardos, Spain. It has very heavily toothed foliage with a heavy sprinkling of silver farina. The flowers are of a rich shade of blue. This is a real standout plant. P,r,s,t. $7.00

PRIMULA MARGINATA `WHITE LINDA POPE’ H-6” This is a superb plant with large, rounded white blooms on strong stems. Much used to breed hybrids. One of the best Primula that we grow. P,r,s,t. $8.00

PRIMULA PEDEMONTANA `ALBA’ H-6” This is a very attractive plant which is easy to please in the rock garden. It has leathery green foliage with small red hairs and large umbels of pure white flowers. Southern Alps. P,r,pt,t. $7.00

All plants in the Primula x pubescens group are compact, hardy and vigorous. They make excellent plants for the open rock garden.

PRIMULA x PUBESCENS `ALBA’ H-4” This is an old clone which has a neat habit and makes a slow spread. It has clusters of somewhat frilly white blooms which are very attractive. P,r,pt. $6.00

PRIMULA x PUBESCENS `BLUE BLISS’ H-4” A seedling we raised from P. x pubscens `Harlow Car’ which seems to have crossed out to P. marginata. This a compact plant with finely toothed foliage and really lovely blue flowers. Good garden plant. P,r,pt. $6.00

PRIMULA x PUBESCENS `BOOTHMANS VARIETY’ H-5” Lovely & easy in the trough or open garden, this plant has dark red-purple blooms with a white eye over bronze-green foliage. Repeat fall bloom. F,r,s,t. $6.00

PRIMULA x PUBESCENS `KAPOWSIN’ H-6” The big, bold, bright blooms are rich red-purple with a large white eye. Great garden plant!  It is our selection from seed and named for a nearby town. P,r,t. $6.00

PRIMULA x PUBESCENS `PAT BARWICK’ H-4” This is a small pubescens well suited for a trough. It has a neat habit with flat blooms of pale cream blushed salmon pink held over toothed foliage. P,r,t. $6.00

PRIMULA x PUBESCENS `RUFUS’ H-6” A large p. x pubescens & considered by many to be the best! Large dark red blooms darker toward the center and with a yellow eye. Recommended. P,r,pt. $6.00

PRIMULA SIEBOLDII `FUKIAGE SAKURA’ H-6” Very unusual for this species, this clone has semi-double to double blooms of soft blue. P,pt. $7.00

PRIMULA WARSHENEWSKIANA x P. ROSEA H-6” Steve Doonan found this attractive bee hybrid growing at GrandRidge Nursery. It makes rosettes of oblanceolate leaves and clusters of rich, bright pink blooms with a white eye on 6” stems. It is great in a bog or any rich soil. P,r,b,pt. $6.00

PTEROCEPHALUS PINARDII H-6” A mat forming plant with pinnatisect leaves. It bears large pink-purple flowers for most of the summer and have feathery seed heads which add to the display. Turkey. F,r,s. $6.00

PULSATILLA ALBANA H-8” This is a species with pretty silky-hairy foliage. Nodding, bell-shaped flowers which are creamy white with a blue reverse. This is a really delightful rock garden plant. Transcaucasia. F,p,r,s,t. $6.00

PULSATILLA ALPINA-WHITE H-6” This is the same as the above expect that the flowers are white. F,p,r,s,t. $6.00

PULSATILLA GRANDIS-BUDAPEST TYPE H-10” We had a plant from wild seed which bloomed with lovely soft blue flowers which age to lavender-blue. Subsequent seedlings have come very close to the same color although color may vary from seed. . F,r. $6.00

PULSATILLA PATENS H-6” The palmate foliage is very hairy and the leaflets are divided into many linear segments. The large, erect flowers are lilac-blue. A very attractive plant which resents winter wet. W. America. F,r,s,t,wc. $6.00

PULSATILLA  VULGARIS-WATERMELON PINK H-10” Everybody loves this strain which blooms with large, soft, watermelon pink flowers. Color may vary from seed. $6.00


PYROLA ASARIFOLIA H-8” Shining green, rounded, leathery leaves form small colonies from stolons. The clusters of very pretty pink bell-shaped blooms appear in spring. It likes a cool, acid soil. This is the most growable of all the Pyrola that we have tried. W. Washington. P,r. $7.00 3 FOR $19.50

RAOULA APICENIGRA H-2” Similar to R. australis but this has been much hardier for us. Spreading mats of tiny, silver rosettes which roots down as they spread. S. Island New Zealand. F,r,s. $6.00

RAOULIA x PETRIMIA `MARGARET PRINGLE’ H-4” This is a natural hybrid of R. petriensis and R. eximea. It forms tight mounds of beautiful silvery foliage that is covered with hairs. Another beauty that is best in the alpine house. New Zealand. F,t,wc. $7.00

RHODODENDRON ANTHOPOGON `ANNAPURNA’ H-12” This is a compact form of the species with creamy yellow flowers which was collected in Nepal. The small dark green leaves are very aromatic. P,r,pt. $9.00

RHODODENDRON CALSOTROTUM ssp. KELETICUM H-3”  A neat little species with narrow leaves of glossy green. It forms a prostrate mat which spreads slowly. The large soft purple flowers sit right down on the foliage. S.W. China. P,r,t. $8.00

RHODODENDRON CALOSTROTUM ssp. RADICANS ROCK FORM H-2” This is close to the ultimate for dwarf growth for the genus, this selection from the late plantsman and explorer John Rock is perfect for the trough. It has very tiny foliage with large, flat lavender blooms. China. P,r,t. $9.00

RHODODENDRON `CHIKOR’ (R. RUPICOLA v. CHRYSEUM x R. LUDLOWII)  H- 15” An upright plant which is heavily branched and compact. Lots of small yellow blooms. This is an excellent rock garden plant from Peter Cox. F,r,pt. $8.00

RHODODENDRON DENDROCHARIS H-12” One of our favorite species, this makes a compact well branched shrub with hairy foliage and rather large sugar pink blooms very early in spring. Rarely seen in gardens. China. F,r,p. $9.00

RHODODENDRON FORRESTII REPENS GROUP H-3” Makes a prostrate shrub which lies right on the ground with rounded, textured, dark-green foliage. The upright, solitary blooms are large and bright, waxy red. W. China. F,r,p,t. $8.00

RHODODENDRON IMPERATOR H-3” This is another prostrate shrub with spreading branchlets which have oblanceolate dark-green leaves and large pinkish-purple blooms which open almost flat. This has been totally hardy for us but may need some protection in really cold areas. Rare in cultivation. N.E. Burma 11,000’. P,r,t. $9.00

RHODODENDRON KEISKEI `YAKU FAIRY’ H-5” The mounds of beautiful prostrate foliage turn bronze in winter and are topped with large, soft yellow blooms on very short stems. This is and outstanding plant for the trough or rock garden. Hardy to below zero F. Japan. P,r,t. $8.00

RHODODENDRON PUMILUM H-10” This is a charming little shrub that forms a small mound of tiny, rounded foliage and bears clusters of ½” thimble-like pink blooms. Tis a hardier than average form which we received from Askival Nursery in Scotland. Nepal. P,r,t. $8.00

RHODODENDRON `RADISTROTUM’ H-6” This a lovely little hybrid of R. radicans which forms small mounds of tiny, dark green foliage and bears large lilac blooms on stalks. Perfect for a cool trough. P,r,t. $9.00

RHODODENDRON SALUENENSE ssp. CHAMEUNUM v. PROSTRATUM H-3” Very compact slow growing form with tiny rounded, glossy leaves with bristly edges. Large, rose-purple blooms. Ideal in a trough. China. P,r,t. $9.00

RHODODENDRON SARGENTIANUM `MARICEE’ H-15” Makes a neat dense mound of small dark-green leaves studded with cream colored flowers. The whole plant has a pleasant resinous scent. This makes an excellent rock garden shrub. Sichuan, China. F,p,r. $9.00

RHODODENDRON SARGENTIANUM x R. MYRTIFOLIUM H-12” This is a wonderful unnamed hybrid which is perfect for the rock garden and is one our favorite small hybrids. It makes very dense domes of tiny resinous foliage and is covered with masses of small, waxy-pink bell flowers. F,r,p. $8.00

RHODODENDRON `WEE BEE’ H-9” This is a hybrid of R. keiskii `Yaku Fairy’which forms a rounded mound of small foliage and bears trusses of red blooms which fade to pink in the throat. Great rock garden plant bred by Warren Berg. P,r,pt. $8.00

RHODODENDRON `WREN’ H-6” Forms a prostrate plant with yellow flowers and glossy foliage which turns bronze in winter. It is excellent in troughs and even does very well in full sun in the rock garden. Hardy to at least -10F and it stays low enough to keep a mulch cover where needed. Bz,p,r,t. $8.00

SALIX REPENS H-2” Makes a dense mat of tiny, rounded, grey-green foliage. Frequent pinching will result in a tiny tree with a thick trunk perfect for a trough. Eurasia. F,p,r,t.  $7.00

SALVIA DAGHESTANICA H-5” Linear felted white leaves form compact cushions with large, rich blue blooms on 5 or 6” stems. We grow this in our sunny sand beds and in pots under cover. The best Salvia we have ever grown. Caucasus, Russia. F,r,s,t. $6.00

SAPONARIA `ROSENGNOM’ H-3” Dense mounds of linear leaves covered with large rose-pink flowers in late spring and summer. A first rate plant from Germany. F,r,s. $6.00



SAXIFRAGA x BURNATII H-6” Compact with very narrow leaves of silvery blue with a silver edge. It has large showy sprays of white blooms. This is one of our favorites. F,p,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

SAXIFRAGA CALLOSA v. LANTOSACANA H-12” Rosettes of very narrow, silver encrusted foliage which is recurved at the tips form mats. Large sprays of white blooms on strong stems. This is one of the best forms of this species. Maritime Alps. P,r,s,t. $6.00

SAXIFRAGA CEBENNENSIS H-4” This makes a rather hard mound of `mossy’ type foliage which is sticky to the touch. It covers itself with white blooms in spring and can take more sun than most Saxifraga in our cool climate. Nice in a trough or crevice. France. P,r,s,t. $6.00

SAXIFRAGA COCHLEARIS `MINOR’ H-4” Dense, tight domes of tiny, silver foliage with sprays of white blooms on 8” stems. It makes huge, impressive domes over time and it is wonderful in rock work or a trough. Alps. F,p,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

SAXIFRAGA COTYLEDON ex. `SOUTHSIDE SEEDLING’ H-15” Many different plants are grown under this name, Ours are from cuttings of a form in which the lower third of the petals is covered in red spots so as to look like a solid red center. It has rosettes of silver-green strap-like foliage and is especially nice grown in a container. F,p,r,s,pt. $6.00

SAXIFRAGA `DR. RAMSEY’ H-8” The rather flat rosettes of very narrow, silver edged leaves form an impressive mound which hold nice full panicles of white blooms with faint pink spotting in the throat. P,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

SAXIFRAGA `ESTHER’ [S.COCHLEARIS x S.PANICULATA `LUTEA’] H-10” It makes brilliant silver encrusted foliage with lovely sprays of soft yellow blooms. It is easy to please and very attractive. F,p,r,s,t.$6.00

SAXIFRAGA `FRANCIS CADE’ H-10” Rosettes of very silver, narrow leaves are beautiful in their own right. Clusters of large white blooms with light pink spotting. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

SAXIFRAGA x FRITSCHIANA [S.PANICULATA x S.CRUSTATA] H-5” This is a natural hybrid that forms rock-hard mats of tiny very silver foliage with creamy white blooms on 6” scapes. It can take more sun than most forms. Alps. P,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

SAXIFRAGA `HARTSIDE CREAM’ H-10” A for which makes tight cushions of gray-green rosettes with slightly incurved leaves. It has panicles of creamy yellow flowers. P,f,r,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

SAXIFRAGA `KATHLEEN PINSENT’ [S.PANICULATA `LUTEA’ x S.PANICULATA SSP. KOLENATIANA] H-8” This is one of the most beautiful of the encrusted hybrids with intensely silver rosettes and pink blooms. P,f,r,t. $6.00

SAXIFRAGA `MONARCH’ H-15” This is a S. cotyledon hybrid with wide encrusted foliage and long stems bearing hundreds of blooms. A very impressive plant. P,r,t. $6.00

SAXIFRAGA PANICULATA subsp. CARTILAGINEA `FOSTER`S RED’ H-12” Rosettes of encrusted green foliage spread quickly to from a dense mat with sprays of beautiful deep-red blooms in late spring. F,p,r,s,pt. $6.00 3 for $16.50

SAXIFRAGA PANICULATA `DR.CLAY’ ( SYN: S.P.`HIRTIFOLIA’)  H-10”  A very attractive plant with rosettes of narrow leaves covered with short hairs which give it a grayish tinge. White flowers on brownish stems. P,f,r,t. $6.00

SAXIFRAGA PANICULATA `LUTEA’ H7” This forms compact mounds of narrow green foliage with light encrustation. It bears sprays of the richest yellow blooms of any cultivar that we have grown. We recommend this plant for a cool spot in the rock garden or scree. P,r,s,t. $6.00

SAXIFRAGA PANICULATA `PUNCTATISSIMA H-6” Rosettes of silver-green, incurved foliage and a heavy bloom of white flowers heavily spotted pink.  This is a great garden plant. F,p,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

SAXIFRAGA PANICULATA `ROSEA’ H-10” One of the loveliest of the paniculata forms, it forms large rosettes which for a mound with large rose-red blooms on 10” stems. Bulgaria. P,r,pt. $6.00 3 for $16.50

SAXIFRAGA `RAINSLEY SEEDLING’ H-8” The very pretty glaucous –blue rosettes with a milky-white caste form mounds with compact panicles of rich creamy white. P,f,r,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

SAXIFRAGA `SILVER MAID’ (SYN. S. `CARNIOLICA’) H-10” Long, narrow silver-beaded leaves form rosettes. Large sprays of white blooms. This plant is a favorite of ours and is very pretty in a trough. P,r,pt. $6.00
SAXIFRAGA `WALPOLE`S VARIETY’ H-15” This is a plant which forms large rosettes of narrow foliage similar to S. longifolia. Large arching sprays of white blooms with some pink spotting. P,r,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

SAXIFRAGA `WHITEHILL’ H-9” Rosettes of lovely silver-blue which are red at their base make this a very distinctive plant. White flowers on 9” stems. P,f,r,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

SAXIFRAGA `WINIFRED BEVINGTON’ H-6” Mounds of small, scalloped green leaves edged in silver topped by masses of red and white blooms. It is very attractive and easy. P,r,pt,t. $6.00

SAXIFRAGA x ZIMMERTERI [S.AIZOON x S.CUNEIFOLIA] H-5” A very appealing natural hybrid, it forms very tight mats of small encrusted rosettes. Many star shaped white flowers with contrasting orange anthers. Austria. R,s,t. $6.00  3 for $16.50

SCUTELLARIA PROSTRATA H-2” One of the best! It makes flat mats of tiny serrate foliage with many heads of delightful cream and violet skullcaps. W. Himalayas. F,r,s,t. $6.00 3 for $16.50

SILENE ACAULIS `FRANCES’ H-2” This wonderful clone makes very tight mounds of bright chartreuse with a scattering of pale pink blooms. Excellent in a part sun trough, it was found in the wild in Scotland. P,r,s,t. $6.00

SILENE ACAULIS `TATOOSH’ H-3” Our selection from the Tatoosh Range of Washington, it is a large flowered vigorous form that is in bloom for months on end. No shy bloomer here! P,r,s. $6.00

SILENE ACAULIS `WHITE RABBIT’ H-2” Some years ago, we ordered seed of white form of Silene acaulis from Drakes Nursery in Scotland. We selected this form as the best out of about 100 seedlings and it really blooms well. It forms tight, rock-hard domes when grown lean with a long bloom of stem-less, pure white flowers. F,s,t. $6.00

SILENE ARGAEA H-4” This Turkish beauty is little known in America which is too bad as it is a real standout in its genus. It makes cushions of needle-like foliage with very large solitary pink blooms held on short stems. We grow this choice plant in crevices in our sunny sand beds, walls and troughs. F,r,s,t. $6.00

SILENE DAVIDII (SYN. S. KANTZEENSIS) H-3” This plant makes superb compact cushions of ovate green leaves which are about ½” long. I blooms with many 1” flowers of rich rosy pink with bifide petals. New to cultivation from Sechuan, China. F,p,r,t. $7.00

SILENE HOOKERI ssp. BOLANDERI HYBRIDS H-5” Some years ago we had a bunch of apparent bee hybrids show up at the nursery from a batch of seed we collected form a plant of S. hookeri ssp. bolanderi which was growing right next to a plant of S. petersonii. We got a whole range of plants from this batch of seed and this was our favorite. It bears hundreds of rich pink flowers with petals that are very finely cut as in S. hookeri ssp. bolanderi. For over ten years it never made a single seed, finally it decided to produce hundreds of seed one year. We have found the seedlings to be almost identical to the parent that has proven to be a very long lived easy to please plant unlike most forms of this species. This makes a superb potted plant. F,r,s,t. $7.00

SILENE PETERSONII H-4” This is the equal of any other American Silene. It bears large, recurved sugar pink flowers which sprout from gnarled clumps of dark-green, linear foliage. Utah. F,s,t. $6.00

SILENE PETERSONII `ALBA’ H-4” This form showed up in a batch of seedlings here at the nursery. It is very much as the above but with white blooms with violet veining. It is very different and beautiful. F,s,t. $7.00

SOLDANELLA ALPINA HYBRIDS H-5” Try this beautiful plant which makes compact mats of attractive glossy-green, rounded foliage with fringed violet flowers. P,r,b. $6.00

SOLDANELLA HUNGARICA MAJOR H-9” Dark-green, rounded foliage with clusters of rich violet-purple blooms on 8” stems. P,r,b. $6.00

SOLDANELLA x LUNGOVENSIS [S.PUSILLA x S.MONTANA] H-5” This natural hybrid is like a smaller S. montana with more tubular blue amethyst blooms. It is a good, vigorous garden plant for cool areas in the rock garden. Alps. P,r,b. $6.00

SORBUS SARGENTIANA H-6’ This is a most unusual form of this species which was collected by Steve Hootman  of the Rhododendron Species Foundation in 1995 on a trip to China. Large pinnate leaves which make very large white bloom clusters from large sticky buds followed by clusters of orange berries. This is a shrubby form of what is normally a tree. Excellent fall color. F,r. $15.00

SUCCISA PRATENSIS-DWARF H-5” A cute little summer blooming rock garden plant from the Caucasus. Mats of dark green, lanceolate leaves with rich violet-purple pincushion flowers held on short stems. It is easy to please. F,r,s,t. $6.00

TALINUM SPENESCENS H-8 The narrow fleshy foliage forms dense mounds over woody stems topped by masses of large, pink blooms on 8” stems. We have a large hyper-tufa pot of this beauty which has been planted now for over ten years. It still makes a spectacular blooms show each spring and again in summer. It needs some protection from winter wet. E. Washington.  F,s,t,wc. $6.00

TALINUM `ZOE’ ( T. SEDOIDES x T. SPINESCENS) H-2” Flat mats of tiny succulent foliage covered in large, stem-less pink blooms in summer when the sun is on the plants. Very special! F,s,t,wc. $6.00

TEUCRIUM AROANIUM H-8” Mats of attractive silver foliage with large, soft purple flowers held in the upper leaf axils. This is very good in the sunny scree or rock garden. Greece. F,r,s,t. $6.00

THALICTRUM TUBEROSUM H-12” The much cut leaves form a small mat with attractive, large creamy-white flowers which are held in small panicles. This is a fine plant for the cooler spot in the rock garden or for the woodland garden. Pyrenees. P,r,pt. $7.00

TOWNSENDIA HOOKERI H-3” This is another extraordinarily beautiful little daisy which has very narrow gray leaves and large white to pale pink flowers which sit right down on the foliage. Great Basin. F,r,s,t. $6.00

TOWNSENDIA LEPOTES H-2” Narrow hairy leaves form rosettes. Large pink blooms sit right down on the foliage. We think that this is one of the most beautiful of this fine genus. It is terrific in a trough. F,s,t. $6.00

TOWNSENDIA MONTANA H-3” Small, compact rosettes of narrow foliage with violet-blue daises on 3” stems. A first rate miniature species and the easiest in the open garden. Great Basin. F,r,s,t. $6.00

TRILLIUM CHLOROPETALUM H-15”  Large mottled leaves on strong growing plants with sessile red blooms. We get the occasional yellow bloom. Califorinia. P,r. $10.00

TRILLIUM KURABAYASHII H-15” Similar to the above with deep purple blooms with a spicyscent. California. P,r. $10.00

TRILLIUM BLONDE HYBRIDS (T. LUTEUM x T. SESSILE) H-12” We have large clumps of these two species growing in our garden and the seedling which they produce are hybrids. The plants have large foliage which is mottled and marbled.  The flowers are a nice bronzy blonde with the occasional red. Excellent garden plants. $12.00

TRILLIUM GRANDIFLORUM DOUBLE H-12” A beautiful fully double form of this eastern American Trillium. The blooms look like white roses. P,r,pt. $30.00 5” pots.

TRILLIUM OVATUM H-12” Strong stems of ovate foliage with large white blooms which age to pink shades. It is a superb woodland plant which builds up into large clumps. These plants are seed grown at the nursery and 4 to 5 year old plants. P,r,pt. $8.00 3 for $22.50

TRILLIUM RIVALE H-6” These are seedlings from T.r. `Purple Heart’ and most look very much like their parent. The small leaves are deep green and veined. The blooms are white with heavy purple spotting in the center of the blooms. S. Oregon. P,r,pt. $8.00

TRILLIUM SIMILE H-24” Fred Case calls this a grand species. Huge plants with large green leaves and very large white blooms with a black ovary. This makes very large impressive clumps for us. Great Smokey Mts. P,r. $12.00

VACCINIUM MACROCARPON `HAMILTON’ H-4” This is a very pretty and unusual form of this species which forms dense little cushions which cover themselves with lovely pink blooms in summer. The blooms open almost flat. It is small enough for a trough. P,r,t. $7.00

VACCINIUM OVATUM x V. MORTENIA H-12” A very pretty and rare shrub that looks much lake a very dwarf form of V. ovatum with small, ovate, shiny-green foliage and masses of pink urn flowers followed by black, edible berries. F,p,r,pt. $8.00

VACCINIUM VITUS-IDEA `CITY OF NOME’ H-1” We found this ultra tiny form of this species near Nome, Alaska. Dense mats of rounded, dark-green leaves with pink urn-shaped blooms. It is perfect in a trough. P,r,t. $7.00 3 for $19.50

VELLA SPINOSA H-12” A small shrub from the mountains of southern Spain which has spiny, intricately branched stems and small linear, gray-green, hairy leaves. The flowers are yellow with violet veins in summer. It needs sharp drainage and full sun. F,r,s,pt. $6.00

VERONICA KOTSCHYANA H-4” Narrow, leathery, hairy foliage forms mats from a woody base with clusters of pretty blue blooms. This plant does very well in our sunny sand beds and troughs. Turkey. F,r,s,t. $6.00

VERONICA THESSALICA H-4” This is a most attractive species which forms mats of serrulate, elliptic leaves. The flowers are cup-shaped and a rich purple-blue and are held in racemes during summer. We love this plant in our sunny sand beds. Albania. F,r,s. $6.00

XEROPHYTA VISCOSA H-10” Narrow, sticky sedge-like leaves form large clumps. Lovely, large lilly-like flowers of rich plum-purple held singly. It is hardy and is a rarely seen plant from sandstone cliffs Drakenberg Mts., S.Africa. F,r,s,pt. $8.00 3 for $22.50


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